A Friday Finish

Some time ago I got a new tumbler ruler.  Kelli was home when it came and immediately wanted to use it.  In a few minutes, she had this.

The tumblers are only 2 1/2″ wide…they are just darling.

Well Kelli left it here and didn’t have plans for it.  Well I knew what I wanted to do….I wanted a mat to go under the keyboard on my antique roll top desk.  At the time, I only had a towel there to prevent the keyboard from scratching the finish.


Well the little tumbler piece that Kelli made hung on my wall for about a year.  I wanted to do it sooner but things got in the way.  Then a couple days ago, I cut some more tumblers.

The ruler is really neat because you can cut tumbler of multiple sizes all with one ruler.  Start by having the desired strip width.  Trim the edge to get the correct angle.

From there, position the ruler and cut your tumbler.

Flip the ruler and cut another tumbler.

Easy-peasy.  I added the extra rows and now it’s all finished.

It’s great.  It’s another one of those things that I wonder why I put off for so long.

I know people are going to have questions about the ruler so I’ll tell you what I know…it is not compatible with an Accuquilt tumbler die.  The angle on the tumbler blocks is different.  It can cut tumblers in eight diffferent sizes from 2″ finish (which is what I made to 5 1/2″ finished units)  You can find the One-derful One-patch Templates Tumbler Ruler on Amazon by following the link.

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12 thoughts on “A Friday Finish”

  1. I happen to have that same tumbler ruler and really like it. I like the idea that you don’t need to buy all different size tumbler templates….all the sizes are on one template. I love that scrappy table mat…..but I like scrappy!

  2. Marti Mitchell is one of my favorites for rulers and templates… Your tumbler mat is ADORABLE and I love how both you and your daughter made it!

  3. Hiya, Jo! When you put the binding on this, did you need bias binding? Or just straight cut? Thanks so very much! I’m working with 5″ tumblers from MSQC and not sure if I’m gonna need bias.

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