A Franklin Type of Surprise!!

You will never believe this.  I sure don’t believe it and I have proof in my hands.

A box came in the mail.  I got the mail and it came about the same time things were coming for Neighbor Girl.  The mailman had brought several boxes that day and the childcare kids put them all on the dining room table and I planned to open them after childcare was over.  Childcare was done…I opened the packages.  Yep, the things that people sent to Neighbor Girl were there.  I was so impressed with all the things….then they sat on the dining room table waiting for me to write a blog post about them, sort and figure out how to give them to her.

I went to write the blog post about the things that were sent to Neighbor Girl and there in between two boxes was a small box.  That little box had slipped in between the other boxes and I didn’t see it.  I opened it and was THRILLED!!

This box was not for Neighbor Girl.  It was for me!  I couldn’t believe someone had sent it.  There was a small note in the box that said:

You might remember that a bit ago I said something about treadling on my Franklin treadle machine that my family bought me for my birthday.  I wrote about the learning curve and how I had gotten to enjoy it.  I also said something about hoping to find some more bobbins….and look what came!

It wasn’t only bobbins but MORE!!  Two bobbin cases….a foot and more!  WOW!!  I was doing a happy dance!

The added surprise, the owners book!  PERFECT!

Now I can make sure I am threading and oiling it exactly how it suppose to be.

I showed the goodies to Hubby and he was doubly impressed with the gift from Marlene.  His comment was that “now I have a complete machine”.  So true.  I do feel better about that now.

We live in a world where the news is filled with all the bad things…I am so thankful and blessed to live in my own little world where there are so many kindnesses.  THANKS so much Marlene.  This was so appreciated!!

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  1. You’re welcome, I’m just glad I found a home for it.I will have the 5 charity quilts finished shortly and will e-mail pictures.

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