A Foster Cat??

First off…I am not a cat person. It’s not that I don’t like cats. I prefer dogs and prefer to stick with dogs. I am thrilled that there are cats and cat lovers…it’s just not me.

Our foster group is always looking for people to foster cats and once, for a brief moment, I thought about it. Then I thought about litter boxes and where I put one and if the dogs would be okay with a cat and how to keep the beagle Rosie out of the cat food…and…and…and. I thought about everything. I even mentioned it to my daughter Kalissa and she said her husband Craig is allergic to cats and wondered if one of her boys might be and that ended any nothing I had of fostering or owning a cat.

But…sometimes life tells you something different.

Last week on Thursday, in between snow storms, I came home from work. I left the garage door open and quickly went to the end of the driveway to grab the garbage can from garbage pick up and bring it into the garage. As I was coming in the door, I saw a fast streak that had to be an animal. I didn’t want a cat, but please, God. Let it be a cat and not a squirrel or some other animal.

I looked around and couldn’t see it anywhere. I really couldn’t do anything about it anyway as another snowstorm was on the way….So, I left it.

Friday I went out to the garage and saw enough of it to realize, yes it was a cat and yes, it was WILD. I decided that I would try to have someone help me catch it.

Craig, my son-in-law, came to my house on Saturday to try to get my snowblower running. He tried to help me catch it. No luck. I decided that I would get the live trap at work on Monday and try to catch him on Monday overnight. I contacted the rescue I work with and asked if the cat could be processed through the rescue and then we could find a home for him. The rescue would pay for the vet work. That was fine…now I had to catch the cat.

I knew the cat would have to be hungry to go into the trap. So I fed him on Saturday night and then gave it no food on Sunday. Monday I got the live trap and that night my son Karl was over. We put a can of wet cat food into the trap and he set it.

Tuesday morning I went to the garage and checked the trap…TA-DA!! One cat trapped. Whew.

It wanted to be anywhere but in the cage and it was actively trying to get out. But the cage held him.

So Tuesday on my way to work I had the two foster dogs, Winston and Churchill, along with my garage cat. I had no idea if it was a male or female.

At the vet, I found out it was a girl. She got her shots and got spayed. She stayed overnight at the vet so she could recoup before she moved on to her next home. She is wild and not appropriate to be a house cat. Thankfully the farm where my husband worked said they would take her. They take really good care of their farm cats so I was so excited to hear that! THANKS, HANNAH!!

So that’s the story of how the cat came in from the cold…and how I was a foster home for a cat for four days. I’m really hoping that this little girl is the last cat I foster. I have enough minding the dogs that come my way.

9 thoughts on “A Foster Cat??”

  1. She is adorable! So glad she was able to be saved, sorry you were the one who had to do it. I love cats and have always had rescue ones. The one I have now, Rosie, was rescued from abandonment in an apartment where the people moved out and left her and her brothers behind as small kittens. She was rescued in a trap like that and was held by the foster mom until shots and spayed. We got her from a rescue agency and had to do a meet and greet. She is a perfect studio cat, but at times still gets spooked by men with beards and fast movements. Grateful someone rescued her, her brothers were not so fortunate.

  2. I, too, am not a cat person but both of my daughters had cats while growing up. As soon as daughter graduated college, she was handed her cat! You are such a good person, so glad that cat was at your place and not mine.

  3. Phyllis Rosenwinkel

    I currently live with three formerly feral cats. With a bit of care, time and attention, feral cats adapt well to living inside.
    For a couple years, a feral that I named Sweet Kitty brought other cats to my food station and allowed them to eat first. I watched him. Sweet Kitty and my live in female came to my food station nightly. She was in my garage and happily lives inside. I miss Sweet Kitty.

  4. Really a cute cat. I’m glad that she found shelter in your garage during the terrible cold. You know that you have a soft spot in your heart for any animal in distress. ❤️
    We know that you’d never put that cat out in the cold. I’m glad she now has a home at the farm and hopefully will not wander away.

  5. So sweet of you to help out the little kitty. It’s wonderful that she was spayed too. Love that she will be at the farm. We had cats growing up and then my kids had a cat, one at a time. Our last one, an indoor/outdoor cat, was outside in my yard when a stray dog came into my yard and attacked her. My son tried to get the dog to leave her alone. Luckily the dog didn’t turn on my son. We took our cat to the vet immediately, but she just had too much wrong with her. We had to say goodbye. We brought her home in a box and buried her. After that, and my kids were practically out of the home, I just couldn’t get another cat. That was many years ago. My pet days are now behind me.

  6. We have a black stray cat that is part indoors and outdoors. Right now with the cold it’s mostly indoors. It was littered trained so we have not had any problems. We think someone just abandoned it as we asked all the people along our road if it belonged to them. Mostly my husband cat. Jo it was good of you to let her be in the garage as we battled the Iowa cold freeze.

  7. We regularly take in feral cats on our farm to help keep the rat population down, but unfortunately, sometimes a fox takes them :(

  8. She looks like my Sammi- originally thought to be a boy- but … She came with her mom, and two brothers. They were born feral but now 15 months later are sweet as can be. They aren’t fond of the dogs and to save faces they have the garage and laundry room to roam.When we got them on the ranch they were outside chasing snakes.Now there’s too many other dangers – cars and some dogs that might tear them apart-( Cane Corso). We hope to build them an out -door run so they can enjoy outside but be safe.But they have a treehouse and boxes with blankets and all kinds of toys inside. They have a window to sit at too.

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