A Food Filled Saturday

On Saturday Kelli was home and we were on a mission.  We hoped to finish up and finalize the details of the retreat happening at the end of the month.  We had no idea how much work planning a retreat is.  It seems that once we find the answer to one question, another arises.

So what do girls do who are out and about trying to answer questions do??….they eat of course…well actually, I ate this.  It’s gluten loaded so Kelli just stuck her fingers in my frosting and enjoyed that.

We were Oelwein  way and hit up the Amish bakery…YUM.  I will back for these for sure.


After that we had lunch at the Mexican restaurant in town….

Then on the way home Kalissa called and asked if we wanted to go to the new restaurant in Protivin.  We said yes even though both of us weren’t even hungry….

We went but they were so full with waiting people and seemed a bit unorganized.  There was no hostess and from the looks of things, it seemed pretty chaotic.  We decided to drive on to Teluwhat in Cresco.  We’ll try the restaurant in Protivin another time after the new wears out.

At Teluwhat Hubby tackled the Vinnie burger.  WOW…right??

We came home and Kelli, although she already had her 10,000 steps in, wanted to walk more.  Me…not so much.  I had groceries to put away and I was pooped.  In the end she just helped me with the groceries.

Saturday for me was food filled…I didn’t cook a thing and that’s VERY unusual for me.  Lucky for us, all of the food was wonderful.

2 thoughts on “A Food Filled Saturday”

  1. That burger of your hubby’s looks big enough to feed at least three people….looks good though. Your donut doesn’t look bad either. :)

    Hope you all have a great time at your retreat with Bonnie….and post lots of pictures! It would have been fun to go, but I’m sure by the time I heard about it, it was already all booked up. My thoughts were hmmmmm, just across Iowa, that might be doable…..

  2. I love Teluwut, Cresco is my hometown! I wish I was coming to your retreat, I got the information but I think that we will possibly have an overlap of me being at the retreat and getting to babysit our grandson for a few days…just can’t do both. Have a great time, I am sure it will be wonderful!

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