A Flaky Treat..and a giveaway

From the title of the post, you are probably thinking I am going to share some new recipe for wonderful flaky biscuits or a flaky pastry, but you’d be wrong. Today I am going to share with you a bit about my flakes..my dandruff flakes.

I am one of those people who has an itchy scalp and the dreaded dandruff that comes with it. Ever since I was in my teens, I have fought it. My mom fought it too. As a kid I remember getting out of the car to go shopping and quickly swiping my hand across my mother’s shoulder to get rid of the flakes before we went into a store.

I was so embarrassed. Today the roles have changed; my daughter is swiping her hand across my shoulder, and she is the one embarrassed about my flaking scalp. I know that scalp issues and dandruff are a way of life for many of us, and winter and dry air make it even worse. Still, dandruff has a stigma.

None of us want it. Who can forget the “snow” (dandruff ) scene in the 80’s movie The Breakfast Club, when Ally Sheedy had issues with dry, flaking scalp. I remember completely cringing at the movie theatre during that scene, hoping I didn’t have dandruff on my shoulder at that very moment.

When BlogHer asked if any bloggers were willing to try and review Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus Itchy Scalp Care Products, I was excited. Since my teen years, I have tried product after product with very poor results. I have even been to the dermatologist and still no permanent relief.

Along with free samples of the product, I got some literature saying, “Head & Shoulders collection of soothing products promises to ease three scalp and dandruff problems: dryness, itchiness, and sensitivity. With 84% of surveyed scalp issue sufferers concerned about these issues, head & shoulders has combined the effectiveness of their HydraZinc formula to alleviate these conditions leaving your hair beautifully flake free*. (* Visible flakes with regular use. Up to 100% Flake Free.)”

When it comes to hype, I am a complete and total pessimist. I have to try things myself to believe it, so try it I did. Here are some of my observations.

I had been using a Wal-Mart brand of dandruff shampoo for the last six months, along alternating with a prescription shampoo. It hasn’t been working very well, which is why I was so eager to try something else. Notice the shampoo in my hands.

The brand on the left is from Wal-Mart. It’s super runny and I get way too much each time I use it. The hand on the right has the shampoo in one puddle and the conditioner in the other puddle. They are not runny. Strictly from a cost perspective, a consumer can easily use double the amount of the cheap brand, because it is so thin and runny.

The next thing I noticed was a pleasant smell. I have used T-Gel Shampoo and HATE it; the smell is awful. Even when a couple hours have passed since showering, and my hair was dry, I could still smell that awful T-Gel smell in my hair. This has a nice, pleasant, not-too-strong eucalyptus fragrance. It has T-Gel beat and the Wal-Mart brand beat too.

Next, lather. IT HAS SOME!! I love that. Most dandruff shampoos don’t lather. My prescription stuff doesn’t lather at all. Somehow that lather feel just makes me feel cleaner and more of regular gal.

Next, conditioner. WOW. I love having a conditioner option. I have watched commercial after commercial of beauty products talking about nice, smooth, care-free, silky hair. If you have dandruff, you are just trying to stop the flakes and the itch! Well, the conditioner option is WONDERFUL. In the past I haven’t used conditioner at all, in fear that it would affect the dandruff shampoo. Knowing the conditioner would not minimize the effectiveness of the shampoo was great. I haven’t had soft hair for years. What a treat!!

I have been using the shampoo for two weeks. So far, it’s the best dandruff shampoo I’ve used to date, including prescription shampoo. I have caught myself putting my hand up to itch my scalp before I realized it wasn’t itchy. I think my hand just went to my scalp out of habit. After all, it’s been itching my scalp for the last 30 years!

Flakiness has lessened. It’s not completely gone, but it has lessened. I think in a severe case like mine, it might take a bit for it to completely clear. I am eager to continue to use the shampoo and see if it will completely disappear.

I very much love the feel of my hair. It feels so much softer and appears healthier.

So will I be using the shampoo after my free test sample bottles are gone? Yes, I will. I can’t say everything is completely perfect for me (remember, I have a year round severe case, not the couple flakes in the winter type dandruff,) but it is greatly improved. I am encouraged that it will continue to get better and better.

BlogHer is giving away a $50 Visa gift card to one of lucky readers. You can use it buy some dandruff shampoo of your own, or for Christmas presents or for whatever else you might want. All you need to do for a chance to win is answer this question:

“How do you change your beauty routine in the colder winter season from the warmer seasons? Leave me a comment to be entered for a chance to win.”


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64 thoughts on “A Flaky Treat..and a giveaway”

  1. Thanks for doing this review. My husband has dandruff and already uses the Head and Shoulder products. I will definitely be buying the
    Itchy Scalp Care for him (I think I will try it too!!) In the Winter we head to the desert so I NEED to use a ton more moisturizers and creams, I also use moisturizers in my shower regiment. I use a lot more conditioner in my hair too as I find the sun dries it out.
    Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful give away!

  2. My scalp and skin get really dry in the winter. So for my scalp, I will use olive oil on it about once a month. It’s a pain to wash out, but no more itchy scalp for awhile. For my skin, I never go to bed without lots of lotion on my arms, legs, and feet. Burts Bees lotions are my favorite.

  3. We put a tea pot of water on the wood stove to put moisture in the air, and I use more lotions and creams to try and hold moisture in! We drink lots more water in the winter, too!

  4. I have to completely change my rountine. In the summer my skin is oily and them very dry in the winter. I use Mary Kay products so I just change from oily formula to dry formula. I increase my use of moisterizer on skin and also use a little baby oil in my bathwater. I also have to change the color of foundation I use since I am tan in the summer and the winter it fades away. My hair, you dont even want to know! It is turning gray and I have to keep color on it or else I look at least 20 years older than I really am. The reason I know this, I have needed to color my roots for about 2 weeks now and have been so busy I just didnt do it. I stopped at a local eatery to pick up an order and the waitress gave me the senior citizens discount! I called and made an appoinment the very same day to have my hair done.

  5. I use more lotions and moisturizers during the winter. My skin gets really dry, including my scalp. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I really don’t….well, I seem to moisturize a little more, I guess. Drink more water. I do have a little trouble with my scalp getting dry and itchy when the heat first comes on, but then I seem to acclimate and it’s okay.

  7. I use a lot more lotion in the winter. I also keep bottles near every sink so I can put lotion on my hands after I wash them.

  8. I have to put lotion on all the time! Seems my skin is always dry so I have to be extra careful in the winter. Not so much in the summer.

  9. It seems I wash my hair every other day, the between days I only condition because it is just so dry. I put on oh so much lotion, and oh I have to get a pedicure because my feet are embarassingly dry. I should just bathe in some oils.. shower in them etc. Dry is the big word here.

  10. Maryellen McAuliffe

    I’m so happy you found a good shampoo. My son and dad have dandruff, and both love Head and Shoulders, since it does control their issues. For me, I leave some of the conditioner on my hair (don’t rinse it well) during the winter, and have extra moisturizing lotions for using the showew, and use more of my favorite body lotion during the day, as needed. My curly hair gets frizzier, so that’s my biggest issue. A little extra gel and conditioner help. Love your blogs!

  11. My skin used to be extremely oily and I had to avoid any conditioners and lotions. Now I have gone to the other extreme. I have found using suntan oils into the winter after all showers seems to work the best.

  12. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Yes I do change! I find that my face and hands get much drier in the winter, so I have to use more lotion and moisturizer. I also have more dandruff than in the summer, but it could be that I notice it more since I wear darker colors. :P

  13. I change from mineral makeup to regular in the winter and dig out my lotions. I also start using a little conditioner on the ends of my hair. I go from oil well in the summer to slightly oily in the winter with all the heat.

  14. Use a lot more lotions and facial moisturizer in the winter. Thanks for the review…this is a problem for DH and worse in winter.

  15. part beauty and part health – i run a vaporizer every night. it helps to put some moisture in the air for my skin, and for my problem nosebleeds. and i definitely use lotion in the winter especially on my legs and hands.

  16. Jo Thanks for the information. I have a daughter that has really bad dandruff, and is so not liking it. I will go get this for her. I am sure it will help her self esteem.

  17. I’ll have my girls try this shampoo. THANK YOU.~
    We use more lotion in the winter. The cherry/almond Jergens brand. Chapstick when we go outside is essential. And, we put water in a huge flat pan on the woodburning stove.

  18. I don’t have much of a beauty routine, but I do find myself washing my face more often in the winter–oil production seems to increase with the dryer air, and using more lotion on my hands and more chapstick on my lips.

  19. Moisturizers galore. My head is an itchy mess (like you apparantly), I use dandruff shampoo every other time but I don’t like the built in conditioner so I will try this one that has optional conditioner.

  20. I don’t really have a beauty routine so nothing is changed. I do use lotion on my body year round to help it from getting dry. I have sensitive skin so I don’t put anything on my face. I also have a dandruff problem and like you, have tried a lot of different products and prescriptions throughout the years. I do use Head & Shoulders more in the winter time. I know what you mean about the smell of T-Gel and some of the prescriptions that I use to use.

  21. The past few years, I have had trouble with chapped lips. I tried lots of different products, to no avail, but as many others have said, drinking more water made a huge difference. Now when I feel my lips getting the teeniest bit chapped – I head for my Brita!

  22. I noticed in the winter my scalp gets uber dry and itchy. I use moroccan oil or olive oil and wrap my hair in a towel or a plastic shower cap and sleep with it.
    imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  23. I use more lotion on my skin to fight the dryness and continue using a great moisturizing conditioner. Thanks for the chance to win!

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  24. My skin gets extremely dry in the winter. I have to use a thicker/heavier lotion during the winter months and I use lotion more than once a day.

  25. In the winter I have to be diligent with moisturizing and lip balm, otherwise I end up scaly like a reptile.

  26. In the winter, my hair does get itchy, so I do use a product to help with that as needed. It is good to know that Head and Shoulders smells good. I also have to moisturize my skin more because my house gets so dry.

  27. My hair feels drier in winter, and flat from wearing hats..Wash my hair and use a deep conditioner in the winter more than I do in the summer. Hardly ever wear eyeshadow during the summer, when winter hits I start wearing again. I change my nail polish a bit and wear more glittery golds, green, or reds for the Holidays.
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  28. Lots of lotion, chapstick, and make sure I take my fish oil.
    I found out that Head & Shoulders is really good even if you don’t have dandruff. We love it, it’s actually our favorite, makes your hair so soft, who knew?

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