A First in 27 Years

Hubby and I have been married 27 years today.


Today this day I still wonder how either of us ever kept our white clothes clean.

We went out for supper tonight and we both commented that in 27 years today is the first day it wasn’t overwhelmingly hot.  I remember one year it was so hot on our anniversary that we went to WalMart and decided to treat ourselves with a window air conditioner one to find there were none.  One year we drove and drove and drove around to local stops just to stay in the car where there was air conditioning.  NEVER have we ever thought we could start a campfire or even wear a jacket on our anniversary.  This year, we surely could.

It just goes to show that even after 27 years things can still change.  One thing that doesn’t change is that I am very happy to still be married.

20 thoughts on “A First in 27 Years”

  1. Happy Anniversary!! The cooler weather is a great anniversary gift….I’m enjoying it, at least. Had to pull a quilt over myself very early this morning.

  2. Congratulations on 27 years of marriage. Last Friday was our 26th anniversary. It’s so funny looking at your wedding photo, it could be our wedding photo. My husband wore a white tux also, only the neck of my dress was higher than yours, it must have been the style. I thought about us staying clean our whole wedding day. I hope you both had a wonderful anniversary. ;-> Toni Anne

  3. Deborah DeBerry

    Congratulations! Next Tuesday is our anniversary – 36 yrs. Seems like only yesterday! You have a marvelous family and have much to be proud of, again congratulations.

  4. We also were married this week, it’s been 15 yrs for us. A second marriage for both of us. I was looking at our pictures from then and thinking GOD IT WAS HOT that yr! but you are right this yr it’s cool and TG very pleasant.

  5. Congratulations! It is such fun following your blog and reading about your family. Twenty seven years is a great mile stone. It makes you wonder what happened to all those days. Best wishes for many more!

  6. How quickly they pass. We celebrated 32 last month. Where did the time go? Oh I know, having babies, chasing toddlers, cooking meals, laughing, rushing out the door to some PTA meeting, church, school play, graduations…
    Hasn’t it been exciting? I know our life has been. I wouldn’t live it over again, but I wouldn’t change a thing!
    Congratulations!! Many more to come I hope.

  7. Cotton Pickin Scraps

    Congrats. If we could only get those years back. My hubby and I celebrated 36 years in April.

  8. 2 thumbs up! for you and hubby! buddy boy and i past the 45 year mark in june….just amazing how time flies when you are having fun! i just came back from walking around the garden and like you amazed at this weather..just unbelievable! enjoy it. best wishes to you and hubby on the move to town.

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