A Finisher: All Joys for Thine

I guess I’ve become a finisher.  Well, I should go that far.  I’d be more accurate to say, I wanted some stuff done and I got to it.  I don’t know if I’ll ever classify myself as a finisher.

If you’ve been reading the blog for some time, you might notice that I let things go and go, and then suddenly, I do them all.  I put my mind to something and it happens, but until I put my mind to it, NOT A THING HAPPENS!

You might remember this from when I worked to get my quilt tops all quilted last year.  I worked and worked on it.  I had a finished quilt to show every week for about six weeks.  Then, no finishes for a while.  That seems to be the way I operate.

I hadn’t finished anything for ages but I got it in my head that it was time to do something with that wall in the dining room…and watch out world, I was going to do it.

I finished the small cross stitch piece I told you about on Saturday…this one…

Then I finished the little set of ornaments I found at the thrift store…

Now I tackled two more pieces.

First up was…All Joys for Thine by Blackbird Designs.  I stitched this one 40 count linen.  I think it was Legacy by Picture this Plus.  I started this in May.  I stitched on it the first weekend of the month during May, June, and July.  Then just after the 4th of July it was announced that Barb Adams, half of the Blackbird Designs duo, passed away.  I decided to keep stitching it in honor of her and finished it up a week or two later.

I very much enjoyed stitching on this and appreciated stitching something smaller.  All of the things I am stitching that are big, are really big.

I decided to order a custom frame from Custom Frame Solutions.  Judy from Patchwork Times got me going on them.  I thought I’d order one frame to give them a try.  I like the frame…

I don’t like lacing the piece myself.  But…I did it.  If you haven’t laced a piece before, it’s done something like this…Do all the lacing one direction, adjust the piece from the front…

Then lace it from the other direction…It’s not hard, I just like things perfect when it comes to framing…and not surprisingly, I don’t think my work is perfect.

Looking at it finished…I’m pretty happy with it.  I wish the space between the stitching and the frame was a little narrower.  I ordered the size so it’s my fault…but, it’s actually not bad.  If it was perfect, it would be narrower.

UGH.  I’m not critical of my quilting like I am of my cross-stitching.  I don’t know why.  I do like though.  I’m very pleased with my stitching.  I’ll work on liking my framing more.

I put glass on my bigger pieces that I care more about.  This one has glass, thus the glace in the photo.

I was nervous about picking the right frame…but that part, I think I did okay with.

I have ZERO plans of framing things myself.  Smaller things, yes…bigger, NO WAY!

While I was at it, I decided to frame this piece.  This is from Lizzie Kate.  I stitched this when I just started cross-stitching again.  This is on a 32 count linen I think…I stitched this with two threads.  Now I only stitch with one.

At the time I stitched it, Kramer, my husband, was still living.  I could get him to cut down frames for me.  So, I had laced the piece and had a frame I wanted him to cut down.  He passed away before he got it done and I am not going to do that.  I ended up finding the frame below at the thrift store.

It will work for the stitched piece but now how I had it laced.  It needed to be a little bigger.  So I cut my previous lacing…

Here it is all finished.  I like it…I love the frame.  It’s a good frame for the piece.

I did a little more work in my area.  I have two new pieces in their place…

…and I hung the pieces I have completely finished.  My goal is to make this my sampler/stitching wall.  It’s not too far, but it’s slowly coming along.

I have another piece at the framers.  I have three that I have a lot of progress on.  Two of them for sure will go to the framers.  I might frame one of them.  We’ll see.

For now, I’m liking the progress I have.  I think I might have to pick and choose what I stitch as to the size or shape it to get the wall filled in.

I have more work to do but am really happy with the start I have.

One more look at the last one I finished.  What good words to live by.

I think I’m going to take that saying and make it my own as I go through my upcoming cancer journey.

21 thoughts on “A Finisher: All Joys for Thine”

  1. Your framing work looks great! I really like the saying in the last one too. It is good for so many of us your wall is looking good!!

  2. Your choice of framing really compliments your beautiful stitchery. I look forward to seeing this wall become a place to show your talents.

  3. JO they look really good!! Your wall will be a nice conversation piece as well as encouragement to keep stitching. Great JOb framing.

  4. You always do such perfect work Jo. My daughter Candi used to do ALOT of cross stitching when she was trying to get pregnant. After she miscarried the one pregnancy she was able to obtain.She suddenly stopped. I think it helped her to picture a baby’s room with handmade gifts from her. Just as sewing helps us reach out to others to comfort them.
    God Bless you and your family Jo

  5. A bonus chat about crosstitch, yay! Everything is lovely in my opinion. I am encouraged and motivated by your progress. So thanks!

  6. Your counted cross stitch projects look wonderful in their frames. i like the last pieces sentiment as well. i. can so relate of how you go full force doing one thing and let it go other times. thats pretty much how i approach my projects. right now im into knitting and trying to finish some old projects, then wool embroidery!!! these are my night time projects. take care of yourself!

  7. You have done a great job with your framing and the wall is really looking good! That wall is going to be outstanding when you get your larger pieces framed and up there. I wish could see it myself!

  8. all of your projects are lovely. I think each frame
    is perfect !
    As for starting a project, deserting it, and then returninto it, you are NOT alone.

  9. Cheryl in St. Paul

    I love your stitcher wall. It exudes love! I didn’t know about lacing, so thank you, Jo. My prayers are for you.
    May God grant healing and give you peac3 and strength through the journey.

  10. Judith Fairchild

    I like your stitching wall. As to the space around your stitching in the 1st. once you showed it he spacing between the frame and your stitching is perfectly balanced. I like the sayings you choose. Praying for you as you start treatment for the cancer.

  11. Its going to be a great wall! I would love to see a bit of matting or a piece of fabric folded around the first one you did where you said the frame was too far away from it. An inch of green or red would make that piece sing. Maybe 3/4″. And Jo, you could fold a piece of fabric and then baste the edge to the cross stitch and then frame. Just a thought. Its beautiful as is but an accent color would enhance it. I love what you intend on doing. I cross stitch but not like you do. And if I make a mistake, I try to cover it up rather than fix it.

  12. Love all the stitcheries and your frames are all perfect! Your sampler wall with that sideboard is looking fantastic. The variety makes it fun for the eyes :-)

    I can get like this too. Go go go go and suddenly a bunch of stuff is done done :-) I retreated for 10 days late Sept/early Oct. I finished 11 flimsies and by Nov 4 all were quilted and binding complete including hand stitching.

    Great words to live by Jo. We should all take a lesson from you. Hugs.

  13. Beautiful finishes! I’ve been fighting doing a little cross with sheep, I’m such a squirrel. Piercing, well, English paper piecing, needle punch, rug hooking…

  14. Love the frame you found at the thrift shop. Perfect for your finished piece. Each one is lovely in its own way. I used to cross stitch long ago. I had a special shop where I lived that made frames and she would help pick out matting to finish off the piece. I really hope everything goes smoothly during your treatment.
    Love and prayers, Celia

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