A Finished Quilt: The Pink Snowball

I put this one on the quilting machine the other day.  I’ve had the top done for quite awhile, but not quilted.

This one has a bit of a history….Some time ago a blog reader sent me a box of fabric and things.  In that box were some pieces of fabric that looked like they were suppose to be snowball blocks.  There were blocks that had the corners snipped off of them.  Hmm…I tried to figure out how I could use the blocks.  The corners that were snipped off were pretty shallow so my idea was to cut 2 1/2″ squares, but them over the corners and snipped off part then sew like regular snowball blocks.  That worked!  In no time at all I had together but it was a small awkward size.  I ended up cutting more blocks from my own fabric and the quilt top got bigger.  Now it’s 76″ x 90″.  That will work for a single bed.

So here it is finally finished.  I LOVE it.  For a simple, easy quilt, this is pretty fantastic!  I think it’s the color study that I love.  All sorts of pinks went into this one.


For the quilting I did a free motion all over floral.

You can’t really see from the top but I used a pink variegated thread.


The binding…dark pink.  My daughter Kalissa (who doesn’t quilt) always tells me, pick the darkest color in the quilt to bind with.  I didn’t quite pick the darkest color…but close.

For the backing I used a pink sheet that I had in my stash…for thread, well…
I used the same variegated thread.  I had originally started out with a light pink for the top thread color but the thread kept breaking.  I had a faulty spool of thread as it was bad and would break even if I tugged on it a little.  I ended up throwing it in the garbage.


If I use a solid color for the backing I like to use a variegated thread.  I think it jazzes up the back a little bit.

All types of pink fabrics are in this…solid pink- hound’s tooth print-




floral-novelty-even fabric with glitter.

There’s even a pink calico in there!!


Don’t you love how they all come together to make a great scrappy looking quilt?  I sure do.


I think I am going to make a blue one at some point….It was fun and easy to make.  It was actually the perfect leader and ender project.

Thanks so much to the blog reader that send the original fabric to me.  Thanks for sparking the idea.

I’m not quite sure where this one is going…I have a couple ideas.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know.



13 thoughts on “A Finished Quilt: The Pink Snowball”

  1. What is your secret to getting the blocks to match up? Did you press some of the corners one way and some the other? Love it, such a happy quilt!

  2. I noticed that all the white corners are different too. It makes for a great scrappy look. Beautiful job!

  3. When I saw the first pic, it didn’t really grab me. Then you put a close up picture and it really wowed me. Love the prints and all the little corners being a different print. Good job! Beautiful.

  4. I actually have a quilt that is exactly like this. Several women in our community made pink snowball blocks and they were put together at the local quilt shop. Some of the finished quilts were items at the Relay For Life silent auction. I won one!

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