A finished quilt for Matthew

We had a busy weekend.  I managed to finish this quilt…
The quilt is for my nephew who will be confirmed on Sunday.  I know he doesn’t read my blog so I don’t have to worry about ruining a  surprise.  The pattern is a Atkinson Design pattern, called Slide Show.  My sister in law saw this quilt that I had made with the same pattern and liked it so I made another using a motorcycle theme for my nephew.  We originally were looking for dirt bike fabric but ended up with motorcycle fabric.  This is a quick and easy quilt pattern that’s great for a beginner or for a quick quilt for a present.

I added a flame quilting design….I was a bit hesitant about the thread as the variegation has a bit of red in it but there isn’t any real red in the quilt.  But being it’s a flame design, I think it works.


For the back, I pieced together some left overs from the top and added more black fabric to finish it up.  I LOVE scrappy backs.

I had a little trouble with the back.  Once in awhile I can see a pill of batting that poked through during machine quilting.  It’s honestly something I notice that others might not….  Does anyone know how to remedy that?  I tried a new needle and that didn’t help.  Someone told me I should have used a black batting, but I have never seen it available for purchase around here.  I would welcome any suggestions.

It was prom over the weekend too….
This is my son and his girlfriend.  She’s a nice gal and her dress was gorgeous…..She is from a neighboring school so it’s going to be Prom next weekend too.

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