A FINISH: Jenna’s Baby Quilt

I have a finish!  It’s been awhile since I had one.  It feels so good…way good.

If you remember, I had my Daylilies quilt on the quilting frame and was at a stand still trying to decide on a quilting motif.  I decided I was going to let other things go to the way side and focus on this baby quilt.  So Daylilies first.  I worked on it early Monday morning emptying one bobbin before work.  Then Monday night Hubby wasn’t home so I was able to empty a few more bobbins.  Then Tuesday morning anther bobbin.  Finally on Thursday night I finished it and loaded this one on the frame.  I was tired and was hoping for an early bed time but then I started the “quilting motif” debate.  Something jumped into my mind and I decided to only go back and forth a couple times to see it I liked it….and if you’re a long armer, you know how that goes.  I finished the quilt an hour later.

Kelli was still awake so I sent her a picture of the quilting.  She liked it.  I do too.  It softens the boxy-ness of the squares.  It was free form and really easy to do.

Friday morning I was up early and got it bound.

and here it is…all finished.I ended up liking it.  
I varied the pattern by making a 5 x 5 setting rather than a 4 x 5 setting.

I also added the “J” for Jenna.

This was completely scrappy and all from stash.  I had bought some scrap bags from Connie when we were at the retreat.  This was mostly those scraps.  I did have to add some printed whites.?

Another variation to the pattern was the outer border.   The original pattern ended with the white border.  Being this is a baby quilt I thought a printed edge might seem a little cleaner.

In hindsight I wish I have make the “J” purple or teal.

I will use this quilting motif another time.  It was easy and I like it.

The backing was in my stash.  For thread I used white on the front and the back.

If you’re looking for the pattern it came from this book, Oh Scrap,  (WHICH I LOVE!!).  I’ll be making more quilts from this book.

This is the original pattern.  Note that each of the center squares in navy blue.  I did mine teal instead.  I thought is was a little more girly.

The “J” pattern came from this book, Spelling Bee.  I am impressed with this book too.  The letters come in a 12″ or 6″ based size.  The “J” was not 6 1/2 wide so I simply added a strip of fabric on two sides and then trimmed it to the size I needed.  There are lots of good interchangeable patterns including in the book.  I like this book lots too.

If you’re a long term blog reader you know that the family this quilt is going to didn’t find out if they were having a boy or girl.  I took a wild guess and thought a boy.  I started a boy version of this and had all the blocks finished.  I decided to keep going with it and started sewing it together thinking I’d be ahead if I need a boy baby quilt….well…before I even have it finished someone contacted me and wants a charity quilt.  Hmm…  I might need to finish it up and donate it.  A quilter’s work is never done!!!

19 thoughts on “A FINISH: Jenna’s Baby Quilt”

  1. I love the quilting pattern-it looks like random bubbles to me. What I like about the Lori Holt book, is that the blocks are interchangeable with her other book Farm Girl Vintage, and possibly with her Quilty Fun book. A bazillion quilts from these 3 books alone :-) But who has time for a bazillion quilts ????? :-)

  2. I like the J—such a simple, fun personalization that looks terrific with the blocks. The colorful border and cute quilting add a lot of happy to this great baby quilt!

  3. This is a lovely quilt, to be loved for many years. I agree with the poster above, it looks like you’ve quilted bubbles on the quilt and what little girl doesn’t like to play with bubbles! I have “Oh, Scrap!”, I need to get it out and make something with it soon.

  4. Hi Jo, I love the finish. Can you describe the quilting a little more? I am ready to start quilting a baby boy quilt and I think this will look terrific. I made a boy quilt with a white border and in hindsight, I wish I had finished it like yours but with scrappy blue squares. I will on my next baby quilt. I always appreciate your good ideas and your thought process on tweaking patterns.

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