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I know that you have all maybe noticed that I have a pretty cool mom.  She cooks good, she’s an awesome friend, and she is always the first to offer a helping hand (she has a nice dog too!).  One of the reasons that we make a great team is that things that one of us dislike, the other seems to enjoy and vice versa.  For example, I am really bad at designing anything, but it just so happens that Mom really excels at design.  The only problem when mom designs is that she designs everything in red, white, and blue, so my strength at choosing colors is a definite bonus.

Another thing that I don’t do well with is machine quilting.  Because of this, I tend to stockpile quilt tops.  I finish a quilt–or at least the middle–and then it goes in my trunk.  I usually take a quilt top out about two weeks before it needs to be finished and bring it home and can talk Mom in to quilting it for me.  Recently, she asked me to bring a couple quilt tops home and she would quilt them as she had time.  Since she got the new quilting machine, she has started to really, really enjoy quilting, so I no longer feel bad about letting her quilt my tops.  When I brought the last bag home, this was one of the quilts I brought.

Simple Postage Stamp 1


I had originally started this quilt as a quilt-along hosted by Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts.  I got all of the 4-patches made and then quit quilting along.  When I pulled it back out, I found I didn’t have enough of the right fabrics to finish it the way that I had originally wanted, so I just sewed all of the 4-patches together and kept sewing until I came up with the quilt.

SImple Postage Stamp 2


Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I like how the colors play together and most of all, I like the simplicity.

When I picked up this quilt from Mom, she had another of the quilts that I brought home finished, so you’ll have to check back in the upcoming weeks to see how it turned out.  You’ll also have to keep checking in to get updates on their house.  When us kids were back home this weekend, we all got a chance to take the grand tour, and I have to say, I think that it was a really good find and I think that it’ll be gorgeous when it’s finished.  Its just getting it finished that’ll be the journey.  As we were walking through the house, Mom and Dad were pointing things out that would have to be redone.  When it was something that I didn’t think I would be too interested in helping with, I told them I wouldn’t be coming home that weekend.  In all reality, I know that I’ll be home every weekend helping as much as I can!

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  1. definitely a timeless quilt, and a wonderful way to use up the scraps. great going!
    looks like it would also make a great ‘leaders and enders’ project. thanks for sharing.

  2. I enjoyed the simplicity of this quilt too:) How great as you probably know to have your mom quilt all of your quilts for you—lucky girl!

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