A Feel Good Story from Suzanne and the Cresco Ladies

Today I have a new volunteer to tell you about,  Suzanne…

A bit ago Suzanne contacted me and said she would be interested in helping bind quilts if I had any.  SERENDIPITY!!  I did.

The Cresco Ladies occasionally bring me quilts that need binding.  I like to help out if I can and actually ask them if I can help.  They had just brought me some so I passed two to Suzanne.

She ended up finishing them.  Here they are…

Suzanne sent a note along with the picture. She writes:
Earlier you had sent me 2 quilts to bind and give to someone who would appreciate it. I quickly completed binding but kept waiting for them to tell me where they wanted to go.

As I am sure you are aware, there has been devastating flooding in Eastern KY.  I live in Central KY. 

The Jessamine County school system adopted Knott County to help the residents.  As a retired teacher of Jessamine County,  I was proud to see the school district helping our county reach out to help.

Knott County has major damage. Many, many people have no homes. However, FEMA mobile homes are arriving to provide housing.

The two quilts you sent me from the Cresco Ladies started talking to me. They said they wanted to go to 2 of those families. The quilts promised to love the folks who received them.

I told the folks at the school buses that were collecting donations that these quilts are ready to give comfort to someone.  I hope they go to quilters. 

This isn’t a great picture but I wanted the Cresco ladies to see they are proving much-needed comfort for 2 families.

I also wanted to share that I purchased requested items to send on the school buses (underwear, can openers, bug spray, canned food, mops,  socks, etc).  When I reached the cashier I had about $120 of items. I shared with her that the items were going to Eastern KY. She said she was going to price them at 50%. What a blessing!

Pictured here are two of the school bus drivers who have been loading the buses and will be driving the items to Knott  County on Thursday. 

Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to send these 2 quilts to 2 families.”

I ended up talking with the Cresco Ladies and with Suzanne.  The Ladies were happy to help and together we’ve sent even more quilts to Suzanne.

First I’ll show you…the ones that aren’t bound yet.  Suzanne will bind those.  I sent them to her as is.

The colors in the above and below ones are awesome!

This one is fun too.

I am a bird fan so I like this one…

Here is a closer picture of the birds.  So pretty.

Orphan blocks played the starring role in this quilt.

I say it all the time…easy quilts are still great quilts.  I love the colors.

This one looks like a fabric line quilt.  Maybe it’s a line by Fig Tree?

This one looks like a charm square quilt.

Can you believe the wide variety of different quilts?

I love these colors.  The blue/gray is a favorite shade of mine.

I’ll let you scroll through a few of the pictures.

This one was so cute.  Love the tools.

This one was really large.  It’s a cheater cloth quilt, meaning it’s made with printed fabric.

Here is a closer picture.

Any precious moments fans?  I love Donna’s machine quilting pattern on this one.

Here’s another baby quilt…

I love the backing fabric they picked.  Of course, I’m a polka dot lover.

When I packed these up I had two that didn’t fit into the three bags of quilts that I had.  I saved those back and will send them out to Suzane if I get any more in.

I did squeeze in some pillowcases.  Kayla, my daughter, made these.

The Cresco Ladies also brought this stack of quilt tops.  Any finishers out there needing tops?  Does anyone want to become a finisher?  I have some tops I can send.

I packaged up all but two quilts and the stack of unfinished tops to Suzanne who will get them to those in need.  How’s that for a feel-good story?

Can you believe I messaged Sandra of the Cresco Ladies group and just like that, they had all of those quilts ready to go?  WOW…I am continually amazed by all that they do.  IMPRESSIVE!!

Many thanks to Suzanne for putting this all into action.  It’s so great to have helpers everywhere so we can jump in and help at a moment’s notice.

If tragedy strikes in your area, always feel free to contact me.  I’ll find a way, with the help of others to help if I can.

13 thoughts on “A Feel Good Story from Suzanne and the Cresco Ladies”

  1. Yes, yes! This is such a feel good blog. It is so good to hear of people helping those in Kentucky. I haven’t heard of any efforts near me, We always had ways to help when the different areas where there was flooding or such, like in Texas and other places where I used to live. It sure made my heart rejoice when the store gave the discount to Suzanne. There are still so many good people in this world!

  2. It’s wonderful to see all the helpful giving people showing how generous quilters are. These quilts are lovely. I started sending tops to Jo many years ago but have since found a group who finish quilts and donate them. Quilters are the best. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow I’m blown away by Suzanne and your kindness. The Cresco ladies are the best and a shout out to your daughter for the pillowcases also.
    So much good work and kindness in the community.

  4. You and your outreach are amazing. You encourage so much love and good, God Bless you and all that you touch through your endeavors.

  5. I saw the picture of the school bus with Jessamine County and I thought there must be another Jessamine County school, but it is ours! I drove school bus for Jessamine County in the past before I lost my health. We had horrible flooding and damage with at last count 39 dead. in Eastern Kentucky. So thankful that local ladies finished quilts for Eastern Kentucky. A small world.

  6. I have learned a lot by watching our videos that I just wish I was close by so that I can learn a lot more about making quilts and how do I go by get your patterns so that I can learn how to make my quilts

    1. I dipped my toe in the water of quilt making by volunteering at a Lutheran church to make relief quilts intended to be shipped overseas for areas in need. The Lutheran church in our area makes about 250 quilts a year and you do not need to belong to the church to volunteer. The relief quilts are VERY simple but nice and I learned SO much without needing expensive classes. And from Jo and Bonnie Hunter I got in the habit of up cycling cotton clothing from thrift stores etc. In our area there is a huge amount of quilting fabric beginning to surface from quilter’s estates. If someone asked for material on one of the electronic neighborhood groups I think they might receive an amazing amount. I am connected with two groups making charity quits and each group has more wonderful fabric than they can use in years. Good luck if you go this route, it can be very rewarding.

    1. Poly mailers vs boxes helps. There really isn’t a cheap way. I live very rural and the only way to send them is through regular mail for me. Others have mentioned other delivery services btu they aren’t available in my area.

  7. I read your blog every day. I was so thrilled to see orphan blocks I had sent you used in one of the Cresco ladies quilts! And to make the circle complete, this quilt is going to an area of Kentucky my parents lived in many years ago!

  8. Such wonderfully good hearts in these folks who are so generous – thanks for sharing about them and their good deeds.

  9. Margaret in North Texas

    Thanks, Suzanne for your help and also the wonderful “Cresco ladies” who always make fabulous tops!

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