A Family Weekend

Kayla messaged me late on Thursday saying that her family wanted to come for a visit. She’d get here Friday for supper, stay over, and leave at naptime on Saturday. I said sure but she’d have to pick up supper along the way as I would be working and would be home until 5:30 pm and wouldn’t have time to make supper.

She ended up letting the siblings know she was coming and my company went from three to twelve in a fast hurry. Here are some highlight pictures of our time together.

Jasper is turning four next week so we had an impromptu gift opening. I feel bad I didn’t have time to make a cake.

I bought him a kinetic sand construction set. You can find it HERE. If you’re looking for a 4-year-old gift, this was a hit.

That’s Gannon with him in the photo above.

Something else SUPER popular at my house is Hey Dudy shoes. Here are four pairs…the slip on quickly and wear pretty well. They come in fun colors too. Gannon has camouflage and American Flag ones. I have them too. Mine are black. I’d like another pair that are more funky but haven’t settled on a color yet. They all buy them from Amazon. They are another great gift idea.

Here is Kayla with Kalissa’s son Anders. We’re trying to keep him a baby as long as we can (joking). He’s the youngest grandkid right now and none are on the horizon.

Here’s 16 months old now and a big sweetie.

The excitement of the weekend was a magnet game Kayla brought.

You can find the game HERE. It’s super easy, lots of fun, quick, and great for all ages. My grandson Jasper plays and he’s only four. Here are a couple of live action shots with me and Carver.

The game is simple. Divide up the magnetic gems. Lay out a shape with string. Players take turns putting the magnets down. If the magnets attach to each other, the player has to take all the magnets that came together. The first person with no magnets wins.

It seriously was a lot of fun!

The day didn’t go without a few troubles…Here are three grandkids in time out. Carver and Georgia started playing guns and shooting. That’s not allowed at my house. I sent them to time out. Then honest little Eli who will be three in April walked to the corner and said, “Me do it too.” It was all I could do to not laugh…He was so somber.

If you’ve been a blog reader for long, you would know, of the grandkids, it would be these three who always are the troublemakers. It’s okay. We love them even though they are mischievous and a little troublesome. They make life more interesting.

I showed a picture of who landed themselves into time out to my son-in-law Craig. His comment was, “Yep, that tracks!”.

Nap time rolled around and I took that as my chance to sit down and put a few stitches into my cross-stitch project. Carver just loves it when I stitch by him. Here I asked him if he could figure out how many stitches were in the bottom white row of the flag. I showed him how the darker lines of the chart are gridded out by tens so he practiced counting by tens. He read the legend for me and figured out what color I should stitch the words in. He enjoys it a lot…me too.

I made One Pot Sloppy Joe Mac for lunch. I’ll be sharing the recipe with you in the future. It was a big hit. Even the kiddos ate it and that can be a major undertaking to get them all to eat.

The house was empty by 6 pm and so was my energy level. UGH. I’m not used to days filled with kids anymore. I ended up writing this blog post…and another and then I got to my stitching spot as fast as I could. I was pooped.

6 thoughts on “A Family Weekend”

  1. The magnet game looks good, I’ll have to look and see if we’ve got it, or something similar, in the UK. Thanks for sharing your family time with us. It’s always lovely to see the kids – even in time-out!

  2. I love family get togethers – they are a rarity here.
    The magnetic game looks like a lot of fun – I’ll check it out.
    One pot Sloppy Joe Mac sounds like a keeper to this grandma! Looking forward to the recipe.
    And those shoes…sure could use them in the RV.
    Love and prayers

  3. I laughed out loud at the time out photo! The kids don’t look too upset . Looks like you’re all having a grand time. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It’s such fun watching them grow up, even from a distance.

  4. Oh so fun! Family time is exhausting but so rewarding in the long run, but after a long day at work, must be hard. It is sure fun to see pictures of those growing grandkids. It has been a joy seeing each of them as babies and to see them now.

  5. Jasper is turning 4? where did the time go. He is a cutie for sure. So glad that you were able to get together and celebrate with him.

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