A Family Wedding

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This past weekend, Jason’s youngest sister Caitlin got married.  Her and Brad have been dating for 10-11 years, so Brad’s been around even longer than me.  All of my memories of family gatherings include Brad, so he has always felt like a member of the family to me.

Brad is currently in Chiropractic school at Palmer in Davenport and will be graduating this October.  The past few months and weekends especially have often included a trip home for Caitlin, Brad, or both to get ready for the wedding, and let me tell you, it was one of the most beautiful weddings that I’ve been to!  Caitlin seriously had everything planned down to a T and her decorations were gorgeous!

BC Wedding 5 (225x300)

See those boards that the picture is on?  Those are from a shed at Jason’s parent’s house that they tore down a few months ago.

BC Wedding 4 (300x225)

They made these awesome boxes with them too!  I love how they incorporated parts of their family into the decor.  There were lights that went in with the flowers and a light that was in the tall bottle too–And candles in the little jars!  It was gorgeous!

BC Wedding 3 (300x225)

Since they got married outside, they also worked to make a lovely enterance so that it felt like you were entering their event rather than just walking to an area of the park.

BC Wedding 2 (225x300)

We had a bit of time to kill after taking pictures, but before the wedding so I even talked Jason into a selfie!  It took a couple attempts and I might have threatened him with death if he didn’t smile, but eventually he did and we didn’t both close our eyes.

BC Wedding (225x300)

He must have been in an agreeable mood, becuase I also got him to take a picture with me and Caitlin after the wedding.  When Caitlin first showed me her dress, I was a little bit hesitant for her because it had long sleeves with lace appliques and she was planning an August wedding.  Anyone who has been to Iowa in August knows that it can get a little steamy, but she really loved the dress and looked great.  Once the wedding day arrived however, it was actually COLD!  I ended up wearing my jacket most of the day when we weren’t taking pics or during the ceremony.  It’s really odd that it is cold in August, but it sure worked out good for Caitlin!

BC Quilt Good (225x300)

My favorite picture of the day though, was the picture I snapped of Caitlin and Brad with the quilt that I made them.  You’ve probably seen it before as Mom made the same one for my cousin Amber, but when I saw that one done and finished, I knew that it would be the perfect quilt for Caitlin and Brad too!

Congrats Caitlin and Brad!

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  1. So glad the weather was perfect. Decorations are gorgeous. How was Jason’s other sister? (Heather?). Did she stay for pics? Or to much?

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