A Family Visit…

My niece, Jody, and her kiddos came for a visit yesterday…I just LOVE visit days.  One of the reasons they came is because they wanted to see Ruby before she “got all grow-ed up”.

The kids call me “Auntie Jo-Gracie”.  They have two aunt Jo’s…I was designated as the “Aunt Jo who has Gracie”.  Somehow, that got shortened to “Auntie Jo Gracie”.  When Gracie died, the kids all wondered if they could still call me that…well they do and that is real special to me.

Here’s Stacey with Ruby.

When we first picked out Ruby, the youngest boy Matthew, who is three, suggested we call the new puppy “Puppy-cow”  or  “Pupsicle”.  How cute!!

Ruby spent much of the day being held and loved on…but there were other things to do too.

The kids went down to the creek and “somehow” got wet :) .  While their clothes were drying they ended up playing with the old Nintendo 64.

Dawn was busy with the chickens.  She just loves them.

Here’s the eggs she picked so she could take them home.  It was so cute.  She was wearing a Santa hat and had used it as a egg collecting basket.  She is an animal girl through and through.

These kids are so special to me.  Even though I am their great aunt, I feel more like an aunt to them.  The kids are just great…polite…appreciative and so – so easy to make happy with the simplest of things. Their mom has stayed home them and works hard to teach the kids to craft and sew.  They remind me a lot of my own kids when they were young.  A person would never know but the oldest three are triplets.  They don’t look a thing a like!

The kids like visiting the farm and they also like their favorite “big” cousin, my son Karl.

Karl is wonderful with kids and all the cousins love him.  Even though he’s going to be 20 in a few days, he will still play ball, play legos, Nintendo or do any other kid stuff.

Jody, the kid’s mom, is only four years younger than me.  I had a great time playing with her growing up.  Honestly, I feel more like she is my sister rather than my niece.  I really appreciate the relationship that we have.  Jody does lots of work to keep us close and that truly is one more thing that I am so thankful for.  We are all hoping for another visit sometime before the end of the year… I can’t wait!!

3 thoughts on “A Family Visit…”

  1. How sweet, Auntie Jo Grace! My grandsons did the same thing to me. To distinguish the two Grandmas, they call us by the names they call their grandfathers. I’m Grandma Boppie and the other grandma is Grandma PawPaw. I love how kids come up with these things! How unusual that you have two Aunt Jos. I’m a Jo and i rarely run into anyone with the same name!

  2. It is so wonderful to hear that families are staying linked together. It’s so easy to drift apart with all the pressures of our fast-paced lives.

  3. Karl knows when he’s got a good thing going. At 20, he gets most of the adult privileges but can still get down on the floor with the younger cousins and play with all the cool toys. And THEY think he’s really cool because he plays with them. It’s a win win deal.

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