A Family Style Weekend

It was another busy weekend here at the Kramer house.  Buck, our son was home for a classmate’s wedding and brought the kiddos along with Lilly’s long-loved Teddy.  A long time ago, Lora, Lilly’s mom bought Teddy for her, and Lilly immediately became attached.

Teddy had seen better days.  He had ZERO neck support.  His arm was almost detached.  It was time for an updo so Buck brought her home.  I thought I would have to do the work but nope.  Buck asked for stuffing, thread, and a needle.  Away he went.

I love that he’s not bothered by jumping in and doing the patching.  Here Lilly is later showing off her fixed bear.  I took the picture from Buck’s Instagram.  So cute.

Teddy is all better.  His arm is reattached.  He has been restuffed and sewn shut.

A friend of mine dropped a bag of dress-up clothes at my house thinking Georgia, my granddaughter, would love them.  Look who got into them.  My grandsons Carver and Scotty!!  Every time Carver saw me with a camera, he would quickly take the clothes back off.

Not Scotty.  He wore them… LOUD and PROUD!!

Lucy had Kalissa do her hair.  She’s doing her “cute face”.  Buck’s kids got to meet their new little cousin Anders who is home from the hospital and doing great.

Izzy, my foster pup, really enjoyed having the kids here over the weekend.  She was really good with them all.

Poor Rosie, my beagle, was pretty tired out from all of the kids.

The fold-up fire truck was the start of the show, as always.  I bought mine at the thrift store and it was one of my best finds for the kids there.  This has been used by me and all the kiddos that come here for several years and it’s still very popular.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.  They have a similar one that is a food truck.  I’m really tempted to get it.

Here is a picture of Scotty, Lucy, and me on Sunday morning with me still in my pajamas.  Lucy had an old camera that a blog reader sent my way.  The kids just love old phones.  She was “taking a selfie” of us.  So cute!!

Lilly was showing off the hairdo that Kalissa did.

It was nice enough that the kids could be outside.  Thank heavens!!  This is Carver and Scotty.

Here are Lucy and Gannon.  They have so much fun together.  I just love seeing them play!

We go Lucy to pose for a nice picture with Buck…Buck is like his dad, Kramer, when it comes to taking pictures.  He doesn’t like it the best so we grab some pictures anytime we can.

Karl “dressed up” for the occasion!!

Buck actually raved about my spaghetti.  That never happens.  Check out the counters in the kitchen.  That’s real life when the kids are all home.  I can’t keep up with the dishes!!

Buck left with his crew and my daughter Kayla along with her song Jasper rolled in at the same time.  They were overnight guests then Monday my daughter Kelli rolled in with her three kids.  This is Kelli’s daughter Georgia on the left and Jasper on the right.

Kayla had some college work to do on Monday so I was in charge of getting this guy to sleep.  It was easy once I turned his show off and floss tube on.  I’m always amazed at how fast my grandkids fall asleep once it’s my turn to watch television.  HA!!

Georgie fell asleep quite easily.  Izzy and Rosie the two dogs did too.  You can see is trying really hard to make herself part of the family.

It was so crazy I didn’t get a picture of Kelli’s boys Eli and Emmett.

I had company all weekend and Monday so by Monday night…I was pooped.  Kayla and Jasper left at about 5:30 pm hoping to not drive all the home in the dark.  I told Kelli she was welcome to stay for supper but if she did, she better plan on getting take-out food from the bar.  Any zip I had left in me was gone.

I ate some leftovers from the frig, and spent two hours finding the house back.  Then it was time for some me time with cross stitch and the dogs on the couch.  WHEW!!

That was the weekend recap from the Kramer house…

14 thoughts on “A Family Style Weekend”

  1. I love how Lucy warmed up to you and now, she’s one of the bunch with her antics and a HUGE smile alongside Grandma Jo :-) Good job you for giving her the space to fall in love with you!

  2. Exhausting – but SO much fun making all those memories with and for the kiddos!!! They are so lucky to have such a wonderful family!

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    It’s so much fun being at Grandma’s house. Maybe Grandma could create a fun “game” of “pick up”. That’s a bonus for you to get to cross stitching and the crouch quicker!! Just a thought.

  4. I love the pictures of the family in the kitchen. What matters is not the cluttered counters, but the love and laughter that shines through. Thanks once again for sharing your family with us!

    PS: So glad Teddy is back in hugging order!

  5. Nice family weekend. Your kitchen looks entirely normal. Mine looks the same when I have family around. A used kitchen is a happy one, just like a dirty child is a happy child. And there are a couple of quilts in the photos that would be great simple patterns, just squares and strips. I’m inspired.

  6. Oh, miss Jo, sounds like such great time! So glad you have so much family close and glad you’re keeping miss Izzy❤️

  7. Beryl in Owatonna

    What wonderful memories for everyone! I love how the kids all have some of the same traits…you can tell they are related! Your cupboards were empty, no wonder the counters were full!!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful family again…it is fun watching them grow..

  8. Wonderful memories being made with a house full of family. Nice to see Buck and his kiddos. Teddy looks fully fluffed and ready for some loving.

  9. What a fun and busy time you had! You are very fortunate and are they – to be close enough to enjoy like this. Glad you still had enough left to sit and cross stitch.

  10. Katherine Gourley

    Love the chaos. Please tell Karl he looks like a real FIND in that picture. You are aware of course that you will need to keep Izzy.

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