A Facing Reality Giveaway

I LOVE redwork…I Love to embroider.  Do I have time for it?…No not really.  If I do have time for a “sit down” project, there are other things here I would prefer to do…like a wool project, or English Paper Piecing.

So, I am wondering, does anyone out there still embroider by hand?  Would anyone like either of these projects?  One pack is farm animals that can be made into a baby quilt.  The other is Sunbonnet Sue baby quilt pack…but this set had a bit of dark colored pop spilled on it.  I think it will come out but haven’t tried.  Neither of these packs have been used at all…


If you’d like a pack for yourself or someone you  know, leave a comment about which pack you’d prefer.  I will pick a winner or two winners tomorrow….

40 thoughts on “A Facing Reality Giveaway”

  1. I could use the nursery quilt blocks. I have a new grandaughter and it would be fun to make these up for her.


  2. If it is possible I would appreciate the Sun Bonnet pack. I was thinking yesterday of doing some redwork for a little girl’s quilt and this would be ideal. Thank you

  3. Jo I would love a project to take on the go and either would work for me. Thanks for your daily entries, I enjoy checking your blog everyday.

  4. I love the nursery quilt blocks. I have a new nephew coming soon and this would make a great quilt for him!

  5. I love all kinds of hand work including embroidery. I would love to receive the farm animal package. We live in the country & our DGS would love them

  6. I love to embroidery and redwork is my favorite. I have been wanting to do something with a Sunbonnet Sue pattern and this one looks like fun…Thanks,

  7. Yes I hand embroidery all the time and have a couple projects going now. The farm animals would be great for my soon to be born grandson a quilt!

  8. I love to embroider and I have been looking for a project to work on. I would love either. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I have just gotten back into embroidery and I’m working on a QAL now. Either of these projects look fun, and I’m one of those people who actually likes Sunbonnet Sue (not obsessively, like some though – LOL)

  10. Love Sunbonnet Sue and Yes, hand embroidery is very much the old “handwork” made anew with fresh new designers and terrific designs :) Can you tell I am a fan??? LOL

  11. Like doing this – would take either set. live on a farm and someday hope to have grandchildren I could make for.

  12. Betty Schahrer

    What a nice person you are to want to share with others of us who love red work and embroidery. I would be happy with either, but Sunbonnet Sue has been a favorite of mine “forever”, and if I was to get that, it would be a project to make for ME!

  13. Betty Schahrer

    What a nice person you are to want to share with others of us who love red work and embroidery. I would be happy with either, but Sunbonnet Sue is my first choice.

  14. I love doing stitchery projects. The next generation in our family are now starting to have babies. The farm pattern is just gorgeous. They would make lovely gifts for the newborns, either boy or girl! Thanks for the chance.

  15. I like to hand embroider and have a new grandniece coming in August. The farm animals would be perfect (we all live on the family farm) for a baby quilt. Please enter me into the draw.

  16. I do all my embroidery by hand for many reasons. I can’t afford a sewing machine that does it and I was taught to do embroidery by hand. I have done many baby quilts with embordery. I love it…

  17. Yes, I love hand work doing embroidery of all kind and hand quilting. I love Sunbonnet Sue but either would be fine. Just like waiting to have a baby…. boy or girl… either one will be fine as long as all are healthy. Have a nice day. Great Grandma Sharon

  18. I enjoy embroidery–just haven’t had a project to work on for a while. I love sunbonnet sue, and would love to win that and get me embroidering again! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I would really like to start learning redwork. I don’t do
    much handwork. Used to cross stitch a little. I would take either one but would prefer the animal one. Thanks for
    the giveaway.

  20. Embroidery is one thing I do at night while watching TV with my husband. I have him spoiled. Either would be super. Either would be great but I haven’t done a Sunbonnet Sue.

  21. I do Crazy Quilting ,Appliquing by hand, and tatting and love it. Would love to have either pattern but the Sunbonnet would be my first choice. Thank you for the give a way!!!

  22. I dont need the blocks but tell the person winning the Sunbonnet Sue that they can be traced on a light box onto other pieces of fabric. I did this and kept the originals for later. Worked great.

  23. I love hand embroidery. I would like either one of the patterns as they are both cute. Thanks for your generosity in sharing the patterns.

  24. They are both cute…But Sun bonnet Sue sings to me and she must have also sung to you. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  25. Those animal blocks are so fun! They would be a great project for teaching my granddaughter to embroider! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  26. I have the patterns so do not need them. I still do hand embroidery and have 2 redwork quilts ready to be quilted and more blocks to be assembled. I also hand embroider pillowcases, I love using them. I am glad to see so many keeping this art alive!

  27. I would love to have the Sunbonnet Sue. I find hand embroidery “sew” relaxing. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  28. Hello, I would love either one. I’ve taken up embroidery since I lost my job and am remembering all of the stitches my Grandmother taught me many years ago. I wish she was around to ask. Thanks so much for the opportunity,

  29. I have a friend who is always looking for these for her dh who is the one who stitches them They make a lot of baby quilts so I would think the farm animals are the best choice.

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