A Dog Filled Week

There was lots of action happening in the dog department last week.

First off they had a cancellation at the vet for a dental appointment and I was able to get Susie to the appointment.  We were in an ice warning at the time but it was clear here.  The vet told me if could get her there and the weather got bad, they were willing to let her sleep overnight.  It turns out I was able to get her picked up.  About an hour after I got home from picking her up, the weather got bad.  So it was a tight squeeze but totally worth it.

Susie is a MUCH improved girl.  She is doing so much better.  They pulled 10 of her teeth.  One would think she’d feel worse but nope.  She is doing great.  The vet said one of the teeth was cracked and the crack went up into her gums.  Also, she had a tooth with an abscess.  I think the poor girl was in quite a bit of pain.

She is eating… her food MUCH better now.  I’m so happy for her.  Thanks again for all of the donations that came in to support Susie’s adoption fee and her dental work.  Susie would say thank you if she could.  I know it.  She is much more outgoing now and I see many more tail wags!

Being Susie got her dental work done, she was able to go to her furever home on Saturday morning.  It was bittersweet.  She got to feeling well and I had to let her go.  I was just finally seeing the real Susie.

I wasn’t too sad though.

Freckles got better too.  Do you remember the lump he had on his neck?  The meds took it all away.  Read about it HERE if you missed it.

He went to the vet with Susie during the ice storm warning.  He was neutered.  He was doing great and he went to his furever home on Thursday night.

I was trying to get some pictures of him before he left but every picture turned out like this…blurry because he was so active.  UGH.  After the lump on his neck came down, he got some spitfire in him!!  Oh boy.  I lost my cuddly boy and he turned into a wild man.  That’s okay.  It made it easier to let him go.

That all happened just in time as the rescue was notified that there were a group of three Cocker Spaniels that needed to be picked up from a puppy mill.  So…who had room or wanted to foster one?  Me, of course.

This was the picture of them at intake.  This is the puppy I am fostering.  It’s a female and she’s 4 1/2 months old.  We are testing her eyesight in the eye on the side that is white.  We are thinking there is some site loss but nothing that hinders her or makes it hard for her to have a great life.  Her hearing is good.  She has a vet check on Thursday along with a spay and after that, she’ll be ready to be adopted.  I ended up naming her Bianca.

We also got in this guy…I don’t know if he has a name yet.  He looks so shaggy in this picture.  He’s since had a groom and looks awesome.  He’s an amazing chocolate brown color.  He is 7-month-old Cocker Spaniel.   I went and helped with baths.  Oh, my word…this guy is super sweet and very friendly.  His looks are night and day different from his intake picture to now.  I’ll have to make sure to get a picture of him.  His make over is the kind you see on television and think there is no way that it’s the same person!

This gal is 6-7 years old.  She’s had many litters of puppies for the puppy mill owner and now they are releasing her.  She too has had a haircut, and bath and looks totally different.  In the process, the coordinator also realized she felt very pregnant.  So she went to the vet and it is confirmed by an ultrasound that she is pregnant.  A wild guess is that she’s due in about 2 weeks.  Poor girl.

She is shy and uncertain.  I can’t imagine how frightening this all will be for her.  From the sounds of things, our coordinator will be fostering her and helping her through the birthing and puppy-raising process.  So the in take up of three dogs, suddenly turned into more.

We have no idea if this Cocker mama will be having full Cocker pups, what their coloring might be, or if they are a Cocker mix…the puppy mill has pug dogs too so fingers crossed it’s not a pug cocker mix.  HA!!!  I can’t imagine what that mix of dogs would look like.

If you are a Cocker Spaniel lover and looking to add a dog to your home, Bianca, my pup and the chocolate male pup will be listed soon.  I encourage you to fill out an application for pre-approval.  You can put on the application that you’re looking for a Cocker Spaniel.  HERE is the link for applications.  The puppies will not be allowed to leave until they are 8 weeks old…and after that, momma can’t leave until she is spayed and recovered from her LAST BATCH OF PUPPIES EVER!!  The poor girl.  She’s tugging on my heartstrings.  I’m so glad she was able to get out of the puppy mill.

I’ll likely be busy with dogs and puppies in the next weeks as I’ll volunteer to take extra dogs if needed so the coordinator can concentrate on this mom and her soon-to-be-born pups.  It’s totally okay…I love it!

7 thoughts on “A Dog Filled Week”

  1. I’m sad for what the dogs had to endure and so glad they are rescued by great loving people ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Oh wow! A busy dog week for sure. So good that Susie is better and able to go home and Freckles too. The soon to be a mama again doggie is kind of a sad story up to now. Thankfully her life will be better once she is ready to go to her forever home. You are such a good volunteer and so helpful!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I’m so glad Susie got her teeth taken care of. And the lump on Freckles neck got taken care of. The incoming pups and momma look so pretty. If I could have a dog it would be a spaniel. When I was 7 are family got a spaniel. The only dog we had growing up that mom liked.

  4. I’m usually not tempted, but I love cocker spaniels! I’ve had 3. The mama is beautiful! I’ll be watching what happens with her. Look forward to the makeover photos..

  5. I so enjoy all of your posts, thank you for a pleasant breather form my every day chores.
    I’m also happy about the dogs, I have a soft heart for anyone that lives in terrrible conditions- human or animal. Good on you to fill this need.

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