A Dog Day…

My 4th of July ended up being a dog rescue day.

I still have my sweet Sadie here. I can’t believe that she is still here. She’s such a great pooch.

Sadie is a German Shepherd Rat Terrier mix. She looks very German Shepherd. The only Rat Terrier I see in her is the tip of her back foot. Can you see it’s white? It’s totally unnoticeable unless you’re looking for it.

She’s SUPER smart. She’s already doing so many things in the short time I’ve had her. House training is going well. We’ve had three accidents in just over a week I’ve had her. Most of those happened during her first two days here.

She LOVES humans. She goes everywhere I go. Here she is at my feet while I sit at the computer to write blog posts.

She is a puppy and will chew on things if left on the floor…like my shoe, but I corrected her and she’s left my shoes alone since then. Anything she does is just normal puppy behavior.

I had German Shepherds growing up and loved them. I really think she’ll just look like a mini German Shepherd as she ages. It’s harder by the day to not keep her. She’s super precious and has really wormed her way into my heart. She needs to find her new home soon before I get any more attached.

But back to my 4th of July. I had told you I would be sewing and stitching all day. That kind of happened but not as much as I hoped. I got a call that puppy mill dogs were coming in. They needed help.

Sadly, we’ve been bombarded with people surrendering dogs. Then to top that off, many of our foster homes are on vacation or out of town. So we are really short-staffed and short on homes for the dogs to go to. The local Humane Society which often takes dogs that we can’t take is pretty full too. They just got a large group of Australian Shepherds in.

Now we have the mill dogs too. We never say no to mill dogs. We just take them and figure it all out later. It’s so important for us to get the dogs out of the mills before the owners change their minds…because that can and does happen.

On the 4th it was a whoever can come help, please come and help kind of situation. I was willing to give up my fun day for some dog rescue…after all, dog rescue is for me, its own kind of reward, sad but also fun!

There were three in this pick-up. Here are some pictures I took…

This is the pug. She’s 2 1/2 years old.

We don’t know much about them. But this is what we already know. She did just wean a litter. She’ll be able to be spayed in 2 weeks or so. She is very happy and excited to hang out. She seems happy and appears that she’ll adjust well to life with a family.

The next gal is a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. She was shy. She’s doing really well but might appreciate some quiet time before she is thrown into the mix of a busy household.

She cleaned up very nicely and is already snuggling in on the couch.

This little gal came home with me. She is a 4-year-old wiener dog. I don’t know how long I’ll have her. Right now the plan is for me to try to get her into the vet so she can be spayed then another foster might take her.

We have a new foster home where the owner has dachshunds. But we never know, by the time I get her to the vet she might already have an approved adoption.

Some dogs go quickly and some we have for a bit.

She’s only been with me a bit but WOW…She’s a sweetie.

I can already tell you that she it kid friendly. Gannon who loves any dog, snuggled right up to her and she was great with it. She was licking his nose. So sweet.

She’s only been here for 24 hours and we think she’s pretty neat already.

Kalissa and I were talking…we both said that we like that I foster dogs. We get to see so many dogs and experience them…dogs I normally would never have contact with. I’ve been told weiner dogs can be temperamental and nippy. So far this gal has been great. I’ve heard the same about corgis and Jerry was awesome. We get to see the flat noses of pugs and hear the snort. It’s all just so fun. Long ago I picked my first dog to be a beagle. I cared most about the size and thought they were pretty. Nowadays, I care most about personality. That’s how I ended up with Izzy a Aussiedoodle that looks like a poodle. Crazy. I would have never thought that would happen.

Anyway…if you are interested in any of the dogs that just came in, you can find an application HERE. It will likely be about a week at minimum before any of them are ready to go. We have to get vet appointments and we need to get to know them a little better.

12 thoughts on “A Dog Day…”

  1. Arline Hansen

    I so admire your taking on caring for these precious pups and providing them with a taste of a living caring life to come. I know many of your followers are not local and thought that you might cover what possibilities might be available to them if they were interested in adopting.

  2. Ana Marie Sweet

    It is a real blessing that you can foster. The best part is that the dogs can decompress a little and you can provide that important personality info for a proper family decision. It is so hard to go into a shelter and know nothing about a dog or cat. But knowing what they might need regarding kids, housetraining, etc. is great info.

    I did foster and emergency foster for kittens and ended up with one of them for our pack. They are all various rescues.

  3. I would give anything to have the Maltese mix. My precious Roxy looked just like this dog, such a feisty personality too. Oh I wish I could have her.

      1. Our rescue is based out of NE Iowa but we serve the SE Minnesota and SW Wisconsin area too. Anyone is able to adopt our dogs though.

    1. Had a doxie, bonkers, lived to be 22yrs. Never overweight. Full of beans, just bonkers, still tear up. Would be a fister, but live in Connecticut, in a mobil home, hv 2 goldens & bangle cat. Thank you for your dedication.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I have to admire you. The way you care about everyone 2 or 4 legs. Seeing your pups come and go. Makes want to help. I’m not able to have a dog. Plus I don’t live anywhere close to you. So do you need financial help? Gas or dog food money?

  5. We had a dachshund–she was my youngest son’s dog. We brought her home at 8 weeks and she was a wonderful dog. She loved all of us and visitors too. She lived to the age of 14 years 8 months, which our vet said was unusual for the breed, since so many have back problems. We still miss her and it’s been 4 years since she passed. I’m sure your foster will make a great family pet for someone!

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    I love seeing all the foster dogs and reading about them. My favorite is seeing them with your grandchildren. You are passing along the compassion you show to dogs in transition. Just FYI, Missouri Star has pins 30% off today only. Saw some pretty cute ones!

  7. Oh my goodness: I wish I could have that sweet little Maltese mix. How adorable. Let us know when you decide to keep Sadie!! She is beautiful. Plus we could see her grow up with you and those sweet grandsons of yours. You know you want her!!

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