A Dedicated Worker

I have to say…this girl has come to my rescue more than once this week.  This is our daughter Kalissa.

The two of us have spent LOTS of time covering wood work.  Both of us are so glad that as of Wednesday night we were finally done with it.

We honestly have spent hours doing it….we have discussed wedding planning, the gals in the her class, my upcoming childcare plans, music, gift buying…everything.  There isn’t a topic we haven’t discussed.  We have had that much time together trying to get the house ready for the drywall guy.  I do a lot of the cleaning and she does a lot of the covering.

There were about three nights at the house over the last week when the clock was heading towards 10pm at night and I would tell her to go home and let me finish…but she stayed.  She said she wouldn’t leave me by myself.  What a trouper!!

Roger and Craig were at the house too and helped but Kalissa did the brunt of the covering of the wook work…and it’s a thankless job.  It’s not like laying the flooring when for years and years we’ll be able to enjoy the product of the work that was done.  All of this work will be taken down and never to be seen….that’s why I wanted to document it here….The woodwork in the house was saved primarily by Kalissa and both Hubby and I really appreciate it.

Wednesday night I think all of us, especially me, was crabby wanting this chapter in the house remodel to be done….after the drywall…Painting.  We are getting closer.

9 thoughts on “A Dedicated Worker”

  1. You and your husband have raised such a wonderful family ! Kudos to both of you and the great children you brought up.
    Lots of hard work but your house will be a beauty.A blessed holiday to you and your family.

  2. Your woodwork is beautiful!!! I bet you will look at it for years to come and remember Kalissa’s efforts! I’ve been impressed with how all your kids have pitched in on the remodel. Even though many of them probably won’t live there, it still makes the house theirs too! A part of their history!

  3. Well, I wouldn’t agree that her work is “a thankless job.” Her work protected your beautiful woodwork and the woodwork will still be there, glowing beautifully, for years to come. You will always remember how Kalissa kept working by your side, helping you create a lovely home.

  4. Your daughter is a real sweetie! Hubby & I have slowly been painting in our house. I have spent a lot of time covering wood and blue taping all kinds of edges. It definitely a thankless job.

  5. We rebuilt an old house too, and so many friends helped. All the time we owned that house I thought of those people when I saw their handiwork in my home. It wasn’t just a house, it was built by friendship, and yours is being built by the love of your family. I hope it all comes together quickly now, and it’s the house of your dreams, blessing your family for many years to come.

  6. Yes, the covering will come down, but it will be a long time before you can go up and down the stairs without thinking of her and her hard work.

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