A Day With the Kids

My great nieces and nephews came to our house on Thursday afternoon.  Kelli and I will be driving them home on Monday.  They typically come and hang out a few days over the summer for a get away.  This time while they are here, their mom is having some reconstruction surgery.  It’s nice to spend time with the kids and to help out mom all at once.

The kids are so fun and each has a unique personality.  After seeing my stack of quilt upstairs and the ones in the bedrooms Dawn told me that I had enough quilts to keep an Alaskan family warm in the winter…..

She’s been busy making hot pad holders for all of us.


Matt is full of funny sayings.


At supper Thursday night Zach said, “We’re going to call Kelli’s dog Puppycat P.C..  Matt who is four chimes in and says, “Yep, P.C. is more professional.”  Kelli who was here helping me with the kids laughed and laughed.

The minute mom walked out the door the kids were wondering when we’d be going to the pool.  After some talk and investigation we found out that two kids forgot swimming suits.  That meant a trip to Decorah.

Luckily the kids aren’t supper picky so Zach found some trunks at Goodwill and Stacey found a suit at Wal-Mart.  While we were in town I decided to take them to Downing Springs.  There’s a need little hide away spot in town that is pretty neat.



Once we got back home with swimsuits in hand and grocery bags of fruit-they are all fruit crazy- we had supper and then the party began when my son Karl came home from work!  Karl had the kids laughing and goofing off.  He even had them cleaning house and then off to play a board game.


As I write this he has them out playing Ghosts in the Graveyard in the dark.  Running around with flash lights giggling and laughing.

Me, I’m feeling a little like the dogs…tired and ready for bed.  Can you believe all of the beagles squeezed into one kennel??


The dogs are doing their part in entertaining the kids too.  They all get a walk every half hour or so.  With four kids here and everyone wanting a turn, it’s a lot of walking!!

Thanks to the help of my kiddos, I think the cousins are having fun.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings….Tomorrow is Zach’s birthday so I think it might be pool day…now that we have swim suits.

2 thoughts on “A Day With the Kids”

  1. I would really like to know how to play Ghosts in the Graveyard! I’m up for any game that has flashlights and giggling and running in the dark – I can tell my grandkids how to play and then watch them!

  2. How much fun are you having !~! I love it. I stopped over via a link at Pug Mom Quilts and I think the pic of the three dogs in the one kennel takes the prize for today’s best… tired and yet somehow they look content too.

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