A Day with the Grands

On Tuesday I had three of the grandkids at my house.  Kelli had a doctor’s appointment so had Georgia.  Kalissa was an owl nurse (meaning she worked the overnight and had to sleep in the day as owls do) so I have Carver and Gannon.

We had a busy day.  Carver and Georgie are high maintenance and anyone watching them needs to be on their toes.  Gannon is chill and mellow.

I snapped a few pictures of our day and wrote down some of the funny things Carver said throughout the day and I thought I’d share them with you.  Here is Georgia.  A blog reader had given me a bunch of quilt magazines.  They were on the table and as I’ll often page through one if I’m eating alone for a meal.  The one of top happened to be an old copy of American Patchwork and Quilting.  Georgia grabbed it and starting paging through.  Look what she stopped on.

If you’ve read the blog since back in June of 2015, you’d know that I designed this quilt and Kelli sewed it.

Here it is…American Patchwork & Quilting June 2015 | AllPeopleQuilt.com

You can read the Cinderella story behind this quilt HERE.  I went from not liking it, to loving it!

It’s so funny, she had been turning and turning pages and that’s the quilt she stopped on and really looked at.  Too cute.  It was published in 2015.  At that point, this little girl wasn’t even in our imagination.

Carver was so cute.  At my house, he’s not allowed to say “Duh”.  Kalissa discourages it too.  So he came and said to me, “Joey, do you know what Grandma Dee Dee said to Papa Merril?  She told him “duh”!”  So cute.  He’s soon to be four and telling on his Great Grandma.

Later Carver and I were talking.  Kalissa and Craig decided to send him to preschool.  I asked him about it and he said, “I think I’ll be a little shy there.”  I went on to tell him all the other kids that would likely be there and told him it’s okay to be shy for a little bit but then he needed to not be shy.  He thought that was okay.  Then he said, “I will have to wear a mask there.”  I said yes some of the time.  He said, “Yes Teresa Greenfield said I’d have to wear one.”  For those of you not from our area of Iowa, Teresa Greenfield is a candidate running for office.  There have been tons of commercials on the television about her.

Later I was holding a piece of paper that had the Fleet Farm (a Midwest farm store) on it.
Mills Fleet Farm Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) - SeekLogoVector.Com
He happened to glance at it and said, “Mommy and me went shopping there.”  Oh my…I can’t believe he put that together!

The kids love being in the garden and I let them….

They were very into my flowers.

The kids loved my black-eyed susans.

The highlight of the day was in the early evening.  On a whim I turned Carver’s up so they wouldn’t touch the ground and put him on his bike and sent him to try to ride with no training wheels.  Kelli took a quick video of him.  He did so good.

He had several good rides and then did a pretty big wipeout then he was done.  Overall, I think he had the hang of it and then freaked himself out a little after the fall.  He’s young to be riding with no training wheels so it’s no big deal.

I LOVE his training wheels and highly recommend them.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.  By just pulling a pin I can raise and lower the wheels.  We don’t have to completely take them off.

We had a good day…lots of fun.  It was one of those days that if someone asked, “What did you do today?” and you’d be hard-pressed to say anything…as we really didn’t do anything but somehow it added up to be a really great day.  It was a really good grandma day.

23 thoughts on “A Day with the Grands”

  1. Well, of course I love that quilt! And I cannot find the magazine or pattern online anywhere. Do you know where I can purchase a copy?
    I’m a new follower. I love reading about your grandkids. All 6 of ours live close and I love it, but they’re exhausting.

  2. I love spending time with my grandchildren too! I have three, 13, 11 and eight. I was fortunate enough to keep each one until they started first grade. I still try to spend some time with them but it’s much harder with schedules. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a lovely time with the kids! With three grandkids of my own that I enjoy so much, it was nice seeing the photos of your beautiful crew!

  4. Gramma days are the best! I had my 2 granddaughters yesterday and we did some sewing. They even operated the foot pedal for the first time and thought that was fun.

  5. So adorable and smart and just precious! Your grandchildren!! What a special, memorable, fun day! Gloria from NE and CO

  6. Samantha Moscrop

    Wow Carver did great without his trainer wheels! Your photos of the children looking at the flowers are lovely, you’re one lucky grandma

  7. Jo, this is a wonderful post. Your grandkids are adorable and so photogenic. Don’t they come up with the cutest comments!
    Are both Kelli and Kalissa nurses?

    1. Yes…Kelli and Kalissa are nurses who work 12 hour shifts. Kayla is a school teacher. Karl works in HR for a company that needs a Spanish interpreter and Buck builds homes.

  8. Wonderful pictures of your grands. They sure are sprouting up. Will you share your pattern for the stars quilt, either in your store or free. I really like it. Thank you.

  9. Judith Fairchild

    A grand children day is time well spent. You said you didn’t do much but you did you made happy memories for all of you.ove the pics of your grands

  10. How neat that Georgia was attracted to the quilt you and Kelli made! I love this quilt too and it’s one of my UFOs. Now I’ve got the bug to get it out and work on it after I finish a couple other projects. Thank yoy Georgia & Jo!

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