A Day With Kelli and Kayla

Kelli, Kayla, and I had a day away getaway on Saturday.  It wasn’t a fancy day away…We had a couple of goals.  We wanted to see some fall foliage.  We wanted a casual day…

We stopped at a garage sale and thrift store along the way and here in Prarie de Chein Wisconsin.  This little place, Valley Fish and Cheese has awesome treats.  We had smoked shrimp here along with cheese curds.  It was so yummy.

More amazing color….

But, this was our destination…Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Kelli’s goal was MORE FLOSS!!  They had lots.

The shop is well known and wonderful.  There are fabrics for quilting and cross-stitch.

I drooled over it all.

When I first started cross-stitching I was into trendy seasonal…not now.  I’m moving to the sampler world.

Kayla isn’t a cross-stitcher.  She has done it and can but with a baby, her time is put into Jasper and helping Mary and Connie at Country Threads Chicken Scratch blog.  She loves looking though.

I’ve thought of stitching these…

Kayla and I both liked this…It’s a cute, primitive, ABC sampler.

I’ve told you all that red is my favorite color.  So many of the samplers they had samples of had red in them.

This was my favorite.  I ended up buying the pattern.

…more red!

Everything is soft in color and tone.

What do you think of these two??

So many amazing pieces…

This was my favorite quilt in the shop.  I was so tempted to buy the kit but said NO!  I have to get my UFOs under control before I buy anything.

See what I mean by soft colors?

It is all on the primitive side but not overly.

Kayla thought it might be a cross between French Country and primitive.

There is so much to see.

It is such a nice shop….

It was a fun visit.

I loved the piece on the left…both the ABC sampler and the little roll that said “Merry Christmas”.  Sadly they were a part of a club they had.  Of course, I could join…but I resisted the temptation.

I need to save my money for the sewing room makeover.

We were all really good and wore our masks.  There were only three other people in the whole store while we shopped and one was the clerk.  Everyone was masked up.

If you are interested in anything you saw from Country Sampler, give them a call.  You can find their website HERE.  You can refer them to this post and I’m sure they will help you find what you need.

You can check out my Flosstube HERE.

We enjoyed an outdoor lunch at the place next door.

Spring Green is a really cute little town.  They had a bookstore with a coffee shop.

There was a store next door that said they had yarn so we stopped there too.  It was somewhat of what I call a “variety store” from my growing up.  They had a little of everything.

We laughed over this…

It’s a mold.  You crack the eggs into the eyes.  It ends up looking like a dog.  How cute.  HERE is an Amazon link for them.  You can scroll through the pictures there to see how it works.

We had a laugh over these too…Party Ant Party Picks.

There was this silly bottle opener too.

After that, we headed home.  Spring Green is about 2 1/2 hours from our house.  It was just what we needed…a day together, away from the kids and chatting.  The shopping was the bonus.

I love the grandkids but it was wonderful to see the girls on their own too!!  I’m sure many of you moms can relate.

We’ll go to Country Sampler another time…it was really a fun trip.

28 thoughts on “A Day With Kelli and Kayla”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    A day with the girls is so much fun. There’s nothing like it. Those shops were great to see. The samplers were so lovely. All that stitching on some of the antique samplers is wonderful. I read the age on them and wondered why my mom didn’t get us started like that when we were young.

  2. Please let me know when you go back to Spring Green. You were only 45 minutes away from me. Would have loved to meet up. Love that shop too. Only been in it once as I was just starting to quilt. I was overwhelmed and didn’t buy anything. My sister went a couple years ago and bought me a jelly roll and a table runner kit. Where is that kit? I better look and get that made. Glad you had a fun outing with the girls.

  3. The eye candy contained in this post has given me a sugar rush! I’m about to see how far away this town is from West Michigan…

  4. What a wonderful day and what a beautiful shop! They have a beautiful eye for design, melding all their pieces together! You just want to go from vignette to vignette! Thanks for sharing. And a wonderful time with your daughters.

  5. So wonderful that you could have such a fun day with two of your daughters. It sounded like a very good was had by all. The shop looks good too. The fall colors are amazing. I have been loving my drives around here in Michigan – so many colors!

  6. OMG !!! What a wonderful day !! It would be a ‘dream’ trip for me! I went with my Mom several years ago and had the opportunity to meet the talented Maggie Bonanomi there. I love her wool projects ! Spring Green is an awesome town, as they have a great sidwalk art festival and a Frank Lloyd Wright house near there as well ! You need to return often! Thank you so very much for visiting and for the pictures!!

  7. Christine Jernigan

    I love small town day trips, esp with daughter! Spring Green is just the perfect sorta town I’d visit too…bookstore, cafe, quilts…The trifecta of an awesome visit. What i noticed in the quilt/sampler store is how many pieces of furniture were painted in gray/black/charcoal tones just like your new sewing room furniture Jo… you are spot on!

  8. What a wonderful day! I think that’s the thing I miss most, having a day with friends. That store is fantastic and would seriously tempt me to do some shopping! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy!

  9. What a fun day! I have been to Country Sampler and it is a wonderful shop! One of my favorites! I love all their quilts and cross stitch samplers!

  10. Love this shop, been there a number of times. As I live in the Milwaukee area I also have shopped on line. Great service, very helpful.

  11. If you’re looking for samplers, check out Cecila’s Samplers in Branson, Missouri. They have some wonderful things. https://www.ceciliassamplers.com . I always find something I can’t live without while I’m there. This trip I found a sampler pattern that came from the town in the Netherlands where my mother & father in law were raised. That one had to come home with me.

  12. Marlene Clausen

    I have embroidered since I was a child. I always liked to look of counted cross stitch; but, never tried it. One year my husband bought me a large sampler w/roses in a wide range of shades. That sampler took me a year of steady work (I had to teach myself to do it before I could start it!) and when I finished I was hooked. I have been away from it for ages as I found a really good, no shadow lamp and the correct chair mattered. I don’t have those now. I also want to learn to do counted cross stitch on linen and have found no classes. I will get back to it. It is as addictive as quilting! and I love all kinds of hand work. Your photo tour of this shop was a powerful nudge in getting back into it. Thank you. This is your best-ever post, including that bottle opener that I just ordered.

  13. You certainly had a wonderful day with your girls. Country Sampler reminds me so much of a shop that used to be in Dodge, NE…..Vogie’s. Colors & displays are so similar. One thing that I noticed looking at your pictures…..whoever makes the display quilts for the shop loves small, close stipple quilting. Strange thing to notice I guess.

  14. Looks like you had a great day! I’ve seen Country Sampler featured in some other stitchers’ FlossTubes or IG posts, and it looks like an amazing shop. I’d love to go there sometime! Would you happen to know the name of the chart and/or designer of the cross stitch sampler that you inserted under this caption – “So many amazing pieces…”? Thanks!

    1. I’m sorry Toni, I don’t know the name. The one “problem” I had with shopping is that every time I wanted to know about a chart, I had to ask the clerk. They aren’t numbered and the charts aren’t next to the finished pieces. It was the only drawback in the shop. I’m sure you can contact the shop and they will let you know.

  15. What a fun day with your daughters, and such a cute shop for all 3 of you. The gift shop next door looked like a fun shop to explore. The embroidery samples were charming to see and I love how they framed the pieces. I used to get into the shop when our daughter went to the U of Madison. Glad you had such a great day out.

  16. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Oh, it is only 1,652 miles from me!!! I wonder just how many quilt shops would be on my trip there and if I should get a truck to haul everything I would want??!! I’m willing to drive more than half way across the country, but I usually take the southern route…may need to give the northern route another try!! I did it once when traveling from Huron, Ohio and enjoyed it. Great shop, great places to eat and a wonderful day with your girls…nothing better!

  17. Thanks, Jo! I posted the photo on IG and had an answer within minutes. In case anyone else is interested, it’s Friends of the Hart by Plum Street Samplers. I should have known; all of her charts are fabulous!

  18. I can relate to enjoying a day alone with your daughters. They are rare and needed but not found so frequently that they become blaise. I try to relish my time alone with my children as adults.

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