A Day with Kayla

Kayla came one day for a visit over break between Christmas and New Years.  It’s one of the best things about having a daughter who is a school teacher…she had break off and can come for a visit.  Typically I take a couple days off at the same time.  Parents have family around and can easily find substitute care if they don’t already have the days off.

First off we had show and share.  Kayla’s made progress on older projects and has started and almost completed a few more.

She started sewing these together last time she was home.  She wasn’t happy with how she first started seaming them together so started over.  Here is the final lay out.  They are hosting a benefit for my niece Jody who is working her way through a second bout of breast cancer and Kayla is thinking of donating this for the silent auction.  I think it’s a great project to donate.  Let me know if any of you want to bid on it.

Kayla needs to clip the ends yet.


She recently got done stitching this one together too….so cute.  She’s been working so hard.  These are all done with a majority of scrap thrifted yarn.  You wouldn’t know would you?


She’s been trying her hand at doing some random work and designing as she goes.


She tried out her latest obsession, baby socks on Carver….they’re girly but we aren’t telling him.


Aren’t they adorable?


Of course there was Carver time….

Kayla adores Carver.


Carver got picked up and then Kayla and I went upstairs.  She kept knitting and I started sewing.  I was working on some of my pieces for Talkin’ Turkey.  I was rummaging around trying to find paper to keep track of how many pieces I had.  Then Kayla told me to try her counter.  She uses this counter all the time.


She gifted one to Hubby years ago.  He uses it all the time counting cattle as they load or move them.  Each one that passes the gate he clicks the clicker.  Once he’s done, he looks at the counter and can tell how many their were.  With loading cattle and sorting them often they leave the bunch, cut a few more off and then load them.  It’s easy to forget what number they were on….with the clicker, it’s easy.

I ended up using it and liking it.  It is a Rawlings Mechanical Pitch Counter.  As I added a few more to the pile, I simply clicked the number of pieces I added.  Being I was talking with Kayla I wasn’t concentrating on how many I had.  This was perfect.  In fact, I am going to buy a couple more of them.  You know me, I have several projects going on at once.  I can throw one in the box on half square triangles I am making for one project and another in a box of finished quilt blocks for another project.  I’m excited about it.

I had lots of fun with Kayla…as much as like seeing all the kids at the same time, I don’t get to really visit with them.  One on one time is awesome too.  I guess I’m not picky.  I’ll take time with the kids any way I get it.

7 thoughts on “A Day with Kayla”

  1. In case that link didn’t work, Zorpia® Pack of 5 Color Hand Held Tally Counter 4 Digit Mechanical Palm Clicker Counter – Assorted Color Handheld Tally Counter for $11.99 free shipping on Amazon. Since you wanted to buy several this is a good deal. Thanks for sharing that tip, too. It will be great to have one in my knitting bag and in my sewing room and in my pocket for counting lambs and for keeping track of visitors on farm tours, and counting canning jars…I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before! :-)

  2. I’ve been working on Talking Turkey since Bonnie was here for a workshop last spring. I think it has UFO status now. It’s the strings that have me halted…. Besides working on the MQ and 4 for my DD’s and then there is one for a DGS….. it’s a lot. Just keep sewing!

  3. Kayla looks like a great knitter. I love the baby socks!! I enjoy your blog and enjoy hearing about your family and quilting.

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