A Day with Karl

Karl had been trying to come home for the last week or so.  It started with plans for him to come home on Sunday.  He wanted a hair cut and to hang out.  We ended up with LOTS of snow overnight between Saturday and Sunday so it just didn’t work out.  Then he made plans to come home on Wednesday…again poorly timed snow kept him away.

Finally today he could come.  Originally he was hoping to be here in the afternoon but I had a tax appointment so he came in the morning instead.  We had a good time….

Karl is great on swapping favors.  He wanted a hair cut….I needed a little help.

He took the latest rounds of your book orders to the post office.  (thanks to all who ordered a book from us this time around!)


He dusted off the big archway between the dining room and office.  We didn’t have time to clean the woodwork before we moved so it was really neglected and needed help.  I finally got enough boxes unpacked so we could get to it to clean.  We’ll eventually be working to remove the paint splotches left from the drywall guy and clean up the nicks and scratches.  For now we just needed to dust!

Karl also got the television in the living room working and hooked up to the VCR, xbox and Nintendo.  That is all WAY beyond my knowledge base so I was extra happy to have his help.  It was really cold here today so even Hubby was home early.

Karl helped him go pick up a cabinet that we’re putting over the washer and dryer.

In the deal, Karl also made his famous cake.  I have to say, I got the easy end of the bargain because all I had to do was give him a hair cut.

The day was over all to quickly.  He was headed back to Decorah…I was headed off to my tax appointment.  Just to make the deal a little more fair I did fix him lunch with hamburgers and homemade sweet potato fries.  I even sent him home with a canning jar full of ham, potato and cabbage soup.

Karl and I did have a chance to chat.  He’s decided to go back to college and get his elementary ed/Spanish degree.  I’ve always thought he was cut out to be a teacher.  He’s super nice and friendly and wonderful with kids.  That means he’ll move back to Cedar Falls.  I won’t see him as much then but that will have to be okay.  He needs to find his place in the world and a year or so more at college is one step closer to finding that place.

As much as love when all the kids come home at the same time, I really days when I can see them one on one too….oh what am I saying, any day that one of the kids comes home whether it’s one on one or the whole bunch of them is a good day!!  Thanks so much for the visit Karl.

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  1. I know what you mean about having a chance to visit with your son. Since our daughter moved to Memphis, TN we don’t get to see her at all. I really miss my grandson. Glad you are starting to get things figured out!

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