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You might remember last week in my cross stitch update that I said I was going to try to go to a stitching day in Waverly. Last year I mentioned that I would love to get together with cross stitchers and just stitch for the day. Janet was great and put things together. The group continued to meet and I never went. It was one of those things I wanted to do and didn’t.

Friday I finally went. It was fun. It is a bit of a drive for me…about 50 minutes one way.

They have been meet-up twice a month. I don’t know I won’t be going every time but I think I’ll try to make it at least once a month. If I can combine errands and grocery shopping in the trip then it makes it not so far to drive. They meet at the library in Waverly, Iowa on Fridays…the Fridays vary. It’s come and go so you’re welcome to stitch for as long or as short of a time as you’d like from 9 am to 4 pm. There is no real cost. If you’re interested in attending, just contact me and I’ll pass your information on to Janet.

Speaking of Janet, she’s at it again tempting me to buy another project and stitch it. She was working on this piece, Let Love Reign by Teresa Kogut. I have seen this piece and liked it. You can find the chart HERE.

The chart comes is the booklet above. Stitched, it looks like what you see below. AMAZING!!!

I’ve liked it but haven’t flipped for it until I saw Janet’s stitching. Her linen choice is amazing. She is using Grey Sand from Xju Designs. It’s perfect for this sampler.

I’ll be honest, had I not seen the linen and how it looks in person, I would have never ever considered it. Here is the linen…It almost looks like a cat peed on it. HA!! Honestly, it looks AMAZING with Janet’s great stitching on it. The colors are perfect…and now I’m thinking of buying everything for this piece. AHH!! I’d been being so good.

Janet and Lynn were both stitching the stocking from the Blackbird Design book. Here is a picture of one of the stockings. There is a series of five of them. I’ve always wanted to stitch these too. AHH!! I don’t need more projects right now. They are in this book. I’m thinking of possibly making them my 25th of each month project. I wish I had taken a picture of the girls’ stitching. You can find them in THIS BOOK.

Shelly was stitching on this GIANT! It’s her first cross-stitch piece ever and this is what she picked. I had to take a picture and send it to Kelli. It’s a chart from Long Dog Samplers called Life After Death. Kelli loves this type of stitching. I like it but I am not tempted to stitch it.

It’s entirely too intense for me!! Beautiful and AMAZING though.

I got to the stitch day at around 10 am and left at 2 pm. I garage-saled my way there and thrifted my way home. It was a wonderful day away that I truly appreciated. I finished the small piece I brought along to stitch on.

I saw this quilt top a thrift store. Initially, I grabbed it until I really looked at it. The hand work is not good at all.

I saw a sewing machine cabinet and had to check it out. I lifted the keyboard and then lifted the lid to find a machine in tough shape.

From there I headed to Sumner. When I was through in the morning the stores I love weren’t open. I ended up coming through town and Maker’s Market wasn’t open. Neither was the antique store.

UGH. I’ll have to go another day to the stitch group and cross my fingers that they will be open on my way through town.

I did find some linens…I love the chicken done in chicken scratch stitching.

I found some fabric to send to Carolyn. She’s the blog reader who makes all the amazing little baby sleepers for the Lutheran World Relief baby care kits.

I had a great day out and about. Thanks for the fun stitching gals. So fun to meet you or see you again!! I hope to be back again!!

I’m having a tough time getting Janet’s sampler out of my head. Hmm. Oh, Janet, you’re a bad influence!!

Worse, I just checked the Stitchery Nook and they have the linen in a fat half….UGH. Will I cave??? For now, I know I’m off to stitch on something I already have here!! Something I already have started. But I did finish stitching something today. Oh, Jo. Just get off the computer and go stitch. Bye everyone!

11 thoughts on “A Day Out and About”

  1. Oh it sounds like you had a very fun day. I’m sure we will get to see the project that you finished. I think you have a very good area to live and whenever you take a little road trip you have so many fun places to stop.

  2. when you said it looked like a cat peed on it , I was not only in agreement but went even farther and thought they were letting husbands use the fabric in their auto repair shops before bagging it up for stitching.
    Does having an opinion about a project dampen your ability to maintain an enthusiasm for it ???

  3. Jo–I have been trying to find the icon for Amazon so that you can get credit for my purchases. Maybe it’s right in front of my eyes, but I can’t locate it. When I purchase, I want you to get the credit! Just love your blog—

    1. You will see these words in the right hand column “Help support this blog by doing your shopping using the link below. Commissions from your purchases help keep this content free. Thanks!” Just under there is an Amazon ad. Just click the ad and shop away.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I think you need to give in to the temptation and get that chart, floss and fabric!!! Life is too short to not do the things you love!

  5. Another stunning design from Teresa Kogut—she is so talented. I don’t have a cross stitch shop nearby so always have to order online. The pictures of some linen do NOT make me want to buy them. Lol. Gray sand would be a great example of that! Then in person it’s perfect which is another reason to have a cross stitch group!

  6. The Life After Death piece is AMAZING. I like the Theresa Kugout one also. I just made 2 quilt tops using a fat quarter bundle of fabrics she designed. I will definitely be keeping one of them for myself! My granddaughter commented on the number of quilts in our family room. I jokingly told her I was making them so everyone could wrap up in a quilt because I wasn’t going to turn the heat on this winter.

  7. I just put a picture of Let Love Reign in my photos portion on our
    computer! Have liked it for a long time. Then I read your email,
    such coincidence. It is always a treat to get something you like.
    You can then look at it at night when you go to bed. Glad you are
    enjoying your job. That is so important and also fun to work with
    such nice people. You are very fortunate to have all those nice thrift shops in all directions. That would be so much fun.

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