A Day (or two) with Carver John!

A post from Kelli–

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again–One of the reasons I love my nursing job(s) is that my schedule is so nice and flexible!

With our lovely call weather this year, I knew that once they could get in the field, they’d probably be there pretty much until it was done.  Most years I get a little more depressed about this time of year, so I decided that I was going to combat that this year and plan a few fun things!

One of which was stealing Carver for a few days.

The plan was that I would meet Kalissa before one of her clinical days and get him and then Craig would get him after work the following day.  Kalissa’s clinical group runs Wednesdays second shift and then Thursdays on first shift.  We had planned to meet in a town between us to do the handoff.  She called me earlier in the morning yesterday and asked if we could meet a bit sooner so that she could go out to lunch with Craig before she had to head to the hospital.  As it turns out that didn’t quite work because he ended up on a service call.  Our new plan was to meet at noon.

Just as I was leaving, she called me and said she had a huge favor to ask.  When her and Carver had been at mom’s Carver had fell and landed on his arm.  He screamed bloody murder for about 15 minutes.  When she looked closer at his arm and was feeling it, she said that it felt like there was a snap or crack.

She had called and scheduled an appointment for 1245, but with the way clinicals work, she couldn’t cancel them with that short of notice as many of the students would already be on their way to clinicals.  There also wasn’t a back up that could cover for her–So I got to cover for her!  By the time we met up in Decorah, he had quit crying.  If you asked him if his arm hurt, he would say yes and he was still favoring it some.  We got checked in and I was surprised at how good he was.

We saw the provider and Kalissa was able to chat with her on the phone.  He wasn’t too happy about getting checked out, but eventually we got it all figured out.

We went for a little walk over to radiology and that is where it went downhill.  Since I am preggo, I couldn’t let him sit on my lap to get the X-ray so two techs had to come in and hold him down to do it.  Needless to say that didn’t go the best.  If I never have to participate in a kid getting x-rays, it will be far too soon.

We headed back over to the office to wait for results.  In the mean time we played–LOTS!

We talked about tractors, dinosaurs, how the blood pressure machine looked like the clock, played every lap bouncing game/song I could think of, sang baby shark, reviewed our body parts, talked about his baby and my baby which he tells me is a girl (I think it is too), and about anything else you can imagine.  After about a 45 minute wait, the provider came back and told us that radiology wasn’t able to read the images, but she looked at them and they looked okay.  She recommended he wear a sling and we tried to put that on, but it went about as well as radiology went.  Eventually we were able to go over and say a quick hello to Kalissa and give her a little update.

We ended up heading home after that for a snack and a nap–for both of us!

After getting up and eating supper, we ended up finding the combine and Jason and went for a little ride.  Carver wasn’t too thrilled at first, but it was dark out and I think he was scared of that more than anything else.  He just is so smart.  He knew all about the head going up and down and then we taught him about how the fingers pick up the beans and they end up in the grain tank.  He just sat there and watched, so content.  We even talked Jason into snapping a picture before we left.

Today has brought tons of fun too!  We have been out to see all of the cows on our farm.  Last time he was here, he was scared of them, but seems to be doing much better this time around.  We talked about how some of them had horns but he doesn’t have horns and about how they have tails but he doesn’t have a tail.  We also had brought Puppy with off of her leash, but she quickly found something that was more interesting than us.  It was a bit of a mess, but we eventually got her wrangled up too!

We also had to have a chat about how there are big cows and lots of little cows too!

We went up to the farm to check things out too!

Needless to say, we’ve been busy!  Other plans for the day include napping and another combine ride.  It is so fun watching him learn and see things for the first time ever.

It seriously makes me so excited to be a mom and share the farm life!  I’m off to go get  lunch ready.  Apparently Carver has been into peanut butter sandwiches so I think that’s what we will make before we take a bit of a snooze!


3 thoughts on “A Day (or two) with Carver John!”

  1. That Carver sure is a cute little dude. And he sure does like hanging out with his Aunt Kelli. Kind of like my two littlest grandchildren like hanging out with their Aunt Laurie (of course she spoils them rotten).

  2. Oh how I miss when my boys were little and just figuring out this big ol’ world. I loved a bit of every stage, but the toddler was my favorite. And a girl, you say. . .hmmmm. . ..can’t wait to see if he was right!

  3. What a great time spending time with auntie doing so many new things including combining in the dark. Caring for a toddles is so exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. It’s great that Carver still naps, something you and baby need too when time allows.
    Hope the arm pain subsides and the soreness eases.

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