A Day of Playing

Monday I had errands to do so our daugther Kalissa and I went to town.  While there, I let my restless bug take hold and we somehow ended up in Waterloo where I checked out house ideas at Home Depot and Menards.

While in Waterloo, Kalissa saw a sign for a “Stuff” store.  Apparently it’s a consignment store that has furniture and appliances as well as clothing.

If a person was looking for vintage Singer sewing machines, there were a bunch.





I would have been really tempted to purchase this last one had I not put myself on a restricted budget so I have money for the house remodel.  I know very little about the styles and models if you know, please share some info in the comment section.

9 thoughts on “A Day of Playing”

  1. Anna Singleton

    Hi Jo,
    The third machine down looks like a 401/401A. My Mom has 3 of these and they are true workhorses. She just loves hers and has had the original one for about 40 years.
    The double wedding ring quilt is gorgeous!!!!
    Happy Stitching,

  2. I agree with Anna about the third machine being a 401A. My mom had her machine from the late 1950s to about 2 years ago when the motor blew according to the repairman. I thought it just needed a new electrical cord when I took it into the shop for her. I learned to sew on it.

  3. The second one is a singer with a “godzilla” finish on it, not your typical smooth black coating. Good Luck with the remodeling! The quilt is beautiful.

  4. I think the top machine is a model 66…and I think the decals on it are called “Red Eye”…I think the second one is also a 66, but “newer” than the top one, since the stitch length mechanism has changed from a dial to the lever.

  5. Don’t know the models but the last one is the model I learned to sew on, memories! My mom’s didn’t have a foot pedal but had a metal bar that you pushed sideways with your leg. I was so confused when I had Home Ec. in school and there was no bar!

  6. The top is a red eye model, the second could be any number of different machines, but the black crinkle finish is a favorite of mine, I have two blacksides which were made during the war. Because there was a nickel shortage where the chrome pieces were, it is all black. The 3rd is a 401 I don’t own one, but they are little work horses.The last one is a Singer 500A. I have one that I love, this is one of the models with the cams which you put in to do decorative stitches.

  7. I learned to sew on the bottom one. I remember when my folks bought it; I am sure it was a huge purchase at the time (early 60’s and 4 small children). As far as I know my stepmother still sews on it from time to time. It had a ruffler and all kinds of cams. My only frustration was it always seemed to knot up when I was topstitching.

  8. I was born in 1963. My parents had 3 girls at home and when my mom when to the hospital to have me, Daddy wanted a boy so bad he told Moma he would buy her a dozen red roses if it was a boy. Apparently that was a much bigger deal than now days. Moma told Daddy that if it was another girl she wanted a new sewing machine. Until then she was sewing ALL of their clothes on her featherweight.
    The doctor went to tell daddy I was born and that Moma was fine by telling him “Your wife3 is doing fine, and you need to go to Sears and buy her sewing machine.”
    Moma got a Singer 500a Rocketeer. I now have that machine but it was worn out. I will have it rebuilt, one day.

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