A Day in the Life…

I thought I’d do a post and show you a typical day for me around here…I thought you might like to see the craziness a little more up close and personal.

So my day started at 5:30 am.  I was up and showering…then decided my bedroom needed help.  I didn’t get too far on it but I started.  That’s what’s most important.  The plan was to get back to it later in the day….

I changed the sheets and took out my Hunter’s Star quilt.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern you can find on her site.

Red is my favorite color and I just love it in this quilt.  The minute I saw Bonnie making it, I knew I had to make it ASAP…and I did.  Now it’s my Christmas quilt.

It’s been a bit since I had it out so I had to stop and admire it…Ah. The quilting motif on this is my Hook and Point.  I’d love to have the time to really sit and admire it but time’s a-wasting.

If you missed or want to more about the Hook and Point Motif.  You can watch my video on it HERE.

Part of my cleaning process was to make sure I had what I needed for Christmas presents.  I carted them down to the sewing room and decided that I’d wrap presents on the island.  Perfect.

Back and forth from my bedroom to the sewing room doing some cleaning and some present organizing.

Down to the kitchen at 7 am.  I started scrounging around for something that sounded good for breakfast.  I didn’t really find anything so decided to think of something good for lunch instead.  That’s when I remembered I wanted to work on cleaning out the freezer that’s part of the refrigerator.  It’s too full.  So I grabbed this out and decided that I’d make some soup.

I wasn’t positive what kind of meat leftover it was but I thought probably ham…so I decided I’d make some type of bean soup.

This is how soup works at my house…anything goes.

I had the ham, found some mixed beans…carrots, celery, a half-open can of corn, and some leftover tomato soup…Add some ham seasoning and some spice and it should be good.

I hit the multigrain button on the Instapot and got busy.

By then Kelli called and I went upstairs and as I talked I wrapped presents.  I got a pretty good hold on it and realize I do need a couple of things but only a little something to even out the presents.  Not a bit deal.  One trip to town and I’d be good.

I came back down and got about two hours in at the computer.  Not nearly as much as I need but a start.  I had emails back and forth with a fellow blogger, coordinating specifics between American Patchwork and Quilting and our friend at Pine Needles Quilt and Sew who will be cutting and offering kits for an upcoming project we have.  From there it was answering comments and starting in on my email.

One thing I found that I have to figure out how to deal with is this…

Someone stole one of my blog posts.  Look.  It’s my post.  It’s my dog.  They copied my whole blog post and put it in their blog.  Of course, there is no way to contact the jerk that did this.  HERE is a link to the blog.

I have no idea what to do about this so emails to Kayla and headaches for both of us.  UGH.  I don’t have time to deal and figure this out.  It’s so frustrating.

Just about then the boys came.  Kalissa had a dentist appointment.

So switch modes it was…Cooking making…

Cookie eating…

and Lego building.

Kalissa was back.  She wanted to see my sewing room and then they left.

From there I fixed the dishwasher which was a half an hour job.

I took my figure nail polish off that the kids had put on a few days earlier.

Then it was time for lunch.  I shredded the ham and put it back in the soup.  Tasted it, added some more spice, and served me a bowl.  I’m a sudoku girl and if I eat alone, I typically do a puzzle.  It’s a nice small brain break from all the “have to do’s”.  By now it was 1:30 pm so a late lunch for me.

From there I put together some baby equipment.  The pieces had all been through the wash for a little freshening up.  I have a little boy coming and wanted things nice for him.

From there it was time to snap some photos of the baby quilts I recently finished so I could write a blog post about them.

Then it was back to computer work.  I don’t mind writing blog posts at all…what’s hard is dealing with the email part of stuff and keeping track of the who’s and what’s.  So I turned on my music and tried to concentrate.

By 4:30 I had put 2 1/2 hours in trying to get through my email.  I got through two accounts the entire way. Yahoo.  Can you believe it was over 441 emails?  Oh, my word!!  The bad news is that my last account to get through is my hardest account.  It likely has about that many emails in it too but it isn’t a matter of simply clicking some because you can see it’s obvious spam.  These I have to open and read every single one.  UGH.

But enough of that later.  Celebrate what I did get done instead of looking at what I didn’t get done.

It wasn’t dark yet, it was nice and Rosie wanted a walk so we did a 2-mile trek quick and got home in time to make some supper.

I warmed the soup and have grill cheesed sandwiches with it.  Easy but tasty.

Remember how I’ve said our family loves Mayonesa?  It’s not in all stores yet so you might have to get it from Amazon.  You can find it HERE.

McMex: Mayonnaise Mayonesa w/Lime Juice (Pack of 2)
Use it instead of butter when you make a grilled cheese…YUM!!

From there it was heading towards 6 pm and I was back at the computer wanting to get through a few of those emails and wanting to write one more blog post for the night.

By 7:15 pm I decided to go sew for a little bit.  I thought I had been busy enough all day and deserved a little time at the machine.  I did want to cross stitch for maybe an hour or so upstairs I went to sew.

Remember that huge stack of half square triangles that needed to be sewn.  I stayed a little long and tackled them ALL!!

By 9:30 it was cross stitch time.  I didn’t have much time but didn’t want to waste what I had so I sat down, turned on the television, and started stitching.  See the two squirrels?  I stayed up a little later than planned so I could finish them.

It was past bedtime by then so I headed upstairs, snapped a picture of the clock, and went to bed.

That’s a day in the like…so busy and disjointed but that’s how my life is and most days, I love it that way.

22 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…”

  1. I love this post. When you got to bed at 11 you must have been happy and tired—hope you had sweet dreams under your beautiful Hunter’s Star quilt.

  2. Since you’ve gone back to cross stitch I’ve been wanting to learn how. Where to begin and on what? So many what’s! Pattern, kit, floss, linen and count, charts? Is this a rabbit hole I won’t get out of? I have so many want to do quilting projects I don’t get to as I have taken in quilting work and longarm several quilts a month. But I think I’d like to sit and stitch at night when my husband and I watch tv. I love to needle turn appliqué, but if I had a project set in my mind to do, the prep work just to have nightly stitching would take quite an undertaking. So I thought cross stitch. I love the look of the stitches on the linen. I have quite a bit of my mothers floss. All organized on the little spool cards in two plastic organizers. Just as she had left them. I’d like to utilize what she didn’t get to use. We lost her to cancer in 2006. My hope is to get good enough at it to make each of my kids something from her floss collection.

  3. Many bloggers for whom blogging is a part of their business add tags onto their photos so that someone copying them would know where it was originally from. That should be some protection for your creative ideas.

  4. I loved reading about your day. I love days like this – and at the end, I feel I’ve accomplished a lot!
    Love and prayers

  5. Busy day for sure! Your bed quilt is beautiful and easily can see why it is one of your favorites. You are way ahead of many of us – wrapping Christmas presents already!! Oh my! Of course I hardly give any presents that need wrapping anymore. Kids live too far away and keep it simple between the two of us. Hope you were able to sleep in.

  6. I noticed today, I am on a secured site. Your post is not always on a secured site. That might help to know what went wrong. I could never go that long. Enjoy your day

  7. That is definitely Rosie ! I just hate it when someone steals or lies , I’m a simple woman. That quilt on your bed is Gorgeous ! I like cross stitch cause it’s brainless , if it’s a stamped pattern , I LOVE squirrels . Love the red cabinet. The twinkle in your oldest grandsons eyes is ,,,, makes me smile , he looks like he’s up to something. Welp , have a great weekend.

  8. That stolen blog post sure raises questions in my mind. Why would a person do that? Is this person pretending to have written it? Do we go over there en masse and tell this person he/she has been caught? What kind of harm could be caused to you? So frustrating! On another note, reading this post made me wonder what a day of mind would look like documented. Not as productive haha !

  9. It’s so frustrating when people steal stuff for their own benefit and don’t do the labor to get there. Ugh! But, we do need to remember there are a lot of really good people! Loved your busy day post! I should have stayed up til 11:00….went to bed and then couldn’t sleep …

  10. Sounds like a lovely day to me. Some cleaning, some cooking, some baking, some Grandkid time, some sewing, some work, some dog walking, some stitching and some sleeping :-)

    That thief doesn’t have a comment function nor any way to make contact. What a loser.

    Perhaps one change you can make is to put your JOs Country Junction at the bottom of every photo. Many bloggers do this .

    Wishing you a fabulous fun Saturday! :-)

  11. Saw the Mayonasa inn our Walmart in SW FL. I’m not much a mayo/butter girl so I passed on it but thought your readers might be interested

  12. report the post theft to WordPress? I’m not sure how to do that though. Or if they would do anything. I would however consider taking the link to the thief down so they don’t get any more traffic to their site. Which is probably exactly what they want for some reason.

    Your hunter star quilt is gorgeous, I bet you smiled when you went to bed and saw it.

  13. Susan the Farm Quilter

    agilenano@protonmail.com is the email of the person who stole your post. I posted a comment on that post as well asking why they stole your entire post and how horrible I thought it was to do that. 10000 California St, Omaha, NE 68114 is the address shown for them as well. Maybe it is time you put a watermark on your pictures with your blog address on it. Now I’ll go back and read the rest of your blog – that theft just pissed me off!!

  14. What a full day! some cleaning, some cooking, some baking, some babysitting, a walk in nature, some stitching, and some quilting. Whew, I would be bushed. The boys eating cookies is a precious picture.

  15. Judith Fairchild

    I’ll add my thanks to yours Jo. Susan you are so lovely to track that person down. I was upset when I read about it , but haven’t the foggiest idea of how to any thing about it. Jo I really enjoyed the rest of your post. Your grandsons’ eyes sparkle much. And Carver taking your picture just tops the fun part of the day
    Your Hunter’s star quilt is gorgeous.

  16. Jo, you always amaze me with how much you can do in one day! The ham soup sounds great, but what is “ham seasoning” and what spices do you use? I have some ham in the freezer that is leftover from Thanksgiving and would love to make some ham soup, but I’ve never made it before.

  17. Loved this post! Except for the theft of your intellectual property!

    Grrrr, that truly annoys me to no end! I posted on that stolen blogpost but as the comment is awaiting moderation, I doubt anyone will ever read of their shame on that site. I also sent an email to them telling them how much I object to their thieving ways.

    Perhaps all of us loyal readers should make it our campaign to slam that site with comments and keep sending emails until it is taken down? I’m on it, for sure!

    I absolutely love your BH Hunter’s Star quilt, I am definitely adding it to my bucket list. I love working with scraps, so this is right up my alley!

  18. Oh Jo how awful to have your blog post stolen. Some people are such toerags.

    I wonder if my email is in the depths of your other account. In it I sent links to my blog and a new Facebook group I have made on my blog’s Facebook page. I’m registered blind but that doesn’t stop me. My sight loss was diagnosed just over 4 years ago and once I’d mastered my new normal with my every day life skills I went back to relearn my sewing. On various quilt groups I’ve shared tips that help me keep sewing and this week when someone asked if I knew of a group catering for people with sight loss (and I couldn’t find one) I started one. I was hoping you’d allow me to share details.

  19. You’re a busy, busy woman!

    I’m not certain if I’m enraged or perplexed over your blog post being posted under someone else’s name. As technically inept as I am, I wonder if it was a total mistake. But you’d think if it was, the person would have reached out and apologized to you.

    What possible benefit could come to them if it was stolen? All the links go back to you.

    It’s a mystery!

  20. Julie Hutcherson

    What a wonderful day.

    About agilnano…I’m not sure it’s a real blog. Some of the posts before the hack are about hooks, like command hooks. But that’s the blog name, too. The posts after, several are reviews of laundry hampers. Her “about me” looks like she never completed it, like the blog shouldn’t be live, yet. I’m thinking its possible she was hacked…

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