A Day in Minneapolis

As a treat, I bought tickets to the Minnesota Twins baseball game for the weekend game last Saturday. Jerry, the guy I’m seeing, loves baseball but rarely does anything like this. I was talking to my daughter Kalissa and she said her family would go too. I picked this game as it was a weekend game and the Twins were playing the Oakland A’s. Jerry is an Oakland A’s fan.

Between us, we bought 6 tickets. Carver and Gannon were going to go, along with Craig, Kalissa, Jerry, and I. We had a little trouble first because Craig didn’t think he could get time off of work…and then Gannon changed his mind and didn’t want to go.

Finally, we were off. Gannon is hiding behind Jerry. Anders and Gannon were going to have a day with their Grandma and Grandpa Friedman. We just had to drop them off.

Then we were headed to Albert Lea, MN to pick up my brother Jay. We gave him Gannon’s ticket. Thanks to Craig driving in the cities and Jay’s navigation skills, and GPS, we had it to the stadium without a hitch. Here everyone is looking out to see how many floors we need to go down to catch the skywalk.

Seeing this all through Carver’s eyes was amazing. He was impressed by tall buildings, people, and the energy of it all.

After being there it was easy to see that Gannon would not be good with an outing like this.

A funny aside: After I bought the A’s tickets, my daughter Kayla was at Goodwill. She found A’s shirts is Carver and Gannon’s sizes. They were new with the tags. Kayla asked me if she should buy them. I said yes. They were only $2.99 each. I thought Jerry would love seeing Carver supporting his team….not here’s the funny part. I gave the shirt to Carver and he said, “I would have preferred a Minnesota Twins shirt”. HA!! Of course, we had to tell Jerry that story to rub it in.

It was so fun taking Carver and he was a trooper.

Before we left for the game, a three-hour drive, we had looked at the weather, and honestly, it was not promising. We decided to give it a try anyway. Kalissa picked up a pack of rain ponchos to bring along.

We got parked, walked in, had our tickets scanned and that’s when they postponed the game. UGH. The game was moved to 6:15 the next night. Well we couldn’t go. Jerry and I both had to work and we couldn’t drive back again. UGH.

After walking around and snapping a few pictures we decide to go to Mall of America. Jerry hadn’t gone before and for me, it was YEARS ago.

We tried to go to the Lego store but the wait to get inside was 20 minutes or more. UGH.

We ended up finding the stadium seat from the Minnesota Twins’ record home run from player Harmen Killebrew.

We went out to eat…and then headed back home.

At the stadium, we were told we could turn our tickets in at a different game being we couldn’t go to the Sunday game. Kalissa had bought the tickets through Ticket Master. We were looking on the way home trying to figure out what game we’d go to. Kalissa discovered that the option of going to another game was only an option if we ordered our tickets through MLB, not Ticketmaster. We would be “allowed” to sell our tickets and the going rate they suggested was $20 each. We have paid more than triple that for the tickets. UGH.

Well, we were newbies and trust me, we won’t be doing that again. I’m telling you all this so you don’t make the same rookie mistake we did. We were frustrated but tried not to let that ruin our day.

Later I was able to get a picture of Jerry and his two dogs. Lulu is the Corgi…Lassie is all black. She doesn’t photograph the best and this was a great picture for her. She was a little cranky when I first met her but doing well now…I’d go so far to say we’re actually friends. Lulu, she loves everyone.

In the end, it was a good weekend even though the game got canceled. I hope we go again another time…and hopefully then we can attend a whole game!

14 thoughts on “A Day in Minneapolis”

  1. That’s such a shame the game was cancelled. I hope you manage to re-sell the tickets without losing too much money. At least you all got to spend time together – and you got some lovely photos of Carver and of you with Jerry :-)

  2. A lovely day with family! Sorry it didn’t work out for the game. Love your photos! We took our kids to a Twins game in ’98 when they played the Cardinals. Fun time. Never been to the MOA, but not wanting to go either…unless they have a needlework store… Hmm….have a great weekend!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I got to go to a twins game back in ’62 it was standing room only and we were on the top floor. It was so much fun to watch. I got to see Yogi Bera play. He was on the opposing side. It was a good game. Going into the park was easy getting out felt like it took forever. I hope you get to go to the game sometime soon and enjoy the fun.

  4. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Boy, that’s a lousy ticket policy! Cincinnati Reds policy is a ticket exchange for any future game, assuming it’s not sold out. Sounds like you had a good time in spite of it all, though.

  5. That stinks about that Ticketmaster policy. We usually buy our StL Cardinals tickets directly from the team website. They had a deal at beginning of season for any Monday thru Thursday game for $6 tickets which included a $6 food credit. So we got tix for one game coming up soon. A lot of teams offer special ticket prices. If you sign up for their emails, you can get notified of deals.

  6. There are websites, StubHub, etc, to sell tickets that you cannot use. At least you would have been able to recoup some of your money. (That is how we able to buy 6 tickets to a sold out NASCAR race last year.)
    Too bad the weather did not cooperate for your family day at the ball game. Some stadiums have retractable roofs to cover the field during bad weather, like Seattle. Keeps their season on schedule.
    I was able to go to a Twins game in the late 80’s and see Kirby Puckett play. It was a memorable event.!

  7. We went to a Twins game in April of 1998 when they played Seattle. Ken Griffey Jr was playing then and Lou P. Was their manager. Ron Coomer was on the Twins then. We also spent a day at the Mall of America. Our kids were 3rd and 7th grade and they enjoyed the trip so much. We also stopped at Northfield to see where the James gang robbed the bank.

  8. What a bummer about the game, but it sounds like you all had a grand time in spite of the disappointment. That is one of the things that I love about you and your family – you roll with the punches. Hopefully there will be a next time.

  9. So sorry about the game. My comment is actually for Jerry – what dog breed is his black dog? My son’s dog is his dogs twin!!

    1. Some say Lassie is a schipperke but I think she might be part pomeranian too because her hair is longer and she has a fluffy tail.

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