A Day at the Pool

Remember a week or so ago I told you about my niece and how she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  (You can read her blog here)  Well I offered to take the kids off her hands for a couple days so she could get some rest after her surgery.  Kelli and I drove to Cedar Rapids and picked the kids up on Friday night.  They are going back home on Tuesday evening.  It is just enough time for the family to have a break and for me to not go crazy.

Thankfully for me, our kids have been great helpers.  Kelli spent the weekend here.  Kalissa has been in and out and helpful too.  Karl have been wonderful too.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the pool.  Matthew who is 3 1/2 spent most of the day in the shallow end playing in the “mushroom”.


While the kids were swimming and jumping, I was snapping pictures.  This is Dawn.  Isn’t this the cutest picture?  I caught her mid jump.


This is Ryan doing his favorite jump.


Stacey took her turn at jumping off the high board too.


Kalissa got off work and joined us just in time to give Matthew a ride down the slide.


Seeing his little brother go down the slide unscathed helped 7 year old Zach get brave enough to give it a try.


At Zach’s home pool the life guards won’t let him go down the slide by himself so this made him extra happy.  Our life guard even let him go down the slide by himself.  That made for a happy boy!  Before long he was up and down and up and down as fast as he could go.  It was the cutest thing to watch.


Before long we had freeze pops and were traveling back to my house.  I was flooded with “Are we home yet?”  “What are we eating for supper?”  “Will Karl play with us when we get home?” and on and on and on….so I’ll answer all the questions…no we aren’t  home- remember we have to pass the windmills and then get to Waucoma and then my house is pretty soon.  I don’t know what’s for supper yet.  I don’t know about Karl either…I don’t know much at all.  I am just busy trying to enjoy the moment…it’s been lots of fun having kids around for a couple days but soon they’ll be back at their house and I’ll be back to  my normal working hours-which is good and bad.  In the mean time, I am just busy trying to enjoy the moment.



4 thoughts on “A Day at the Pool”

  1. How sweet of you to keep the kids for a couple of days. What a loving gesture. I’m sure the kids loved it and your niece was able to get a good rest. Bless you, Jo!

  2. Now, that’s what I call stepping up and helping out! How nice for the kids, too! And words of wonderful advice – enjoy the moment(s)! Thanks for that timely reminder.

  3. I LOVE the pictures! I hope that you can send me some! It must be really fun if they don’t even want to call us on the phone! :) We are getting a lot accomplished and resting too! Missing them a little though, it is easier to stay positive when the kids are here! See you tomorrow at the fair!

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