A Daughters Point of Veiw…

Hello! This is once again Jo’s WONDEROUS daughter Kalissa with exciting news: BUY ONE GET ONE 1/2 OFF AT PAYLESS!

See, the reason I am telling you lovely people this is because as you can tell in her last blog post, Mom and Kelli are insanely busy trying to get that quilt done. (Kelli is just snuggling up with Gracie on the couch so she isn’t much help) So mom said “Kalissa! Go sabotag the blog!” I asked her what to write about and she said she didn’t care so that is how this blog came to be about my boots!

So on Sunday, we set out on the  journey to Rochester, MN to visit Grandma. Us kids got dad a giftcard to Sears for his birthday so dad wanted to spend it, which we later learned he forgot  but back to the story: We went to the mall and let dad roam about Sears so me and mom snuck off to Payless. And guess WHAT? SIZE 12 BOOTS! Thats right! I am a fourteen year old girl, 5’10” and I wear size 12 shoes. You can guess that I never can find shoes so this was a true win…until I looked at the pricetag. So I put on my best puppy dog eyes and mom FINALLY caved in. I payed for the tan pair, (the 1/2 off applied to the one I was paying for) and mom bought the black pair (she bought the full price) So I ask you mom: was the $40.00 worth the smile on my face? I sure hope so because I LOVE my boots!

This is Jo now-From the mom point of view….Kalissa failed to say that she also needs wide shoes…so when we find shoes that are 12 wides and considered somewhat fashionable…we buy them.  What’s best yet, I didn’t even tell her she should pay for the brown pair.  She just offered.  What a sweetheart!

2 thoughts on “A Daughters Point of Veiw…”

  1. Too funny!! Love the boots, Kalissa!! Not to worry there plenty of you gals out there with…er…’longer’..feet! My daughter also has size 11 …and loves shoes but can never find any that fit…kind of like Cinderella’s sisters. She is also 6’4″ making clothe shopping a real chore!! Enjoy the boots…and yes, your mom is a sweetie!

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