A Curious Ruby

For Christmas my son Karl asked for a trapper hat.  I didn’t really know what he meant until he said that he wanted one with the ear flaps and to just google it.  I was a little shocked he wanted one but then he explained that he walks about a 1/2 mile to college each day and that it gets cold…so I went to Amazon and ordered a hat.

Karl loved it but Ruby…well Ruby was confused by the whole thing.


She can’t figure out what Karl is wearing his head.  She is continually close up sniffing Karl trying to make sense of it all.


I guess to her it looks a lot like one of her furry toys..and why is he wearing her toy on his head.  One thing is for sure, Karl is going to have to keep his hat picked up or I am certain it will be full of dog slobber.

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6 thoughts on “A Curious Ruby”

  1. My DH had one that was lined with real rabbit fur. Our beagle got a hold of it and had a ball ripping into it. Fortunately we caught him in time to salvage most of it. Thanks for the memory. :o)

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