A Cure for Straight Hair

Sad but true….my girls and I all have straight hair.  It’s not just straight hair, it’s stick straight hair.  Each of us has always dreamed of having beautiful ringlet curls…but it hadn’t seemed possible.  I remember sitting through home perm after home perm hoping that maybe, just maybe this time, my hair would finally take a curl, but it never happened.

During the high school play week, one of the cast members brought this “amazing curling wand” that our daughter Kalissa just had to have one of.  I smiled and nodded then proceeded to go about my work.  She kept going on and on about this curling iron telling me that even though it cost $100 it was worth it.  That’s when I started listening again…ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for a curling iron.  Yep.  $100.  I said, “Not $100 of my money.”  Kalissa went on to beg…I said no.  She said she would pay for it with her own money.  Then she went on Amazon and ordered it.  Here’s what she ordered Herstyler Baby Curl Curling Iron, Purple …and it wasn’t $100.  It was just under $30.  It turns out the gal that had one got hers at the mall from a vendor…

Here’s what the curling iron does…See the super curly hair under her straight hair…


Here’s Kalissa winding her hair around the wand…


Now she is removing the hair from the wand.


There isn’t a clip the the hair goes in and then turn like regular curling irons from my time.  This is just a straight stick and users have to wrap the hair around it.  It actually comes with a glove to wear so users don’t burn their fingers.  Here’s her hair all curly.


The most amazing thing is that she did this at night before bed. She went to sleep and this is how her hair looked the next afternoon when she got home from school!


Honestly, the curls last several days.  Kalissa has learned to pull on and loosen the curls…her hair can look much like Taylor Swift’s hair.

I am completely impressed with the wand.  If you follow the link to Amazon and check the wand out, please look and see that the price varies according to which color is selected.  I just thought I would share her find…I am guessing there’s lots of other gals with stick straight hair that would love to be curly for a day or two or three.  Kalissa has had gobs of fun with this wand and it’s let her have the best of both worlds…curly hair some days…straight hair other days.

12 thoughts on “A Cure for Straight Hair”

  1. Hey Jo, I feel your frustration! I too (and my mom and my sister) are typical blondes with pin-straight hair. Tried different perms when I was younger, some good, some bad (can we say frizzy!) Eeeek!

    I think the product your daughter got is amazing.. and smart girl for shopping around for it. Have fun with the curls!!

  2. When I was a little girl, I remember my mom putting water in the curling iron to steam set the hair. She must have not closed the resevoir all the way closed and the hot water ran down my neck. She felt awful. Thank goodness curling irons have gotten much better/safer. Your daughter’s hair is beautiful. Thanks for the shopping tips, too.

  3. You have such beautiful girls. While reading your blog I had to chuckle….your daughter was as excited about a new curling iron the same way we are on a special sewing machine find or a new quilting tool….lol

  4. I have that curly hair you dream of and II have it straightened. LOL!! I love straight hair! It’s funny how we all want the opposite hair we are given. Good thing there are hair products!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. I have curly hair which does NOT behave in midwest humidity (which is why we got married in December), my mom’s is straight like yours and won’t hold curl. I truly have never met anyone who wanted curly hair. They want body, but not the curls – COOL!

  6. That’s amazing. OH, I remember sitting through all those home perms when I was little. Hated it! I can’t believe that the curls last that long. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very pretty girl…smart one too! Myself and my oldest daughter have the curly hair and we feel like we are cursed. Isn’t it funny/sad how you always want what you don’t have? In my honest opinion it’s harder to straighten curly hair than to curl straight! Now this iron would be a great gift to my youngest daughter who was gifted with the straight hair! :)

  8. So you’ve noticed the price difference for different color on Amazon as well. I bought a wireless mouse a couple weeks ago and could hardly believe they would charge differently by color, but they do. Crazy. Guess red wireless mice (mouses??) are the most unpopular because that’s what was the cheapest and that’s the color I got. LOL

  9. When I was Kalissa’s age I straightened my hair using my mom’s iron and ironing board. What a curse it was to be a teenager with wavy hair in the 70’s. Even in the 80’s when crazy perms were popular I lusted for stick straight hair. Of course, when it is humid (and it is much of the year in my part of NC), the waves quickly turn to frizz. In recent years I’ve had no “winter frizz relief” as I exercise five days a week. I was so tired of leaving the gym looking like Roseanne Rosannadanna. Last week I got a keratin treatment, which has left my hair straight, silky, and shiny. Well worth the $70 is cost. I figure this investment will save me lot’s of time, too, as I won’t have to spend time each day struggling to tame my hair with the flat iron. I’m glad Kalissa found something to make her as happy with her hair as I have.

  10. I will be ordering one of those on pay day! Me and my 3 girls have straight hair. I have spent years perming mine, just to get some body. My youngest will look sooo cute with ringlets for her Christmas play! Thanks for the informative post!

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