A Cupboard for the Quilting Room

In the summer at an auction Hubby bought me a cupboard that we planned to fix up and use in the sewing room.  The cupboard got buried in the extra garage when we put the floor boards in it.  Now that the floor boards are out and we’re moving some of our stuff from the farm house into town in got unearthed.

I’ve been asking for it to come out of storage for sometime as I wanted to work on it so it would be ready once we moved….that didn’t happen.  Right here it doesn’t look like much.  The boards leaning along the right side is the upper shelving unit of it.  The boards on top of the cabinet are the shelves for it.


It needs some work…we never buy pristine antiques so of course it needs some work.  Now it’s out of storage and once we get moved into the house, the cabinet will be put on the short list…but don’t look for it to happen soon.  Even the short list around here is VERY long.

I was excited about the cabinet when we bought  it and still am really excited to see it finished and in the quilting room.  Hopefully once summer is here this will be holding sewing goodies.

9 thoughts on “A Cupboard for the Quilting Room”

  1. Jo,

    When I saw the picture I thought, my goodness through all this she finished that piece! I knew you were a worker bee, but that would have been crazy. Glad to know that you saved some projects for later. You are getting so close. We are all rooting for your move.

  2. That is going to be an amazing piece of furniture! Step by step. Love what you are doing with the house. I’m so proud for you!

  3. Is the plan to refinish it or paint it? Either way it’s going to be amazing and useful — my favorite combination :)

  4. This is an incredible find!! with just a little TLC it will look AMAZING!! Rome wasn’t built in a day and it WILL get done! Just be thankful that you have it waiting in the wings!!

  5. I like ~ looks pretty neat to me! Aren’t you glad that you get to fix & finish just how you want? Eager to see completed project!

  6. HI, this will be so neat !
    Wondering if you’ll use it as is, or with pull-out baskets ?
    Can’t wait to see it finished !

  7. I grew up in Des Moines until 15yrs old, I have lived in Texas since (I can’t handle the cold brr) But if I was physically able I’d drive up there & work for a month just to trade for that beautiful cabinet you have! What a treasure! I love antiques and a good useful one for quilting makes it even better! I am loving watching you living my dream come true but backwards. I want to move out to the country with land & a few farm animals but due to my health and the fact our house will be paid for in 8yrs I reckon we’ll be staying put. But please keep things posted so I can live vicariously through your post, I am so so happy for you all.

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