A “Crumb” A Long Quilt A Long and a winner

Ever since I made my daughter’s Crumb Quilt, I have gotten MANY comments from viewers.  People are wondering how I did it and many would like to make one.


After talking to Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville, who is the original “crumb gal”, I got the go a head on having a quilt a long to make a similar quilt.  ActuallyI’ll host a “crumb a long” to make a similar baby sized quilt.  I will give instructions for making a baby size quilt as that will give you a taste for crumbs.   You can see if you like working the small pieces.


Before the “Crumb a long” is finished I can give you some instructions on making the large version too.  You can decide if you want to stay with the baby size or expand your quilt.

Here’s the details that I know at this point.

We will start Tuesday, September 13th.  I will give you some ideas for fabric, some size information, and list of the goodies that you need to make both sizes.  Then on September 20th we will start in on making some blocks.  We’ll try to finish up before Bonnie starts her annual mystery quilt sometime around Thanksgiving.  We’ll be making somewhere between 6-10 blocks on most weeks…and yes, feel free to work at your own pace.

All new instructions will come out on Tuesdays.  If you are planning on making a quilt that has words on it, you will need Tonya’s book, Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter (That Patchwork Place).

I’ll get a button made for the “crumb a long” as well a flickr page set up so you can show off your progress.  We can also post photos on my facebook page Jo’s Country Junction.


Don’t be afraid to try…You’ll be using small pieces of fabric that probably would have been thrown in the garbage so you aren’t wasting fabric by trying.  The sewing is completely forgiving.  It’s okay if you can’t even sew a straight line.  Stop back next Tuesday and I’ll have more details for you.  In the meantime, you can order the book and decided what type of fabric you might want to use…mine is from recycled shirts and of course that red solid.

I am new to hosting a quilt a long so ask questions and make comments.

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

Now the winner of the Curio Jelly Roll given away by the great and wonderful Fat Quarter Shop….Random Number Generator picked number 117 who said,

“Very pretty quilt. Tell Gracie she looks very pretty posing on it too. I’ve made plenty of quilts using 2 1/2″ strips but have never actually bought a jelly roll so what should my answer be?? Sort of?? No??”

If you are wanting the fabric to make my latest Moda Bake Shop quilt, Jewels in the Curio, Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop has everything you need.   There are Curio charm packs and jelly rolls just waiting to be shipped to your door.  Kimberly runs an amazing on line quilt shop and sponsors all sorts of projects that quilts are working  on.  If you’re ordering make sure to take time to thank her.

..and if you want to join the “crumb a long” leave a comment….I’d love to know who is ready to give crumbs a try.

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  1. So would it be cheating if I already have a shoebox full of crumb blocks and joined in? I certainly need more to amount to anything as mine ar only 4″ and I might decide to make wonky stars out of them, but maybe not. I started making them when you were first piecing yours and got completely addicted…in this case the leader/ender project often took over sewing time that should have been used for the prmary project!

  2. I have been wanting to try a crumb quilt and have also started with some 4″ blocks, using pinwheels as the centre from some waste triangles. I have never done a quilt-along before, so I guess will both learn as we go along!!! I am famous for starting things quickly and finishing them very slowly, but – I’m taking a deep breath and jumping in!

  3. looks like a great “just keep making blocks and set them together when you get enough” type of quilt. i have been quilting for 12 years and saved all my scraps???????!!!!!! i want to make a memory quilt of all my projects. sounds like it is time.

  4. Hi Jo, I would love to try it, but not sure about keeping up as I have two quilts to make for my neice’s birthdays in October. They will be made with the clothes that belonged to their Mother and Grandmother as a memory quilt to keep and cherish all the memories they have of them.

  5. I’d love to try to follow along with you and make a crumb quilt. I’ve been saving small pieces for ages. Just when I thought I could toss them I participated in Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll and one of the ladies from the chat group said not to toss them, so my container is overflowing. Guess it’s time to do something with them. Can’t wait to start. By the way, I follow your blogspot right along with Bonnie’s. Thanks for everything you write. Don’t know how you find the time – with your kids, canning, etc.

  6. Count me in, I would love to make this quilt. I am trying to use up scraps. It just kills me to throw away fabric, no matter how small. I look forward to this adventure.

  7. Amazingly enough, I only have one quilt that I’m “really” working on which is at a stand still due to needing more shirts so I’m willing to give this “crumb along” a shot! Sounds like fun!

  8. Do we really have to wait a week to start?? I have lots of quilts on the go now but will drop them all to make this gorgeous quilt. I have stacks of shirts ready to go. Thank you Jo for doing this.

  9. Love crumbs. Glad you’re waiting until the 13th because all my crumbs and orphans are packed up! Thanks!

  10. I would love to do this with you. I follow you and Bonnie’s blogs and have done the last two mystery’s with Bonnie. I enjoy your
    blog alot. Especially the story about your salsa as we make it also for us and the kids and their families.

  11. I think I’ll give it a shot. I have actually been playing with some crumbs and scraps since you showed this finished, but haven’t really been doing them with a plan, just randomly putting pieces together and decided to put it away until I knew what to do with them. I think some actual direction will make it more productive.
    I will admit though that, as someone else said, I’m good at starting out quick and ending slow, so I might not finish the same time everyone else does.

  12. Bonnie and I sat making crumb blocks….she uses such fun and vibrant colors and tried getting me out of my “safe zone” of fabric choices. Crumb blocks are a great way to use up what we would normally trash…unfortunately I just couldn’t love the bright crazy novelty and colors that we were putting together….I’m thinking if I join in…will have to be crumbs boring. ROFLOL

  13. I actually have done something similar, Jo. My friends challenged me todo somehrhing along these lines, only using various sized strips of muslin as my foundation. I did several strips (ranging from 2″-4″) and was told to RANDOMLY grab fabric bits and sew them onto the strip-no reorganizing colors-just sew! I did it, never knowing there was a book out there talking about this concept. I made placements with the finished strips, practiced my quilting on it, and became the envy of my lunch room when others saw it. ;),Lots of fun!

  14. I actually have done something similar, Jo. My friends challenged me to do somehthing along these lines, only using various sized strips of muslin as my foundation. I did several strips (ranging from 2″-4″) and was told to RANDOMLY grab fabric bits and sew them onto the strip-no reorganizing colors-just sew! I did it, never knowing there was a book out there talking about this concept. I made placements with the finished strips, practiced my quilting on it, and became the envy of my lunch room when others saw it. ;),Lots of fun!

  15. I have a whole bin of crumbs that is overflowing, so I’ll definitely be joining in! I’ve tried making crumb blocks on my own, and found it frustrating. Maybe I’ll have better luck doing a QAL!

  16. Anything I can do to use up scraps! I am in. I have never tried a crumb quilt so would love to give it a try. I’ll be back on Tuesday.

  17. Im here everyday so I know for sure I will be watching, maybe I will get brave enough to join in. I have tons of small pieces of fabric, so this may be the perfect thing to do with them.

  18. I read your blog everyday and would like to try a crumb quilt too.
    Sounds like fun and I’m sure you’ll do a great job leading the way!

  19. Think this would be a good quilt for me to attempt – as am in a back brace and depends on how I improve. My mother would probably be happy if I use up her “crumbs”.

  20. I’d love to give this a try, and I’m hoping my obligations will let me have time to do it! I’ll definitely be following along with the instructions, even if I don’t get a complete quilt done by the end!

  21. I’ve done a few of Bonnie’s quilts and just love them to pieces. I haven’t done a crumb quilt yet. So this may be just the opportunity I need to get started.

  22. I want to try this technique and a baby sized quilt sounds great to start with. I am working on words to put on my “I Watch WAY Too Much TV!!” quilt so I am also learning that process!

  23. I would love to give this a try as I really am trying to get into quilting and doing some of it everyday. I have a smalll stash but think it would be fun to work on something with other quilters. My questions for you were the shirts you used t-shrts and say flannels? Being the pieces are so small could we use bits of jeans? Thanks for doing this. I also read your blog and get inspired with all the canning. I did a bunch of freezing today! quite productive!

  24. What a great birthday present for me—- a crumb quilt a long to go with my cake!! So excited to start. Looking forward to the posts.

  25. just looked at the bin of small pieces (crumbs?) this week and wondered what I would ever ever use them for…glad it’s baby-sized too.
    Found you on the quiltville yahoo group btw
    Thanks- susan

  26. I think I’m going to join the “crumb along”. I have lots of scraps and think it would be fun to learn with a group. It will be my first “along” in quilting. thanks for the opportunity.

  27. Hi Jo-I’m so sorry that I can’t do your quilt a long as I just found out I’m having total knee replacement on the 16th! Oh how I wished I were doing your crumb quilt compared to surgery, but it has to be done. The second knee is to done probably before the end of the year-I feel like I won’t be quilting for like….forever. I’ll watch everyone’s crumb quilts on your blog.

  28. Sandi from Chattanooga

    Jo, I would love to join in the Crumb-a-Long. I have wanted to do one for a while and now you have given me the opportunity. Thanks!

  29. I have a whole bunch of crumbs that I’ve been wanting to use. I’ve never done a crumb quilt, so this will be an adventure! I’m looking forward to participating with the rest of your readers.

  30. I would like to join in. I saw your message on Quiltville and think this would be fun. I have been trying to use up scraps for several weeks and after completing 4 lap size tops I still can’t tell that I’ve made a dent in the boxes.

  31. I don’t have bags and bags o crumbs like some people but I do have a drawer filled with scraps. I would love to give this a shot. Thank you!! I would love to join!

  32. I would love to give a try for a crumb quilt. I have also got Tonya’s book but have not yet had the time to play with words except some letters……

  33. Have gobs of crumbs, various widths strips and sizes of leftover chunks I just keep packing into baggies and boxes — lots of older calicos that I don’t know will go together as effectively as the solids, the reds, the blues and the plaids you have in your quilt.
    But gonna try and use some of what I have and at least make outdoor/on the grass/on the floor playmats for the grandies with whatever crumb blocks I get made up in this project.

  34. I would love to at least start making a crumb quilt. I have been saving pieces when I have been cutting out my other scraps. This ought to be quite fun.

  35. Yours is great! I would like to give it a try. Thanks for being generous and guiding this crumb along. I am always a little bothered about not using all the pieces!

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  37. I’m in..have lotsa crumbs and need to use them up! Still have to border Bonnies RRCB, before her new one..but am willing and waiting for instructions.

  38. Have lots and lots of scraps. People always donate me their extra scraps and I go around and gather up scraps if taking a lesson at the LQS. Will be participating in this.

  39. Have been saving crumbs for years and would love to make a quilt out of them. Shall check in on the 13th for the requirements and this will be a great way to unwind after a day at work.

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