A Cross Stitch Finish: Heaven and Nature

When I last left you with my Heaven and Nature sing piece was at Christmas time.  I had just finished stitching it.

I took it to The Stitchery Nook in Osage Iowa to have them frame it.

Oh, my word.  I got it back a bit ago and I love it more than ever.  I tried and tried to get pictures to make the piece look truly as it looks but getting the coloring correct with a camera is so hard.  TERRIBLY HARD.

Here it is…

I am completely and totally in love with the frame.

For those of you wondering, this is stitched on 40 count Vintage Country Mocha.  I love that linen.  It works for so many pieces.  It has a very “warm” feel to it.  If you are a beginning stitcher, I HIGHLY recommend the linen. Another thing, it’s pretty readily available.

So many memories are attached to this piece.  I remember Carver trying to guess what I was stitching as I was stitching this deer in the lower right.  Initially he thought it was a house.  HA!!

I remember stitching the raccoon at the top.  The called for color is Lexington Green and it really does have a green tinge to it.  I was so hesitant.  It turned out perfect.  I just love it.

I’m not a real Christmas girl so even though I loved this piece, I didn’t know if I wanted to put all the work into a piece just for Christmas.  I’m telling you this.  I am leaving this out all year round.  It’s not super Christmasy to me except that the evergreens at the bottom have Christmas balls and a start at the top.

I used all of the called for colors except for the color of the angel bodies.  The color didn’t show up on my linen.  Sadly, I can’t remember what color I did end up using.  All I know is that it was a DMC.  I fretted about that so long and even avoided stitching them for a long time.

Ah…Isn’t that frame just wonderful??

I can’t tell you how many times this piece traveled with me to doctor appointments.  I had that big house to fill in so I’d take it and stitch while I waiting between appointments.  That is a lot of house!!

Here is one of the days I was…

Some people hate stitching big things…me, I love it.  They become a part of me and record my life.  I love thinking about this piece…my hopes and fears went into it as I waited for my appointments.  Cross stitching is such at awesome way to let go some of the emotional stuff we all feel.

In 2020 Teresa Kogut came out with three samplers at market.  I hadn’t really done a big sampler.  I wanted to stitch them so bad but was so scared.  They were all on 40 count and had little experience with that.  I wanted it so bad though and her samplers are really what tipped over the edge.

I first stitched Newcastle Bouquet…

…and now Heaven and Nature.

I really need to have Kalissa take a picture of me holding it.

Those other two designs she released at that market in 2020 are still calling my name.

Pet all the dogs is one…

sampler  cross stitch  needlework  Teresa Kogut  Pet All image 1

Faith, Hope, Peace, Love is the other…

sampler  cross stitch  needlework  Teresa Kogut  Faith image 1

I stitched one of those market releases in 2020.  I stitched the other in 2021.  Hmm.  Maybe I should start another and have a 2022 finish.  That would be grand.  Ah…there are so many things I want to stitch.

…and with that, I’ll leave you.  The next thing I need to do it to get this hung.  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll do that now.

MANY thanks to Teresa Kogut for all the great entertainment I had stitching your designs.  I just love them!!

49 thoughts on “A Cross Stitch Finish: Heaven and Nature”

    1. Absolutely gorgeous! I have this kitted as well as Faith, Hope, Peach and Love. I’m a monogamous stitcher so they have to wait their turn. I want, but haven’t yet purchased, Love Reigns Here. All so beautiful! Your stitching is perfection. The frame is to die for. My stitching and my quilting have honestly been my life savers and stress reducers throughout all the challenges I have faced and currently deal with. I recently found your blog and enjoy your writing and posts so much. Inspirational! I am trying to “Choose Happy” thanks to your philosophy. Take care and thank you, Jo.❤️

  1. Judith Fairchild

    There is such joy and relief when a piece of stitching gets done. Especially that you love and want to be perfect. Well Done Jo. The frame fits your work like a fine glove dresses a hand. They are meant for each other. I so enjoyed watching your progress on Let Heaven and Nature Sing.

  2. Your pieces are beautiful! You had such patience and care with it. And that frame!
    The rate you’re going, you’ll have that wall filled and have to start on another!
    Love and prayers

  3. Jo, your piece is absolutely gorgeous! I love the frame too! Teresa Kogut designs are so pretty…so are her fabric designs. It’s fun to watch your progress on your stitched pieces. I attribute keeping my sanity and calm with my stitching.

  4. I love your shout out to Teresa Kogut! You’re a very thoughtful person, Jo. You’re stitching is beautiful as usual. I’m still working on the same pieces: the Blessings piece, Land That I Love, a Christmas reindeer off Etsy, and an iris picture gifted to me many years ago. I’m also stocking patterns towards the future. Hopefully as the weather warms I’ll get more time.

  5. It’s absolutely gorgeous! The frame could not be more perfect. You must get such joy to look at your cross stitch wall. I see your little tree in the background. It turned out so sweet. (Thank you for the info on the linen. I really like it.)

  6. It’s simply beautiful. Don’t forget to have your picture made holding this lovely heirloom piece. If I remember correctly you are writing up a synopsis on the piece. I think including a copy of the picture on each of these finishes would mean so much to future generations. Keep up the beautiful work.

  7. Meredith In Cincinnati

    A beautiful masterpiece! That frame is just perfect, too. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  8. Your stitiching is absolutely exquisite. Your display wall is going to be the highlight of your beautiful home.

    I’m doing the stitch along with you and Judy and am stitching on linen for the first time. I’m really enjoying it so I think I will order some more. When I search the 123Stitch website for Vintage Mocha Linen there are other choices. I understand the stitch count but there are choices between Edinburgh, Cashel and Belfast. Can you tell me the difference and which you prefer?

  9. A truly gorgeous piece and the frame makes your stitches shine. It’s wonderful and I’m glad you’re going to leave up all year.

  10. You have some absolutely stunningly beautiful heirloom pieces!!! And yes, that frame is PERFECT!! So gorgeous. I gotta admit I don’t think I’d ever finish even one of those. You should be so happy with all you’ve accomplished in the stitching department!

    1. Hi Ellie
      This is Pet and the Dogs link. https://www.etsy.com/listing/790543653/sampler-cross-stitch-needlework-teresa?click_key=24161ade02f88790b37a093872b9881c1a7a02fe%3A790543653&click_sum=25e08e70&ga_search_query=Pet%2Ball%2Bthe%2Bdogs&ref=shop_items_search_1&sca=1

      This is Faith, Hope, Peace, Love

  11. Awesome, Jo!!! What a great finish…for a great piece! Your choice of fabric and the frame you chose are both perfect!! I think I may have to get this pattern….have a lot of other things in the works (quilting projects) at the moment, but if I don’t get the pattern now, I may forget about it, and then it may not be available when I am ready to do it.
    Thanks so much for sharing this! And thanks for letting us know the name of the linen you use… I like it so much…may have to get some of that!

  12. Absolutely a fantabulous finish of your Heaven and Earth piece! I use the word fantabulous I made up many years ago (combo of fantastic and fabulous) as I am a fan of yours due to you being inspirational to so many of us. The way you’ve not only persevered at overcoming and beating the returned cancer you experienced and the positive attitude/mindset which you displayed throughout that journey is more than inspirational to me. I hope the remaining week is especially blessed for you!

  13. Your cross stitch pieces are beautiful! I’m spending a couple of weeks with my daughter and grandbabies. She has a packet of cross stitch stuff in the car and every time she has a few “waiting” minutes she takes it out and works on it. While stitching at home sometimes a child (ages 6, 4, 2) wants to pull the needle up but for the most part they leave her alone. One cute story, one time the youngest was looking for her and he came out and looked at the space where she normally sits to stitch. The kid shook his head no, like Mama’s not there and went about the rest of the house looking for her.

  14. Your Heaven and Nature is beautiful! Your frame choice is perfect. Do you know what company the frame is from? My local frame shop closed last fall. Now all I have is Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and local art galleries. You have inspired me to keep working on my Heaven and Nature. I have never cross stitched anything this large …. it travels with me also. Your piece is a lovely addition to your sampler wall. Congratulations!

    1. Martha, sadly I don’t know the name of the frame. I’m guessing if you called the Stitchery Nook and talked to Liz, she would know. Just tell her you want to know the name of the frame that was used on Jo’s Heaven and Nature piece.

  15. Maria in Tucson

    Hi Jo!

    You talked about putting information on the back of your pieces. I love this. I wish I had more information about some of my grandparents’ pieces. I really enjoy your posts with your progress and your decision processes – and I know I am not the only one! What about printing these for each piece, and putting them in a bigger sleeve on the back?

    And – a question: You mentioned DMC floss. Do you use it often?

    1. I use DMC when it’s called for. I also use if I can’t find an overdyed floss or if I don’t need much. Overdyed floss typically my first choice.

  16. That frame is gorgeous!!!. Your piece is absolutely breathtaking!!!! And together they are perfection.
    It is always special that we have memories of the time we stitched a piece.

  17. It is BEAUTIFUL! I am going to a retreat in Iowa in May where Teresa Kogut is the guest designer. I can’t wait to meet her. Her designs are fantastic!

  18. Hi. Love your stitching. I am a long time stitcher, but I don’t do it anymore. I tried doing it, and my lighting is bad, I can’t see well to stitch. I hope I can find good lighting. I don’t do big projects though. But yours looks awesome. Good job.

  19. Oh how I love this!! Yes, yes, yes!!! It has to hang all year long. It doesn’t scream Christmas. Beautiful! Recently visited an aunt, she has a couple of Christmas pieces that stay out year round.
    Thanks for sharing!!

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