A Cross Stitch Birthday

The Saturday before Christmas Hubby and the kids hosted a mini birthday party for me at the house.  It was just my family that was invited.  It’s a bit of an event when the baby of the family, me, turns 50.  I got a few little things from that made me smile but I got a big present that about made me cry.

My niece cross stitched this for me!!


Isn’t it gorgeous?  Jody has been a long time cross stitcher and does amazing work.  I am just in awe.

Jody’s five kids are all middle school to elementary age so she’s a busy momma.  How she had enough time to do all this is beyond me!

Jody explained that she had kind of set cross stitching aside and took up quilting.  You might remember that Jody is my niece that made the not one, not two, but THREE Mario Brothers quilts.

1948159_10153274042561596_1780807295775558601_n (1)

I found the spot that it’s going to hang in my quilting room.  I had debated for a long time where it should go but the spot I picked is perfect.  Every time I look up from the sewing machine I’ll be able to see and be reminded on how blessed I am that I have an AMAZING niece who worked so hard to make something so precious.

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  1. Having been a cross stitched for 10 straight years a long time ago I can really appreciate what kind of work she put into this gift. It is truly beautiful!

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