A Cross Stitch Birthday Start

I’ve been telling you all about my cross-stitch plans for 2024. I want to make it the Year of the Blackbird meaning I want to stitch lots of Blackbird Designs pieces. I told you I want to stitch lots from this book…In Friendship’s Way. You can read about the book and my plans HERE.

The Stitchery Nook has the book available HERE.

I plan to pull floss for one of the projects soon and plan to start one in January…I think that piece with the rose on the front cover…or maybe one of the strawberries…we’ll see.

I also told you I was contemplating starting either the Garden Club series or For the Birds series. Right now, Garden Club is at the forefront.

I talked to Liz at the Stitchery Nook and told her that if anyone wanted to stitch along with me, they could buy all the charts at one place. There are 12 charts in the series. HERE is the link for those…

I also told you that I plan to start Crowns and Shields in the New Year and stitch that for my grandkids. As their birthdays roll around over the coming year, I’ll stitch a motif and their initials. Liz has this book in stock too. You can find it HERE.

Oof-da! That’s a lot of plans and a lot of starts. I’ll be telling you about a small I’m inviting you to stitch with me soon as well. That one isn’t a Blackbird Designs project…I’ll tell you more soon.

What I really wanted to tell you about today is my birthday start. YES…I’m starting all of that in January but before that happens I’m starting a new piece for my birthday. This one isn’t a Blackbird Design piece either. It is a Lucy Beam chart called Though He Seemeth Sleeping.

I’ve had this kitted for a year.

I almost started it last year for my birthday but instead started and stitched this piece….the Apostle’s Creed by Heartstring Samplery. You can read about it HERE.

The front cover of the new piece uses the antique it was inspired by. I wanted to stitch it after seeing Cynthia Brews’ version. She has a flosstube and Instagram account. I love them both. Here is a picture of hers finished.

The verse on it says:
“Dark the night and wild the waves
Christ the boat is keeping.
Trust in Him and have no fears
Though He seemeth sleeping”

I LOVE the verse.

Last year I had a goal to stitch one row a week on the sampler. I think I might do that with this one too. I might do the border first and then go back and stitch one row of the alphabet or one band each week. I’m super excited about it. This might take a little longer as there and many color changes in each row. I think it will be pretty when it’s done. My goal is to finish by my birthday in 2024 so I have a year to finish it. I’m guessing I’ll get an itch about mid-year and just finish it. I tend to do that.

Over the weekend I made my working copy and went through to double check to see if I had all of the floss.

I picked out my linen. I’m using Sleeping Bear from Needle and Flax in 40 count. It’s a new color I haven’t tried. I do love all of her linen so am confident it will be a good linen.

I told Liz that some of you might want to stitch along with me so she said she would make sure to have this chart in stock. You can find it HERE.

WOWZA!! That is a lot of stitching plans!! I am excited for it though. I typically have a big list of starts at the new year and for the most part, I do pretty good at finishing them. We’ll see how I do it in 2024. I’m hopeful!!

Do any of my choices tempt any of you? I hope so. I one or two of you want to stitch along with me.

7 thoughts on “A Cross Stitch Birthday Start”

  1. Those are all very pretty pieces. Yes, I am tempted, but I know better than to start another cross stitch project. I will just need to admire your work.

  2. Dear Jo, That is the perfect verse to stitch as you go through your cancer journey. As you stitch you are reminded of God’s care and provision. It should be an encouragement for you. Love and prayers, Helen Hewell

  3. Looking forward to hearing how you like Sleeping Bear. I have a piece of it as well as ordered her newest one, Furley. I have only tried Steinbeck so far and love that one! Just ordered Ballet Slipper from Fox and Rabbit, thinking it may be good for Garden Club, but noticed that Blackbird Designs usually go better on darker linens so will have to see. So many decisions! You got me started cross stitching during your last treatment journey so I’ll be joining you this time too

  4. Jo, I have started to cross stitch again with your inspiration. I am doing one with a lot of color changes as you mentioned in one of your new starts above.
    Question: How do you start and stop your floss. Do you end the floss or just allow the floss to move to the next area. Hope I have explained well and you understand my question.
    THANKS, Lynn

    1. I stitch over the tail when I start and weave the tail under when I end. I tried something called a pin stitch but it wasn’t for me.

  5. Jo, you do have a lot of cross-stitch projects planned. I look forward to following your progress on each one. I like following Birgit at thewishing thorn.com. she purchases antique samplers, removes them from the frame, examines the piece, and then charts it. She also researches the stitcher. She is on YouTube, also. So you can watch her unframing the sampler and taking about the piece. It is very interesting.

  6. Jo, after I saw “Though He Seemeth Sleeping” on your blog earlier this year, I ordered the chart, and just started it about a month ago. I’m choosing mostly my own floss colors so we’ll see how it turns out. My husband has mesothelioma, and has already passed the 18-month life expectancy; we are sooo grateful to God for pausing the cancer’s growth in his body. Last Christmas we wondered if he’d still be here this year, and he is! His CT scans haven’t changed for a year. I love the new worship song that echoes the same idea as the verse–“even when we don’t see it, He’s working…”.

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