A Cinderella Story

Over the last month or two I’ve been doing a lot of furniture selling.  I often pick something up at a garage or thrift store for $25-$60 and then resell it on a Facebook for sale group.  It’s been lots of fun and the added money has been great.  It’s been paying for the things I keep when I thrift for myself.  Hubby and I have both started looking at it as our way of gambling or playing the stock market.  Bahaha!!  We hope to buy low and sell high.

This piece I bought at a thrift store for $25.  I brought it home, unloaded it, took pictures and measurements and then posted it on the for sale group.

I can’t remember for sure what price I listed it at… $50 or so I think…I sold immediately.

The piece in veneered so I didn’t know if anyone would want it.  I thought to fix the top and paint the bottom.

A lady came and picked it up.  She was taking it to her son in Des Moines.  He had plans to fix it up.  Last week I got a message from her.  The son had fixed up.  Here’s what it looks like now….Can you believe it’s the same piece??  I can’t.  WOW!

The mom wrote:
Just wanted to send you a picture of the buffet we bought from you. My son cut off the bottom where the veneer was splitting and added feet and some crown molding. Then he sanded it re stained and varnished it and added new pulls. It looks amazing. He also reinforced the inside so it could hold alcohol bottles and added wine racks in the cupboards.  This was his first attempt at a project like this. I love it.”

She also sent this picture.  I’ve looked and looked and looked at it WOW is about all I can say.

I love that I had a tiny little part in this rags to riches Cinderella story.  How awesome is it that this piece will go on and live another day.  We beat the landfill this time!!

8 thoughts on “A Cinderella Story”

  1. That is just beautiful. If this was his first time I’d say he has a good eye and real talent. So nice of her to give you an update!

  2. Excellent job of buying and selling. The difference in the before and after is amazing.
    Somehow it looks classier with the darker stain (at least to my eyes).

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