A Childcare Funny

My childcare kiddos make me laugh all the time.  The laughs are one of the reasons I really like my job.  My kindergartener and first grader where really funny just lately.

The two LOVE these bread sticks.  I put the bread sticks in the air fryer for about 3 minutes, paint them with butter and then sprinkle Parmesan cheese on them.  They are everyone’s favorite…mine too.  We have them after school often.  I serve them with a little bit of spaghetti sauce in a cup and they dip and eat.

Besides being a pretty healthy snack, they are also pretty cost effective.  One bag feeds the crew and it’s under $3.

Well one day my first grader saw the breadsticks sitting on the counter and asked why I didn’t serve them for snack that day. I said “I forgot.  I’m getting old and don’t remember the best.  Maybe you should write me a note and leave it on the refrigerator.”  I do these kinds of things to encourage writing and spelling for her.  So she wrote a note.  It said “Breadstiks(her typo not mine) on Friday”.  She put it on the refrigerator.

We ended up having breadsticks the next day which was a Friday.

Fast forward a couple weeks.  I bought breadsticks again.  They were sitting out on the counter but I made something else for a snack.  My first grader said, “Jo, why didn’t you make breadsticks?”

Like the smart alec I can be, I pulled the note off the refrigerator and said, “It’s not Friday.  Your note says “Breadsticks on Friday”.”

When snack was over the two girls were playing and had pads and pens out.  Pretty soon they were asking me how to spell all the days of the week.  I wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing.  Then one said to the other, “Just write “all of the days”.”

I didn’t think anything of it.  They write and play school all the time.  Then one of them called me over to the refrigerator and said, “Jo, look at our note”.

I looked and this is what it said…..

Bahahahahaha!  Can you read it, “Bread stiks on all the days”.  I guess I can now serve breadsticks on any of the days….good to know.

A few days later this note showed up on my refrigerator…. “graps on monday”

Well I guess they want grapes on Monday so I better write that on my grocery list or there are going to be two sad girls if there are no grapes on Monday…or I guess Tuesday as Monday is Memorial Day!

I wonder what note is going to show up next.  What a couple sweeties!  The keep me hopping and laughing.

5 thoughts on “A Childcare Funny”

  1. Lol, they are keepers for sure and clever! these stories make me recall so many happy memories of my own days raising kids.

  2. Children are the best and have kept me laughing for years! I love that they are writing you notes, and practicing the skills, realizing the use of written communication, all in a natural way!

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