A Child Care Day

Last week on Monday was a child care day for me.  It was a no school day and I told the parents when I quit care if you need me on a no school day to let me know.  Happily, they did.

I really miss the kids and the life of childcare.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy more at ease days but I do miss the hustle and bustle.  I’m actually leaning towards going back.  Every time I have the kids for a few days, I can’t help but wish I was back at it.

I have appointments coming in December for my cancer stuff and after that, depending on the results of the tests and where I am going next, I’m going to make a decision about going back or not.  I’ve already committed to taking a new baby Monday and Fridays along with my grandkids and I’m excited about that.  We’ll see.  I have a couple of months to try to figure it all out.  In the meantime, I’m comfortable where I am at.

If there is anything we’ve learned with all of the coronavirus stuff it’s that it isn’t necessarily the best to make plans too far in advance.

Anyway…back to our day.

We had so much stuff going on…  What a mess, I know!!  Check out the block tower that got made.  This was amazing balancing skills.

I got creative and finally put together an activity I’ve wanted to do with the kids for a year.  Karl cut dowel sticks and sanded them.  I gathered some supplies and made them.

Here is what one looks like finished.  It supposed to be a caterpillar and kids are supposed to put hair ties on them in a patterned order.  You can see this little girl is making a pattern of blue, orange, purple.

They are great for working with kids of multiple ages.  The girl that was doing this pattern is in first grade.  She could easily do it and for her, was more of an art type project.

For Carver, he was just learning about patterns.  For kids that are two, they are primarily working on motor skills.

Anyway, here’s how I made them…
I cut a pipe cleaner into thirds and bent them as shown.  I hot glued them to one end of the dowel.

I hot glued a large pompom over that.

Then wiggly eyes.

That’s it.  They were ready to be played with.  I bought the brightly colored hair ties at Dollar General and at Dollar Tree.  Both had the same ones.

The kids played with them for quite a while.

If you are the mom to a preschool-aged child, these would be a quick and easy present to make for the teacher for Christmas.  There is nothing wrong with getting teachers ornaments or candles, but if I were a teacher, I’d love a new activity for the classroom even more!

One of the main things the kids love to do is “fix” my hair.

This was my hairdo from another day…

Monday I had an upgrade and had not only my hair done but my nails too!!

There is glitter on them.  Oh my.

Two of the girls and in first grade.  One did one hand and one did the other.  It’s quite the salon treatment let me tell you.  Bah-ha!!

I totally miss playing and hanging with them.  I can honestly say, the mess I don’t miss and-the wear and tear on everything I don’t miss, but the joy I miss.  In the end, it’s a pretty good trade-off.

8 thoughts on “A Child Care Day”

  1. I assume you are also thinking of Kelli and if she might need help with Georgia if she has any problems with her pregnancy…

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The great and funny memories that taking care of children make. I did a lot of child care in my younger and not so younger days. Adventurous granddaughter on top of the bookcase at age 2. And getting stuck on shelf. Just to name two. Laughing about it now. Enjoy your time with them, trust the Lord for the future.

  3. I certainly would have mixed feelings too. So fun to do it and spend time the kiddos knowing you make a big difference in their lives. I know there are pros and cons to doing childcare and you will know what is better when the time comes to make that decision.

  4. Helenanne T Judisch

    You look so fancy with your makeover. Sparkly nails and fancy hair, who could ask for more? I love the pattern caterpillar activity. I may hit up the dollar store for supplies, I know there’s some dowel in the basement. Also the photo of your hair style from another day shows signs of the great fine motor skills and color sorting skills your child care children have practiced. You are lucky indeed to be surrounded by so much love and care.

  5. My granddaughters love to do my hair and nails (Mike’s nails too) – something they look forward to when we visit.
    I know you miss child care – hopefully you’ll get answers in December.
    Love and prayers

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