A Charity Quilt…

I think my box of charity quilts from Pam is finally empty?!?!?!  The quilts aren’t all done but the last one is on the frame.  I didn’t intend to pop it on the frame quite yet as I have a deadline quilt that needs to be quilted but the audio book was so good that I was listening to that I wanted to keep listening.  The other quilt didn’t have a backing ready so this one just squeezed it’s way in before the other one…that can happen around here if my book is just that good.  (Watch for that book review tomorrow afternoon)


I’m just doing a simple floral stipple design.  It’s a Pajama Quilter favorite of mine that is my default design.


I’m about half finished with the quilt.  My audio book is all the way finished so I’m off to find a new book.

I hate getting the “next book” when the previous audio book before it was so good!!

4 thoughts on “A Charity Quilt…”

  1. I’m like that with books too, sometimes you just need a little while to remember how good the last one was before you can start a new one.

  2. I have been following your blog for quite some time. You refer to Pajama Quilter on your quilting but when I click on the link for the info the books/dvd is not available. Do you have both the books and the dvds? Do you happen to know anyone that is willing to sell theirs? I am very interested in them. Thanks.

  3. Dorothy Countryman

    Where do you get your audio books from? I love them, but they are so darn expensive. Love your blog.

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