A Charity Quilt and Favor

Last Thursday my sister and her husband stopped by.  Judy stopped for a little quilting advice…

She works with her local church making quilts for the mission workers that their church sponsors.  From what I understand the group has a leader.  Someone picks a pattern and they try to learn something, socialize and complete a charity quilt.  This time around several of the members of the group learned to paper piece as they had not done that before.

Typically after the quilts are finished, they tie them.  There is nothing wrong with that at all but Judy was just wondering if she might be able to  use my machine to try to quilt the top.  She was looking for a time to come again.  I honestly don’t mind teaching her but my schedule has been a little hectic and this time around it was just easier to do it for her.


This was last Thursday and my kiddos were coming home over the weekend.  Rather than clean or do any of that I decided to quilt the quilt top so I could send it home with my daughter Kayla.  As luck would have it Kayla works about five blocks from my sister’s house so she could drop it off and save us some postage.


Judy didn’t what design I did.  She didn’t mind a sheet for the backing but didn’t want it to “look like a sheet”.

I did the best I could to “mask” the sheet by using some variegated thread.  The sheet is a light blue.  It’s hard to tell from the photo.  I didn’t use a fancy design…just something that was fast and easy as I was a little pressed for time.


It’s off the rack and looking pretty good.

I didn’t bind this one…I just sent it on it’s way.

It was nice to get some time with the quilt machine again…Eventually I hope to make that a regular occurrence!

10 thoughts on “A Charity Quilt and Favor”

  1. Wow—what a pretty quilt—-I have always wanted to make one of these—the colors and shading are wonderful……love your quilting……

  2. George Bushlack

    What an amazing job. Judy was thrilled when she got it back yesterday and my comment to her was, “Already”. Thank you so much for a beautiful job, she can’t wait to show it to the ladies in two weeks.

  3. Jo, thank you so much for helping our group out by doing this. I’ve been a member since 2-2001 two months after my husband died and it was and still is a good group for me to be in. Jean in Marion

  4. Thanks so much for quilting this for us! Your sister is such a good teacher…and very patient. We were thrilled to find out you would quilt it, as tying just didn’t seem right on this quilt Beautiful job!


  5. You did a beautiful job. I absolutely love it. The backing is wonderful and very cozy and the varigated thread is great. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for quilting to for us.
    Your admiring sis.

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