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Do you see Georgia peeking out from behind the boxes?  It’s hard.  You might have to look closely.  All of that minus the legos is mail from blog readers.

Two days before she came… the table had mail on it too.  I had purposely cleaned it all off and took pictures of everything so I could write a blog mail post and so there would be room on the table when they came for the grandkids to play.

We need a table for the kids to play at because Eli and Emmett get into everything and break it which understandably completely frustrates Gannon, Georgia, and Carver.  Also, the two of them are better but we’re not able to trust them about putting little pieces in their mouths.  So for safety and to alleviate frustration, I need a clean table for the kids to play on.

Sadly, I didn’t get a blog post written about that mail…or mail that had previously come in that I had already taken pictures of.  All of those pictures were lost when Eli dumped the computer over and ruined it.  Read about that HERE if you missed it.

So…I can’t write blog posts about any of that mail.  My apologies to those who sent things and anticipated me writing about the items they sent.

All of this, more than ever, has made me realize that I need to change the mail policy again.  Previously I had encouraged people to find someone on the donation page to send their goodies to.  You can find that page HERE.  I want to again encourage people to do that.

The new part I’m implementing is that I will no longer be writing mail posts.  If items come to me, I might mention them, but I might not.  I won’t be spreading everything out and going through each item, photographing, formatting pictures, and writing a blog post.  I might not mention anything about the things that were sent at all.  Or I might do something like this…

A blog reader sent some unicorn sweet corn holders.  She meant for Georgia to have them.  I gave them to Georgia and Kelli sent me a picture of her using them.  You can see the picture below.  I might randomly put something like this in a blog post about the grandkids.

I might also write in a What I’m Working blog post how excited I am because a blog reader sent me this perfect fabric match.  Do you remember the blog post I wrote about the best package a blog reader sent?  You can find it HERE.  I had shown this picture of a UFO that a blog reader sent.

I was a little sad as there wasn’t more red fabric so I couldn’t finish the quilt.  I had somewhat made a plan that I would take this apart and add other random reds to complete the project.

Fast forward to an amazing blog reader.  She had found the fabric, if I remember right, at an estate sale.  It had sat in her stash for a bit.  Then when I showed this project, she sent the fabric to me.  HOW SWEET!!  I’m thrilled.  Her package is one that I lost the pictures for-I had this one as I had sent it to Kelli telling her how excited I was.  I was able to find the photo in the messages we had sent.  I’ll likely write about this when I write about what I’m working on…but I won’t do a full mail post anymore.

I had been talking to Kalissa and told her about the change I was thinking about making so I no longer wrote mail posts.  She said, “Mom, I think you should have done it a long time ago.”  She’s right.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness of everyone.  I appreciate the generosity but…I want my dining room table back.

As is, when packages came, I would open them.  I’d then put packages on my dining room table until there were enough to write a mail post about.  In the meantime, the grandkids were here.  Packages would get shuffled together.  Cards and notes sent with packages would get lost.  I couldn’t keep track of everything and then once I sat down to write a blog post, I would be frustrated because I wasn’t sure what went with what.

I felt such pressure that I was putting the wrong note with the wrong goodies.  I was so worried I was writing Joanne instead of Joan.  Sometimes I couldn’t read the person’s signature so had no idea who it was from.  It was stressful.

Later I tried something different.  I’d take pictures of everything, deal with it and then try to keep the pictures until there were enough items to write a whole blog post.  Then I would lose the names and not know which card went with which set of pictures.

No matter what I tried, I could not find something that worked.

So…as a way to reclaim my dining room table so I don’t have to look at a stack of boxes and the grandkids have a place to play on the table, I’m not writing formal blog posts about my mail anymore.  If you want to send something, that’s perfectly fine.  I welcome it.  I will pass things on and find homes for items or keep a few items.  I’ll be able to keep up with this and still have a dining room table.  WHOOT!  WHOOT!!  I just won’t formally be writing a blog post about everything single item.

I know many of you send things to Ray and other finishers.  They are open to do whatever they want.  If they want to continue sending me mail posts, that’s perfectly fine.  I don’t mind including them on the blog.  I want to choose for myself and I want them to choose for themselves as well.

I’m so excited about this.  Boxes can come in.  I can open them and sort the contents and recycle the boxes and be done.  No pile of boxes for Georgie to peek through.  No stress of mixing up pictures and notes.

Many thanks to everyone who has sent things in the past…and to those who send things in the future.  Your generosity is so appreciated.  I love that you have sent goodies to help with the baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  I love that you have sent fabric to help me finish a project.  I love that you have sent goodies for postage auctions.  Everyone has been so kind to me.  Thank you so much and thank you for understanding why I can’t write mail posts anymore and why I need my dining room to not be home to a shipping and receiving department.



27 thoughts on “A Change to Mailbox Posts”

  1. Jo, I totally understand your need to reclaim your table and have a place for the kids to play. I also understand that you need to have more time for yourself. But…I will definitely miss the mail posts. They’re some of my favorites. I do have other favorites, for sure.

  2. You are sooooo entitled to spend your time and use your home in a manner that serves you. The many years you’ve shared mail posts and what happens to it is evidence that you share/distribute/use the gifts for the good of communities all over the country. Enough is enough.

    Hugs this fabulous Monday we’ve been gifted!

  3. I agree with Kalissa, you should have done it a long time ago. Yes, it is fun seeing what people have sent BUT it is time consuming. I think some people have continued to send to you rather than finding someone on donation page because 1 – it’s easier 2 – they want or need the recognition that has been provided. I’ve sent directly to someone and treat it as I would any other gift – I’ve gifted it, what he/she does with it is for him/her to decide. A thank you is enough. Personally I am just glad it has found a home.
    My favorite blogs of yours are What I’m working on, family and recipe. And Where We are published, love those.

  4. The pictures of Georgia are so cute as usual!! Your new mail policy is understandable. I hope this gives you more time to spend in your sewing room – love to see what you are working on there or with your cross stitching.

  5. I was actually surprised when there seemed to be an influx of packages again after you had asked us to send items directly to the finishers! I’m glad for you to be taking back your table and shedding yourself of the stress, Jo.

  6. Cynthia in Nebraska

    Gotta admit I did love those mail posts. Living life vicariously! But I also love the thrift shop posts (same reason). My faves are quilts you are working on/have finished. So keep on quilting and thrifting!

  7. I hope this alleviates a lot of stress. Having a clean table feels so good. Mine is messy at the moment from vacation stuff and I’m leaving tomorrow for the Des Moines AQS Show. So it will be messy when I get home. I hate that. I hope more people will look at the donation page and figure out where some of their stuff can go. Have a great time with the grands.

  8. Could you have a supply of postcards or something to quickly write a note to the sender that the package has been received? Some of the stuff you receive is fairly valuable . . . and the person who sent it might like to know it got to you. Pictures and blog not required, though I always enjoyed seeing the goodies you got!

    1. If they want to know it was received, either send it 1st class with tracking or enclose a postage paid postcard Jo can drop in the mail.

  9. I agree with you that it was time to stop with all the posts about your mail. I sent some that I thought might be for your auction but I put your name as the sender, I don’t want recognition. I had the stuff here for a long time before I actually sent it and this will be my last. Postage is getting very expensive. I did send some to the people on your list also. You need a life too so I will not send more. I do hope you liked the cookbooks.

  10. I am so glad you decided to make this change, Jo. It seems to have become overwhelming. You could not have said it in a more gracious way. From the comments you have received so far, it sounds like everyone is understanding and supportive of your position. I hope you will feel less stress and more enjoyment when you do receive things from now on. My favorite posts are when you talk about your family, what you are working on, and recipes. Thank you for sharing with us!!

  11. Glad you can get some extra time ! Your life is very full and I think it’s just fine if we don’t see who sent what ..I do enjoy seeing some of the things people send you tho. ..they should just know that you won’t be giving them credit ina blog !! Happy sorting!

  12. I too, was surprised when you kept receiving packages after you asked people to send them straight to finishers. You’re doing completely the right thing, Jo!

  13. I’m sad because I love your mail posts and I just sent a box. It could easily have gone to Cresco. But I totally understand you taking care of yourself. It was overwhelming for you and had to go! Hugs to you for all you do.

    1. Hi Carol. I got your box and am sharing it with the Cresco Ladies. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. In fact, I think your box was on the table of boxes with Georgia.

  14. Yay! I 100% agree with your new approach. I’m assuming you looked at the posts as a way of saying thank you? We know you appreciate the things we send for charity efforts and I’m guessing most of us are just thrilled to have what we send moved “along the charity giving path”.

  15. I understand and everyone else should else. Seeing things used or in action is a fun way to see the donations. Enjoy the grandkids.

  16. Yep, I agree with Kalissa. It is too consuming to do all those posts plus it may actually make it less likely for people to send the packages to people on your list since they see the mail on your blog so frequently. I am relieved for you for making this decision even though I am sure it was hard – your are so gracious, but there are limits.

  17. Honestly it doesn’t matter one way or another to me but if mail is a problem maybe you need to start refusing the packages if people continue not sending them directly to people who can use them. Otherwise I don’t think it’s too much to ask to just say a quick shout-out about packages received without photos of everything as the cost of shipping is astronomical. Unfortunately even with tracking numbers, the fate of a package is still uncertain until its in the hands of the recipient. Ultimately it’s your blog and you’re free to do as you choose.

  18. YEs having a place for the kiddo’s to play at the table is important, When I did home day care, I took a page from Montessori I used little rugs, 2×3 for each child to keep their toys, building blocks whatever on. They need a space!

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