A Carver day for Kelli!

A post from Kelli–

I’m sure you are all aware by now, but wonderful little Carver is such a cutie!  I just love him to pieces.  The other day I was talking to Kalissa and she mentioned that she was going to be starting back to work a little bit here and there just to ease into it.  I had mentioned that I had fall break a few days in there and boy was I excited when I found out that there happened to be a day that I could watch him!

The day before, I spent time cleaning the house and getting stuff ready for him because I was really excited.  More than once, Jason had to remind me that since he was a baby, he didn’t need tons of toys out and that he probably wouldn’t be able to do too much of the arts and crafts that I had planned for him.  I ended up getting so excited that I seriously couldn’t sleep Monday night becasue I was just sooooo excited to spend the day with him.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I even cleaned my car!  (insert gasps here)  left to meet Craig in West Union to pick up Carver at his work.  We made a quick stop at the grocery store on our way home to grab a few things and then headed home.

Once we got home, I could see his cute little shirt!

Carver 1 (300x400)It says–If Mommy says no, I’ll as my Aunt!  I don’t know if I’ll always say yes (I know the power of the wrath of Kalissa) but it sure was cute.

Next we did arts and crafts!

Carver 2 (400x300)I made one for Kalissa and Craig and one for myself too cause I was definitely in need of some new refrigerator decor.

Carver 3 (300x400)Then my pal got all tuckered out so he took a little nap while I made some apple crisps for the neighbors.

Carver 4 (300x400)All in all, it was a pretty great day-Kalissa ended up not having to work, but spent some time getting caught up on computer training, so my time with Carver got a bit shorter than I planned, but I was just glad to spend time with him.

I always kind of wondered how having kids would or if it would change my relationship with Kalissa.  I’m glad to say that it hasn’t really.  I’ve loved seeing her grow into a wonderful mom and am sure that it’s just another area of her life that she will excel in!  Thanks for visiting Auntie Kelli!





3 thoughts on “A Carver day for Kelli!”

  1. What a great arts and crafts project you did !! What a nice reminder of how small those feet really were! As he gets older he will look forward going to your house to do fun crafts!! A special bond.

  2. Love the arts and crafts project. Something you could do every year, until his feet get too big! He is a gorgeous baby, and so lucky to have such a wonderful loving family.

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