A Calendar Giveaway….

Martingale and Company sent me some goodies to keep or share with you…Lucky you, I am sharing and not keeping.  So, do you have a calendar yet?  I already have what I need so I though I would show you these two beauties and give you a chance to win them.


The one to the left is That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2012.  The one of the right, 2012 Calendar Award-Winning Quilts.  Both of the calendars have a eyelet for reinforcement when hanging.  I love that option.  Last year friends had gave me a calendar that didn’t have a reinforcement and it was constantly ripping and I was always taping it.

The  2012 Calendar Award-Winning Quilts features amazing artsy quilts from the International Quilt Association.  The quilts are VERY detailed and amazing to view.  These quilts are all WAY beyond any quilts that I will ever make as many feature applique and intricate details.  Here’s a view of the quilt from January..


…and here’s one from September.  See what I mean?  AMAZING.


Each of the calendars have large places to write appointments, birthdays, holidays and other events in.   The quilts featured for each of the months all represent colors and themes of the months.  For example here a quilt from June.  Those butterflies beautifully represent summer.


The other calendar, That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2012, is my favorite one.  This calendar has quilts that I would make in it…quilts that I would easily make because the patterns are include..

Yep, patterns included, see?


I love this snail’s trail quilt on January’s pages.


Here’s a Kim Diehl quilt on the October page….


The graphics from the quilt are taken and extended onto the calendar page.  It looks so nice.

All of the calendar pages are beautiful.  It’s neat that the patterns are included in this calendar.  Someone more ambitious than I am could make the quilts for each months and have a beautiful set of quilts to decorate their home.

Each calendar is a treasure…I was oh so tempted to keep one, but I bought a calendar back in December and wrote all our birthdays and events on it…and I really don’t need two calendars.

Do any of you need or want a calendar?  You can win one of these by leaving a comment telling me what event are you most excited to write on the calendar if you win it?  I’ll pick TWO winners on Tuesday.  The first name chosen will get their choice of calendar and the second name drawn will get the other calendar.

130 thoughts on “A Calendar Giveaway….”

  1. Oooh I haven’t got a calendar yet, was thinking I would get one on sale after Christmas and forgot! I would love the one from That Patchwork Park, just love the Kim Diehl quilt!

  2. Lovely calendars, what a choice. This is a very exciting year for us, eldest DD’s last year of high school. So- Year 12 Formal and Last Day of school would be going on it for sure. Thanks for the chance and for hosting the give-away.

  3. The event I am excited about writing on the calendar is my son’s last day of school this year. He’s 4 1/2 now and is learning and doing so much. We are going to have a blast this summer and I can’t wait! Thanks for the chance to win a cool calendar!

  4. I would love the second calendar to write the news of my new grandchild when they ‘arrive’ in August. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  5. I usually get calendars for Christmas and this year no one bought be a calendar! I need a quilting calendar, they always inspire me! A friend sent me a desk calendar but nothing like having a calendar in the middle of my bulletin board with a nice quilt of the month to inspire me.
    The first dates I would write down are the Lancaster quilt show and when my DD comes home from being away at college….

  6. Janny Heemskerk-Diel

    OMG….what a nice giveaway. I would write down every important thing. From my nephews birthday january 1st till newyears eve 2012 .

  7. We have two weddings back to back in March that would get written in. I have one quilt gift – king sized trip around the world – half made just started a week ago. Let’s hope I get the other half and another whole completed!

  8. It’s hard to pick just one write-in…of course all of my families birthdays, all of the quilts shows my friends and I try to attend, all SALE dates from my fav quilt shop, any class dates I need to remember and of course my wedding anniversary, so my hubby can look at it and remember “our” date. I’d love a calendar since I haven’t gotten around to purchasing one. Thanks Jo for all you post!

  9. I am excited to write in the date of my triathlon! This will be my third year doing it, and it really motivates me to get in shape! Thanks for sharing!

  10. In these techy times I still need a great calendar to write down important dates and appointments, not always relying on the voice in my iPhone. These calendars are new art to show in my quilt studio and get inspiration from each month!

  11. I would write down the birthdays of family and friends and especially my grandson’s first birthday. He’s my first grandchild and gets lots of attention!

  12. I need a calendar. I haven’t gotten one yet. Log That Patchwork Place. This year marks my 50th birthday, a sweet friend is getting married, and my son will be 25. Thanks.

  13. the calendars are beautiful and I appreciate your generosity in sharing.

    I would write the date of my 34th wedding anniversary !

  14. We normally get at least 4 calenders a year fromclients or suppliers. This year – I believe companies are cutting back – nary a one! I would hang a calender in the kitchen so my husband and son can indicate when they will not be home for a meal. No cooking means more sewing!

  15. Love to do that applique quilt! My first date I would put in is our 39th Anniversary on January 27th, then my hubby’s birthday on the 28th:)

  16. Didn’t read the blog correctly – too early in the morning! I would mark the dates of the quilt class I am taking each month.

  17. I would write my trip to visit my daughter and grandchildren on it first! Then comes the birthdays, etc. Thank you for the give away

  18. No-one got me a quilting calendar for Christmas this year (they should know by now!) So, I would love to win one of these. The first thing I’d write on it is MQX!! I just signed up to go in April and I can’t wait!

  19. I wanted the Patchwork Place calendar, but somehow I didn’t get it though. I’d love to write our vacation on it. In the past six or seven years, this will be our second time going away. It is only for a few days, but it will fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. How generous of you to share with us, Jo! I love beautiful calendars like these.

    The date I’m looking forward to recording? March 31, the wedding date of our youngest son (and no, he is not marrying Joan’s daughter!).

  21. The very first date and the most important date I will write is my son’s wedding date, May 19. I have 3 sons and Mark is the one I thought would never get married. He just waiting for the right girl, smart boy! Heather is a wonderful girl who already calls me Mom as naturally as she addresses her own mom. I can tell she loves my son with all her heart and he loves her as much.

  22. I would write the birth of my newest Granchild in February, as well as a quilt weekend with my Peeps, also in February. Bless you for parting with them!!

  23. All of our big milestone celebrations were last year except for our youngest graduates from college in December this year – this would be the first date I would write on the calendar. Love the calendars – thanks for sharing.

  24. I have two quilt retreats planned ,a trip to see family in Virginia and my Husband and I are going to the Kentucky Derby this year. But, the thing I would most like to write on there is the 2 weeks our granddaughter comes to stay with us in the summer! So… YES I need a calendar

  25. My first entry would be our family vacation at the beach in June. Includes my three children, spouses and grandchildren. Great fun for all.

  26. I would love to write down the dates that my son gets to travel to Munich, Germany with the Olympic Rifle Team. This will be his first trip overseas. So exciting, realizing his dreams….maybe he will pick me up some fabric on his travels!

  27. Oh I need a calendar! My grandchild turns 5 so he would get his name in it first! Aways fun to read what you are doing Jo!

  28. If I have the opportunity to win, I would write my grandson’s first birthday in on May 17! It will be his very second birthday (I’m counting the day he was born as his first). He’s a very special little man!!!

  29. I could really use a calendar in my sewing room. I would post the dates of my local shops sales! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Jo~I would love to win either calendar! The first date I would write in one of the squares would be when I find out when Country Threads is having one of their camps. I’m bound and determined to get to one this year! Can’t wait.

  31. Those calendars are wonderful. The first event I would write down…….well I would block out the last two weeks of August. My daughter is expecting her third baby and my daughter-in-love is expecting her first baby. The due dates are only two days apart!!! Right now…..August 15th and August 17th. I see ALOT of baby quilts and baby sewing in my future.

  32. I really DO need a calendar! I would jot down a Bonnie Hunter workshop I’m going to, plus all the family and friends B’days and someone’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I’d love to win The Patchwork Place calendar, and I’d write the date we leave to visit our daughter in LA! She moved from the east coast where we live to LA in September, and I can’t wait to visit!

  34. Well, so far I have a spring Arts and Crafts show I am excited about and a couple of weeks after that my son will be here on his college spring break. Thanks for the chance to win one of these beautiful calendars.

  35. Please include me in the drawing!!!!!, I’d love to keep in clean, and treasure that forever!!!!, but I’m sure I can’t avoid to mark it with my friends and family birthdays including my quilting buddies :)

  36. Oh these are both wonderful. To win either one would be wonderful. I would have to say I would have to write that my daughter will be 21 in Nov. and my Mom and Dads 45th wedding anniversary. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  37. I would love to enter..I need a new calendar and with those beautiful pictures wow…I love quilts, I love fabrics, I love sewing…
    My first event would be the day I receive the calendar if I win it from your cute blog….thanks for the chance.

  38. I look forward to writing our vacation in July on it as we spend it with our kids and grandkids which I enjoy. Thanks for sharing the calendars with us.

  39. I would write the dates my children come to visit. We recently moved to Hawaii and are excited to show off our island to them, as well as sneak in a few hugs! Love the calendars!

  40. I will write different projects that I am going to work on. I have a mystery quilt from 2007 that needs to go on a day with longer free time. I have projects stacked in a laundry basket, I can put each one on the calendar, and get them done, so I can fill up my gift drawers. I write lots of things on calendars, I write when things happen & then can look to see when “it” really was.

  41. The first thing I will write in my new calendar will be the dates for the Quilt Show in Paducah that my girlfriends and I are finally getting to attend in April! We can’t wait!

  42. I’d love to write on it “SewExpo” and use it for my sewing projects . And if I had a choice I’d want the Patchworks OPlace calendar. Thanks for fun giveaway.

  43. No, I don’t have a calendar yet unless you count a small standup type calendar that I have no room to put on my overly cluttered, yet organized desk. I am really missing having one on the wall and really am tired of looking up at mine to see December staring back at me. Yea, I haven’t taken last year’s calendar down yet. LOL

    I am most excited to put “Granddaughter due date” on Feb 12th on my new calendar if I ever get one before she’s born.
    I really LOVE That Patchwork Place calendar. That’s exactly what I’d love in a calendar; one you can use later and not just toss it into the trash. I love there are quilt block instructions included in that calendar. Very nice.

  44. Thanks for the giveaway ! I am overly excited to write my daughter’s GRADUATION FROM NURSING SCHOOL date in May !!! It’s been a long road ; she took time off when she had my 2 grandpeeps ; but went back !! meanwhile , I retired , I’ve been doing a lot of peep watching during school and when she works and last summer she became a single mom . I give her a lot of credit ; I know it’s hard and hectic for her ; but granny is TIRED !!!! ( and I live about 40 minutes away …… ) I told her I’d watch the peeps as much as she needs me to get her through school ; but I did not retire to be a full time peep watcher …… we shall see what happens with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Just as soon as we know it, I’ll write the day (and place) when we have to take my firstborn off to college! Thanks for the chance to win, I love quilt calendars!

  46. The first thing I would put on the calendar are the dates for our trip to see our son who is at grad school to celebrate his 25th birthday. Very excited for that. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Great calendars and I need one. Last year I got 2 for Christmas, my daughter got 3. This year none. In front of my computer I have a 3×5 pad with dates. Pajaro Valley Quilt Show 2/25-26, Contra Costa County Quilt Show 3/31-4/1, Newark Quilt Show 7/14-15 and other notes; but no calendar. Thanks for posting 2 calendars to give away!

  48. Could certainly use a calendar – like so many other posters I didn’t receive one as a Christmas gift this year. Our oldest son is getting married in June to his wonderful fiancee. I already consider her our third daughter so that would be the date I would mark first.

  49. The most exciting event that will happen to me this year is a new Grandchild! I will write that on July 3rd. Thanks, and happy quilting!

  50. Besides family & friends birthdays and anniversaries…. I want to add all the UFO and other completed projects…. I hope to fill alot of spaces.

  51. Can I join in from the UK???
    The first thing I’d write in is our silver wedding anniversary in April!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Sandy A in St. Louis

    I don’t have a wall calendar yet! I would be writing down all the guild meetings so DH wouldn’t plan something that night and leave me without a car! :)

  53. I didn’t get a quilt calendar for 2012 and the spot on my wall is saddly blank :-( The first date that I would write in it is the arrival of my cousin and his two sons from France!!! Woot Woot!!

  54. I would love to when the calendar so I can’t put all: shop hops, road to California, retreats, spring flings, all guild meeting and last all my medical appointments since I go to them quite frequently in a months time. It would lift my spirits during those times. Thank you offering us this chance for a giveaway.

  55. These calendar quilts are beautiful and you will be enticed to make someone or yourself a quilt. I can certainly use a new calendar for this year. The event to be circled would be February 16 – my birthday and what a wonderful present to me this would be. I can see myself making a quilt for myself from your wondeful gift. Thank you for a chance to win and I enjoy your blog every day.

    Sandi T.

  56. I would definitely be putting my family reunion in July on there. It’s the first one in many years. It will be good to see everyone!

  57. My husband and I have the same birthday – so that’s a must! Ohhh and our planned retirement date later this fall!! Thanks for the chance to win a great calendar!

  58. I am most excited about my holidays the end of July. I bring my quilting stuff up to my mom’s farm and sew every night after helping pick and sell her berry crop during the day.

  59. First date to write in would be the date I get my cataracts removed so I can see to quilt!! Everything is a blur now and seams don’t always line up. :(

  60. Laurel from Iowa

    Hi, Jo – cool calendars! I would mark “Alex’s ISU graduation” on May 4. He’s our oldest son and that day will be very special for his dad and I, both ISU grads. Thanks for the chance to win :D

  61. There are a lot of notable things coming up in the year for me, but the first thing I would mark is a retreat in April that several members of my guild are going to attend. Lots of fun, with-the-girls, sewing time.
    My guild has the neatest people.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  62. Birthday’s of my family are ususally first to go on the calendar. Also 30th wedding anniversary and hope to take a trip somewhere to celebrate! thanks for a chance to win a beautiful quilt calendar. Janita

  63. OK….I’m not going to beat around the bush about this one. I am most excited to write in the date of the local quilt show that will be happening in the Fall. It’s a big show and they only have it every 2 years so when the date starts getting closer I get excited! Thanks for the chance to win Jo!

  64. My last quilt calendars were used to note quilt shows, classes, & quilt deadlines. The first thing I would put on one if I won one would be the Quilt Walk in Panguitch Utah. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Keep up the good work.

  65. I don’t have one specific thing to write in but I have lots of birthdays that I need to remember! Funny because I was just looking at the one on the right in the Quilt shop last night :)

  66. I’m looking forward to writing down our summer family reunion/camping trip. It’s always fun to plan activities and organize the summer vacation week, ahead of time, when the wind is whipping and there is still snow on the ground, or in this year’s case, rain :) Then when it gets super busy several weeks b4 the trip, it’s great having an intinerary almost all finished. Thanks for the fun giveaway! Both calendars are wonderful!

  67. Pauline Kennelly

    I would high light my aniversary. In the September of my life I have found a best friend, husband, lover and companion with whom I am happier than at any other time in my life. I wish others could be so fortunate. I’d love either of the calendars but am attracted most to the Award Winning Quilts.

  68. All of my quilt-related activities: Virginia Quilt Museum Board meetings; shows I’m attending (Hampton), retreats (Virginia Consortium of Quilters “Celebration”; weekly sewing groups, and monthly Quilt Guilds. I need a calendar just for those! Plus time to pencil in “just quilt today.” And those are just the ones I know about now…..

  69. I have not picked up a calendar yet. I do have a kit and the book for the Kim Diel quilt from when she visited our guild last year.. this might inspire me to pull it out and work on it. Oh…. and the snails trail is on my ‘to do’ list from forever….. would be wonderful to look at while I sew!

  70. I would be most excited to write my husbands retirement date on ine of those beautiful calendars….and all the birthdays of my huge family…thanks for the great giveaway

  71. monica massanyi

    2011 was a banner year with the wedding of my son. So I will be excited to write their first anniversary on the calendar and also the dates for the International Quilt Show in Cincinnati since I hope to go this year. Thanks for a chance to win!

  72. Diffinately got to put all my retreat dates, quilt club days, sew-ins with friends, quilt classes, shop sales and now I want to go to the Bonnie Hunter lecture and classes that you(Jo) and your daughter are going to so I can meet you!! What fun! All other dates can work around these,..tetehehehe

  73. I want to write the birthday of my family, friends and colleague. I tend to forget about it. Thanks for the chance to win :)

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