A Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend here.  Friday night we hosted the cheerleaders for the before the game meal.  What a pretty bunch of gals right?

I made homemade pizza for the bunch.

Take a look at Gracie.  She is hiding out under the table.

Then Saturday morning the girls were home and we put up what I am hoping is the last of my tomatoes to make 31 quarts of salsa.

We aren’t nearly as cute as those pretty girls.

I am a little behind this week…I am trying to squeeze in some quilting, landscaping, meetings….and of course my job!

2 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend”

  1. So do I have to be a cheerleader to get some of that pizza? :) I may be able to ‘attempt’ a cartwheel, but I’ll need a soft place to land and you’ll need both hands to supress the laughter.

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