A Busy Week…

Last week was super busy for me again.
Monday-Kelli and Kalissa’s kids were here for childcare
Tuesday-Drove to Buck’s to help him with a project
Wednesday-Did errands and caught up here
Thursday-Kalissa’s kids were here
Friday-Back to Buck’s to help some more.

I brought Buck’s kids, Scotty, Lucy, and Lilly back home with me.  They stayed overnight.  Then Saturday Kalissa and Kelli’s kids were here.  I had 8 of our 9 grandkids here to take care of.  WOW.  Buck’s kids stayed over Saturday night too.

Sunday I met Buck at the halfway mark at noon and delivered the kids back to him.  Then went to Kalissa’s to eat…then home to write blog posts as I hadn’t written any or kept up with the blog since Thursday night.  Off-da.

If you sent me a note and I didn’t get back to you, that’s why.  It was busy.  Feel free to email me again.

Here are some pictures from the park on Friday night.  This is Scotty.
Here is Lilly…

Lilly did such a great job at my house this time.  She’s always done okay but never quite made it over the hump to truly warm up to me.  Before I was the adult who was taking care of her…this time she treated me totally like Grandma and even called me Grandma.  Somehow things really clicked this time that I was more than the adult taking care of her.

I know those of you who have grandkids that live further away that you don’t see as often can probably relate that there’s a moment when things click with grandkids that you aren’t just a visitor…you’re family.  Lilly did that over the weekend and it was the best!!  She’s such a sweetie and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Here is…

It’s not often I have the three of them only so we took advantage and went to the park.  When I have more than three, I don’t like going to the park.  It’s near the river and it just makes me nervous.

The town is working on cleaning out the river.  You might remember that our town floods occasionally.  Well, all that flood waters bring dirt, silt, and debris.  That means that every so often, they have to clean out the river to keep it flowing and not aggravate the next potential flood.

Lilly, the littlest, was super excited about seeing the big equipment at the park.  We walked over to check it out.

Some great people in town took some time to make some park improvements including reviving Yogi Bear.  He was in pretty tough shape, but after a paint job, he looks great now.

I didn’t get a lot of other pictures taken on Saturday.  Riding herd on eight little munchkins leaves little time for me to play photographer.

Gloria my blog friend stopped over.  She was garage saling and found one that had an amazing free section.  She was able to get two really big bags stuffed full of fabric for baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  I was tickled.  She also picked up this easel for the kiddos.  They put it to use before I had time to really clean it.

Here is Georgia…She loved the dry-erase side.

…and here is the picture Lucy made me.

That completely and totally warmed my heart.

Growing up, I didn’t really have any cousin time.  There were no cousins my age on my Dad’s side of the family and my Mom’s family we only saw once or twice a year.  My own kids didn’t have a lot of cousin time either.  I am so glad my grandkids get cousin time.  They totally love each other and act like best friends.  It’s so fun to watch.

The big days with all of the kids here are crazy, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  As I age, my back doesn’t take picking them up as well as it once did.  I’m not as good at scrambling around making things just perfect, but the kids are so good for me and I’m still really good for them.

Chalk this up as one of the best days.

8 thoughts on “A Busy Week…”

  1. Jo, the weekend sounds just perfect. Almost all the grands together and getting time with you, precious memories being made for sure. Loved the pictures.

  2. It had to be fun to have Buck’s kids just by themselves for a little while. It is great that they have cousins and get along with all of them too. It is a wonderful time and it will last. I still enjoy being with my cousins. I am sure it is a good feeling that Lily now understands you are grandma. All those kiddos are so cute!

  3. What a happy, sweet post. The kiddos are all darling and I can almost “feel” all the fun you all had together.

  4. Virginia Grenier

    I can SO relate to that moment when it clicks with a grandchild. For me it happened last year with the youngest one. It’s a 5 hour drive between our homes. We would get together maybe once or twice a year. He never hardly talked to me or really wanted anything to do with me. It was awkward when we would be parting ways. His parents and his older brother would give hugs but he was standoffish. Last year I was in the area where they live and had to drop something off there. When he found out I was there, he came running from the other room and gave me a BIG hug. There are no words…

  5. So great you get this opportunity. Love it. I know what you mean when they look at you in a total different way, and you know they get it. My older grandbabies are in their teens and I love the respect they give me. The 14 year old boy follows me around to make sure I get around OK. I had a stroke so my balance isn’t the best and my knees are shot. So, whether I need it or not, he runs and puts his arm out for me to use if I am stepping over anything or going up stairs. I let him, of course, because it means a lot to him, and makes me so proud. I can see you are going to get the same respect as your grandbabies grow.

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