A Busy Week with the Kramers

We’ve had a busy week around here.  You might remember that I had my grandkids over the weekend.  Monday rolled around and I was back to childcare…or so I thought.  My childcare kiddos were sick so the parents kept them home.  Gannon and Georgia were still here on Monday but no extra kids.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the kiddos were still sick so I sewed my days away all the while worrying about this guy.

Kayla’s boy Jasper landed himself back in the hospital.  He was having breathing issues.

This picture makes it look like he didn’t mind the whole ordeal.  That would be incorrect.  He was pretty miserable there.  Kayla happened to catch a happy picture.

On Friday we got this picture.  He was being discharged.  YAHOO!!

He stayed over three nights.  Kayla is taking it well…Spencer too but Kayla is a teacher.  This was finals week.  It was not a good week to miss school but what’s a mom to do?  Between Jasper getting tubes, his last hospital visit, and now this visit, she’s burned through all of her time off.

Being I was off from childcare I offered to go stay but she said if she went to work, she’d just be worried anyway.  I totally understand but I wish there was more I could do.

Thursday was Georgia’s birthday.  She’s TWO now.  We all had a video call to sing her Happy Birthday on Thursday.  She was crabby and wasn’t into it.

Kelli is having trouble sleeping already.  UGH.  I know typically those last few weeks are hard but Kelli is only at 29 weeks.  It’s too soon for her to not be sleeping.

Buck’s kids ended up with colds when they got home from the weekend here.  The kids are all feeling better but now Buck and Lora are both not feeling the best.  Buck sounded terrible Thursday night.

Karl is finally pulling the last bits and pieces together to sign the final papers on his house.  This week was a lot of finishing up estimates, checking into changing electric and internet…all of the fun stuff.  We’re hoping next week will be time to sign closing paperwork.  WHEW…

I got lots done while I was off especially being Kalissa’s family was on vacation in Wisconsin Dells.  It’s easy for them to go being they’ve already had Covid.

Kalissa ended up coming home sick.  She’s had a cold for the last few weeks but hasn’t been able to completely kick it.  While they were gone, it really flared up again.  They left Tuesday morning and came home Thursday afternoon.  She had to work overnight Thursday night.  I went on a walk with her and the boys Thursday afternoon.  She was debating on calling in sick.  I told her to go early and see if she could be seen at Urgent Care.  She said no.  She went to work.

Friday morning I called her as she was driving home and asked how she was.  She said, “Terrible”.

I told her I was pretty sure she had a sinus infection and should go in.  She started in on not being able to go and she’d go to Urgent Care over the weekend if she needed to.  I said no she needed to call for an appointment.  I would drive her to it.  I worried about her driving.  She didn’t get out of work until half an hour late, then the 70-minute drive home all while not feeling good, and then drive the opposite direction to the doctor once she got home, all on top of just working a 12-hour shift.  I pushed her and she finally gave in to go to the doctor.

I ended up taking her…Guess what??
Mom was right.  This girl has a sinus infection.

While she was in the doctor’s office I stopped at the thrift store…I have goodies to show you.

Check out these.  Someone cross-stitched these and then gave them away to the thrift store!!  I paid $1 for the bag.  I am not in love with the way they were finished.  I think it’s a little dated so my plan it is to finish them differently and use them in a dough bowl.  Watch for more to come with these.

You all might remember that I’ve been contemplating getting an office chair for the sewing room.  I ended up finding one at the thrift store.  It was $8.  I am very happy with it so far.  I tried it out and it’s much better than my previous chair.

I’ve not tried a walker at childcare.  For $4, I thought I’d try one with the baby here.

Happily, I found fabric!!  There are two flannel pieces.  I’ll send them to Jazz.  She likes flannel for backing a baby quilt.  The blue piece on the bottom right is a 4 1/2 yard chunk.  It was only $4!!  That will make a nice backing.  The pieces on the left were one-yard cuts.  50 cents each.  YAHOO!!

I found this Melissa and Doug brand toy.  It’s magnetic “paper dolls”.  It was $1.50.  Perfect for the collection of toys here.  You can find the same toy HERE on Amazon.

I got a new calculator for 50 cents.  Mine had a key that sticks.  I don’t love the calculator on my phone.  I got the two decorations for 50 cents for the pair.  I’ll likely put them in my dough bowl too.

It was a great day for me at the thrift store.

The end of the week is looking much better than the start of the week…Everyone is on the mend health-wise.  I got a few things accomplished and I got some great thrift store find.

If you are someone who donates to thrift stores or Goodwill and charity shops, I sure thank you.  Your donations make a lot of us thrifters out there really happy!!

That’s the latest update with the Kramer family.

11 thoughts on “A Busy Week with the Kramers”

  1. we have found so many good purchases at charity shops and make very certain we make great donations to them as well. If it is not in good enough condition for me to purchase it goes in the trash bin and only items that i would think are in good enough condition for purchase will i donate.
    those flannel purchases are exceptional. my finds are usually only good enough for the fringey quilts.

  2. Oh my1 Sorry to hear the kids being sick, but thankfully they are all mending. Another fun trip to the thrift store! You are such a good shopper finding good deals. Have a good weekend!

  3. We have a local thrift store in our small town. My husband calls it the “Palmer Department Store “ . I think of it like a library, I check things out and sometimes I donate them back later.
    I just wanted to say I have quilted for a long time, mostly self taught, but I am trying out your suggestions to not iron everything but finger press more to save a little time and today I tried your hint for ironing a long strip of chained pieces and then snipping them apart all at once. Brilliant. And my finger pressed block turned out square and flat without all that hopping back and forth to the ironing board. Thanks!

  4. I am glad that things are beginning to look up for you guys. I know you are grateful for your kids and they are grateful for you. In spite of all the things you have been through, you are truly blessed!

  5. Kalissa has my sympathy. I used to suffer terribly with sinusitis, so painful and exhausting. My Dad used to have it too – a man who never fussed about anything but I can still see him cupping this face in his hands, groaning. I found leaning over a basin of boiling water with a towel over my head, making a tent of steam helped. You had a great time thrifting. All very useful items.

  6. I’m so glad that Kalissa went in and got treated, its not fun having a sinus infection. Their family trip to the Dells looked like a fun time. Wow you really found some wonderful pieces of fabric and such a good price on that flannel. Enjoy your new chair,

  7. Happy to hear Jasper is on the mend. Hope Kalissa is feeling better too. Great finds at the thrift store!! Always fun to see them.

  8. You’re welcome! LOL! That’s a response to your thank you to people who donate items to the thrift shops. You would not believe all the carloads I’ve taken over the past year. I’m taking this time during Covid to clean out my basement and garage. I had tons of good stuff, including many wall pictures and picture frames with the tags still on them that would be great to use just for the frames. Even though I cross stitch, I just can’t hang on to everything anymore. Just recently, my husband was going to throw some button front shirts away since the collars were fraying a little. He said no one would want them even at the thrift store. I said, “Wrong! People buy these to cut up and use for quilts.” He looked at me very skeptically, but I had just read some of your posts with the beautiful quilts made from shirts and showed them to him. Ha ha!

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